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When Silver Spoon catches Diamond Tiara physically harm Scootaloo, her "best friend" casts her aside in a desperate attempt to hide what she did. Now alone, Silver Spoon regrets everything she's ever done and tries to make amends, but nopony will listen. But three fillies forgive her, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and a new friendship is formed between them. While helping a shaken Scootaloo, she starts to look at the orange pegasus "that way."

Then everything got complicated.

(Cover picture drawn by me, do not steal.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 16 )

...whoa. This is why Silver needs to be written more.

I'm looking forward to this. ^^ Good start!

And lets not forget: Silver Spoon is guilty of the same crime she's so furious with Diamond about. I wonder if somepony will bring that up at some point.

Very nice start so far! ^^ Can't wait to read on some more. It seems that this story has a lot of potential.

Good story bad autor for forget about it:raritycry:
Pray that this continue one day.

Ugh I'm so behind on this stuff. D: I got grounded from my laptop for a couple months, which means all dat inspiration died.

I'm trying. ;~; Damn writer's block.

So I'm guessing it's like over for DT and SS?:trollestia:

and Silver slapped DT yes?:yay:

Normally I support the The Good Ship "DiamondSpoon" but this DT can go to pony hell:trixieshiftright:

FINISH THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage: Or...(sniff)..I might...(sniff, sniff)...Cry!:raritycry:

I can’t wait for a update

When is it

never, dead story in case you couldn't tell.
Been on hiatus since 2013.

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