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ohh man a NEW STORY. GASP. its readin` time!


This fic reminds me of:


thread = Court Room

>implying destiny is a thing
Celestia, just admit to the public that, under the influence of cocaine, giving political power to the medicated schizophrenic whose parents pay you generously to keep out of their hair seemed like a much better idea than it really was.

"...If anypony can become a Princess, what’s to stop Prince Blueblood from becoming the Grand Prince of Canterlot?”

NOPE. NOPENOPENOPE. D: *hyperventilates, passes out to horrifying mental images of Prince Blueblood the Alicorn....*

2434669I know. I'm probably going to write a fic about a small trial against some pony for Blueblood's assassination. Death to that twat!

Commence read.

Deep thinkings.....

Alondro #7 · Apr 16th, 2013 · · 3 ·

There is a reason I simply cannot take any of this seriously...

I shall frame it this way, with trolling (because it's the only way it makes sense). :trollestia:

>>>"You never told us what specific purpose turning her into an alicorn would fulfill, and you speak of some all-important destiny that only you seem to know. There are simply too many gaping holes in this story to count. Please, tell us the truth." His resolve seemed to grow stronger with each word he spoke, his pitch rising along with his volume. "It is your duty as a Princess to inform the public of things as important as this. What is the exact reason you turned Twilight into an alicorn?">>>

Celestia took a deep breath. At long last, after thousands of years of secrecy, she could bear the strain of the hidden truth no longer. "My little ponies," she began, bowing her head in shame. "It was... the will of the Almighty Hasbro, who rules over all our lives. Even though it was a development that makes no sense whatsoever given circumstances and events, HASBRO demanded another alicorn. I had no choice." :trollestia::trollestia:

(And that is why anything serious on this subject just makes me roll my eyes. A REAL Princess Celestia WOULD NOT have done this, it's a completely plot-hole-ridden contrivance just to make more Princess toys and story-wise is as awful as Jar-Jar Binks was to Star Wars. Thus the entire debate is invalid.)

"It was..."
When History remembers this day, let it remember me not with anger and resentment, but with pity.
"...It was her destiny."


Launch the escape-pods, abandon ship, flee, while you still can!


"My subjects, you are laboring under a misapprehension. I did not make Twilight Sparkle into an alicorn. Her ascension was by her own hoof and came as much of a surprise to me as to you. I crowned her as a princess so that the Royal Guard could stand between her and Equestria's enemies, and Luna and I have been working with her since her coronation to determine her role in the nation's governance from then on.
"My little ponies, I am not omniscient. I can be caught off-guard. Indeed, some small part of each of you is hoping that I will be during this very press conference. Yes, my student's ascension was sudden and unforeseen, but that is no reason to panic. In her own words, everything is going to be fine."

Yeah, I can see why she choked. There's no way that would go over well.

2434972 Interesting. A guy acts like a dick, and you want him killed.
What a fine example of a human being you are.

I really don't get this. All I've established is that the Princesses don't actually control the sun and moon.

2436420 That response deserves a story of its own.

This is interesting, but much of the "You should have warned us" point is rather pathetic and completely ignores both practicality and SOP for a lot of governments in any world, much less one where the rulers of the country move the sun and moon. Celestia's guilt over this, and flights of fancy in believing this revelation will destroy the monarchy, frankly seem OOC as a result.

What, exactly, would have happened if Celestia had made public a suspicion (or certainty) that it was Twilight Sparkle's 'destiny' to ascend to become an alicorn from the time she got her cutie mark? We've had a fair number of clues all along that she suspected Twilight could go on to greater things, so what WOULD have happened if she said, "Hey, I may make this kid an alicorn some day."

Nothing good. It is a 99% certainty that the interference of the press and various social climbers and well-meaning government workers would have derailed Twilight's 'destiny', which in some cases we can view as 'potential', but in any event includes befriending the Elements of Harmony and saving the country, and generally retaining her sanity.

And Celestia KNOWS that. Whether or not she had the final decision in guiding/making Twilight an alicorn, which this story hedges around, informing the press and public beforehand in a 'Spirit of productive debate and proper honest politics' would simply be... Stupid. Not fair, not honest. Just stupid.

Now, I can understand Celestia harboring some regrets that she saddled Twilight with awkward questions in the aftermath of this press conference, but pretending that she's utterly flummoxed and in despair over some bad press also seems a bit bizarre. Do ponies not have spin doctors and propaganda? Hell, one solid interview with the right reporter would annihilate the majority of any bad press. As for the idea that a few ponies may still harbor nasty thoughts about Twilight...

I have to scratch my head and go with the author of 'Those Whom The Princesses Would Destroy' here. I have no doubt a fair number of ponies fear and loathe Twilight already, for her personal and political power if nothing else, and imagine crazy things about her, so why exactly would a few neigh-sayers be such an unprecedented trial?

At any rate, I WAS very pleased and interested to see a 'Celestia handles the press after Twilight's alicornization fic', and the writing itself and use of imagery was very good, I just found Celestia's characterization a bit strange.

2436439That's most likely an insult, but I'm in a Pinkie mood, so it's a compliment! Oh, I should have a 'I got a compliment!' party! *trails off*


most likely an insult

How could it NOT be an insult?

Oh, I should have a 'I got a compliment!' party! *trails off*



This was difficult to read. The prose was confusing, and instead of grabbing me, I kind of... stumbled my way through it. I understand that you don't want to disclose what it is exactly that Celestia feels she has betrayed, but it's hard to make the fic work without ever getting that information.

Amazing read! An unbiased peek into the mind of royalty as they try to cope with all the huge responsibilities resting on their shoulders, revealing that they are just as vulnerable on the inside as the rest of us. I'm sure Celestia would approve... :trollestia:

One question, though: why is this labeled "Tragedy"? :unsuresweetie:

This is a subject I wish more fanfiction writes would take into account, for better or for worse with their plot. As this story basically emphasizes, it is canon that for a thousand years Celestia ruled over Equestria with the absence of Luna. So why is there a complacency with the idea that the number of deity-like rulers have quadrupled in the span of two years?

Since the show does target a younger audience, not all aspects of the world need to be threshed out. But it does make for good writing to experiment with the balance of respect and fear being an Alicorn presents. (Along with how they handle scrutiny, beside sweeping it under the rug by proclaiming decisions are made with knowledge above the capability of other ponies to understand.)

EDIT: Seems there's someone going around thumbs-downing people for no reason. Good thing they don't mean anything.

The story is... interesting, but ultimately rather pointless. It's all about Celestia waffling and completely ineffectual towards... whatever. Something to do with Twilight's ascension, but it never really delves into details. I suppose it's to leave it up to the readers imagination, but it can also be taken as a complaint/parody against the suddenness of it happening in canon, and the lack of information regarding it.

Could be that she did it because.
1. She's lonely
2. She was fulfilling some grand destiny yet to be discovered
3. She didn't do it and has no clue how it happened...
4. Something else.

Nice concept. Less a story, and more a philosophical meandering of Celestia's mind. I've read fics like this before, and for whatever reason, this one seems to actually work. I can't say it will work forever, as it is most likely very fragile to new canon events, but for the time being, it's an interesting glimpse into "current events".

I like how you fit the style to the character. It helps draw us into the her perspective. Normally, I would call out "purple prose" on something like this, but somehow, if Princess Celestia actually sat down to write something in her diary or journal, I can imagine her writing in this way.

Of course, with a story tied this close to, not only current events, but also the mindsets of the fandom to these events, I cannot help but draw a parallel of this story to our own reactions and fears at the end of Season 3, and how silly many of them were. We all created a (f)ruckus, and I can't help but see that reflected in the press conference(s) of this fic. I half expected one of the journalists to ask "What say you to rumors that this will take the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in a different direction?" I would not be at all surprised it this turned out to be the original motivation for this fic.

Of course, taken literally, this fic goes against my own understanding and interpretations of canon, but that really doesn't matter for this kind of fic. One does not read about internal musings to follow the logic and plot. What you've written here is a psuedo-allegory of the fandom's initial reaction to Twilicorn. As such, I have to put my own canon and understandings aside, and look at this as its own canon and world (though closely tied to the show), and enjoy the entertaining thought process of a demigod princess under pressure.

The one thing I might change is the description: make it more clear that this is Princess Celestia and her own internal dialog. It was unclear to me what this fic would be, from the description alone.

2436659>>2436676 Y'all are jerks.

I can think of plenty of reasons for Twilight to ascend (and it was the studio, not hasbro that wanted her to go alicorn).

#1: A check on Celestia's power (and on all the other alicorns as well)- Hey, NMM should be more than enough proof that alicorns can go bad, and the more there are to deal with a rogue, the better.

#2: She is now the eternal embodiment of harmony, and should be the permanent bearer of an EoH. Benefits here should be obvious.

#3: Backup in case something happens to Celestia (hey, they've had a lot of this happening lately)

#4: An eternal companion to Princess Celestia to help keep her sane and balanced. Biggest, and probably most important reason.

Really difficult to understand just why the fuck Celestia even "elevated" twilight in the first place in this story.

If this is a serious attempt to show why she did 'it', it comes off as uncertain. It never specifically says why she did it, just that it was her destiny. Who said that? Was it Celestia? Why does she know Twilight's destiny? And why can't destinies be changed? Why does Celestia continue to keep up that it was Twilight's destiny, even though she never actually says how she knows what her destiny is.

I probably missed the ambiguity of this (to me it was just a commentary on the monumentally stupid decision that Twialicorn was) but I defiantly like the writing style, and the character of Celestia in this.

I like the concept of it, it has a dark yet funny tone and I enjoyed the annoying reporters good job!:twilightsmile:

I like it. It's confusing and everything, but the end result is perfect. Celestia has no idea why Twilight had to ascend; she only knows it had to happen.

2436663 Any time, friend.

2437001 I didn't feel it deserved the "dark" tag, but it wasn't really all that sad, either. If only they had a "TheBandBrony" tag--that would clear up so many problems.

My heart was pounding during this, it was the way you wrote the emotion into this that really got me-basically it's really good I can iamagine Her face if the letters and such poured in : :twilightoops: :facehoof:

She could at least try to explain the alicornification by saying it is an alicorn thing. Explaining how she perceives destiny would be like explaining red to someone who was blind since birth. Still leaves a lot of gaps in terms of the coronation though, no real reason why Alicorn --> princess.


So, alicorn Twilight is like Jar Jar Binks...

...Does this mean that alicorn Twilight will go on to be the ultimate cause of the main evil in FiM?

2436420 >implying that, in the Twilight Zone, Celestia needs to visibly magic to be magic-ing

2437889 The way this is going... I would honestly not be at all surprised. :facehoof:

readed all this just to end where i started... not even a wacky teory .... c'mon she mooves the sun, kick her out u got no more life in ponyland :facehoof:

An excellent dive into Celestia's mind. I like it. However, I did think of a relatively simple way that Celestia could have handled this.

Press question: Celestia, why did you turn Twilight into an alicorn and a princess?
Celestia's better answer: Truthfully, I made her a Princess so that the responsibilities of the position would enable her to better understand her place as an alicorn.
Press: Then why did you turn her into an alicorn?
Celestia: I didn't. The Elements of Harmony did. THey haven't told me why yet.

From what I saw of the episode, quite true and accurate. And it would certainly shut up the press. After all, and reporter would feel pretty stupid asking asking a tiara or a necklace why they played games with politics. After all, you live in a world where magic is the primal force that guides everything. It's hardly inconceivable that repeated exposure to one of the world's most powerful relics would cause evolution/ascension.

This. Fucking this. I absolutely adore this type of Celestia characterization. Forgive me for making a tasteless, snide remark, but I for one can't stand Celestia being portrayed as this pie-throwing, prank playing jokester whose sole purpose in life is to get into more hilarious hijinks with her sister. This is the kind of Celestia I can really sit down and get absorbed into. I'm not even sure if there's a term for her characterization in this story, but I do know that it's brilliant and I love it. Well done sir. :pinkiesmile:

Also the obvious parallel between this whole fiasco and the brony fandoms reaction to this whole fiasco is fantastic as well. We don't know why Twi has become an alicorn. We're just going have to wait and find out. I wouldn't have it any other way. :twilightsmile:

*HUGE* problem with this story: Celestia did not turn Twilight into an alicorn. Twilight's own magic did that. The only thing Celestia did was show up in dreamy-land to explain what was happening there.

i STILL DON'T FUCKING GET IT! What is her destiny?! I don't fucking get why Celestia can't just tell them what her destiny is!

2436659 You could have been using double-sarcasm.

You could have been serious about his hypocrisy being commendable under the guise of sarcasm in order to see if the anyone else would agree with you. Doing so would allow you to keep your true intentions hidden from all but those with a similar opinion, myself included? :trixieshiftright:

2438387 Hm. You make a good point.

... wait, em-dash and en-dash usage is that important to an EqD pre-reader that they mentioned it?


Epic as a :moustache:
Awesome as :rainbowdetermined2:

There's really no reason for Celestia to have informed the public beforehand, if doing so would have disrupted the events to follow (as they probably would have here.) There are many, many things the government knows but does not tell its citizens, because such information would be dangerous, or is not necessary for the public to know.

If Celestia has foreknowledge of the events to come, then surely she has had sufficient time to come up with an explanation that would mollify the majority of the press? As stated above, all she has to say is that Twilight's ascension was by Twilight's own hoof. She seems keenly aware that her nonanswer will anger the public (or at least the press), so it doesn't make sense for her to not have a way to address this..

The largest issue for me, however, is that there is no resolution here. Even if, for some reason, Celestia can't or won't tell the public what destiny is up to, we, the reader, should not be left in the dark. There should be some sort of revelation about the events of the story (Note: This is not to say it can't be a sad revelation, just that a revelation of some kind exists). Without it, we're just mired in Celestia's sadness and misery, and we learn nothing new or interesting. Even more than the first two things I listed, I feel that this is the biggest issue with the story as it stands.


Toys, man, toys. Same reason any character is changed or added to a show designed around selling toys.

We like to think that people make creative decisions on shows for art's sake, but they don't. Most media is designed generate revenue in some form, so that underlying motivator is there in everything. If the product happens to be 'good' and fans enjoy it is a mere a happy coincidence which will get them to buy more pieces of plastic.

Not so say art without ROI is bad, this site is proof of that. No one making money off fanfic or fan art. *commissions exempted, and authors using fanfic to practice till they get real work published exempted also.

Hell, I've stopped buying books, now that I can count on decent reading material on site regularly everyday.

Celestia is the responsible one.
I like having Luna portrayed, on the other hand, as a moody, teenaged gamer.
Good luck Celestia.:trollestia:

While I enjoyed this story a bunch, I would like to add that Celestia didn't grant Twilight wings. What happened was Twilight broke the boundaries that held a normal pony. Celestia couldn't have stopped it if she wanted to. If you look at the episode the change occurs in, the blob of magic that ascended Twilight came from her own body and had her magic's normal magenta color. But I did enjoy this story.

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