• Published 13th Feb 2013
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One More Day - Fire-Dash

When Twilight awakes in a strange, unknown and terrifying place she struggles to find answers nopony seems to be able to give. She is told she has been chosen but for what, she cannot say.

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The Unknown

Chapter Two
The Unknown


I wake up to a soft, warm light streaming through my window. A bird hovers outside, whistling a pleasant tune. A squirrel climbs up the side of the windowpane and smiles at me before continuing on. I smile back but there's something about this scene that doesn't feel right.

I'm confused so I carefully pull back the covers on my bed and step out, folding the sheets back neatly. Some little critters come over to greet me so I nuzzle them gently. This strange feeling must just be in my head. There's nothing wrong. Just my furry friends here to welcome the morning as they always do. They're so sweet.

While humming a quiet tune, I make my way over to the kitchen. I'm up a little earlier than usual so I don't wake Angel. He gets so grumpy when he's woken too soon. It's probably best I get a head start on his breakfast, though. He's so picky. I need to be sure I do it right or the poor thing just won't eat.

I prepare a nice salad and garnish it the way he likes, careful to arrange everything perfectly. I smile and glance at the time. It's still quite early so I wrap up the salad and put it aside for now. It looks like a good day outside. Warm and sunny. A walk might be nice. Just a short one while I wait for Angel. I need to go to the library anyway to... to....

I frown. To do what? Do I have to see somepony? Who would I need to see? I know Spike lives at the library but I don't know why I'd need to talk to him.

Wait, is that... is that right? Just Spike living there on his own? A baby dragon left all by himself?

No, no, of course that's right. That's how it's always been. How silly of me to question something like that. Maybe I'm just a little tired. I do remember being up late last night. I don't remember what I was doing, though.

That's not right either. I should remember that, shouldn't I? What was it?

I sigh. Oh well. It must not have been that important if I've forgotten it.

Oh, but... but what if it was a plan for somepony's birthday party or an important message I have to remember or a... or—

I shake my head. Fretting about it won't bring my memory back. Maybe if I see Spike he'll be able to clear this up for me. I do remember wanting to see someone at the library. Was it him?

Well, I guess it must be. Who else is there?

* * *

While on my way to the library, I pause a second to look around. Oh, why do I keep feeling like something's wrong? Everything looks normal enough. Pleasant weather, nopony's hurt, nothing wrong with the town.

"Argh!" I hear somepony shout to my left. I spin around to spot Rainbow Dash pacing back and forth at the side of the road. She looks frustrated and she keeps muttering to herself.

“R-Rainbow?” I call, trotting over to her, careful to keep my distance in case she doesn't want to talk.

She spins around, glaring at me. “What?”

I back up, ducking my head and hiding my face behind my mane. “N-nothing, s-sorry to bother you.”

She quickly shakes her head, as though snapping out of a trance. “No, Fluttershy, wait!” She runs over to me, a concerned look on her face. “You'll listen to me, right? No matter what I say, you're not going to think I'm crazy or something, right?” Her voice is urgent.

I nod, becoming worried. “Of course, Rainbow. I'd never call you crazy. I promise.”

She nods back at me and takes a deep breath. “Something's wrong. I don't know what it is or why it is or anything, but there's something wrong with—I don't know. I couldn't sleep last night so I went for a walk. I just had this weird feeling something bad was going to happen. I-I think I went to the library.” She's getting confused now. It looks like she's really straining to remember. “Um, s-something like that. I—uh, well, there were noises. At least, I think there were. A scream? Somepony was... screaming?” She shakes her head. “Argh! I can't remember! Why can't I remember?” She stamps her hooves down on the ground and kicks up a cloud of dirt with her back legs. “It's important! I know it is!”

I'm not sure what to say. “D-Dashie?” I manage, my concern growing. I reach out tentatively to touch her shoulder.

She lets out a sharp sigh and hangs her head down. “I'm sorry,” she says quietly, “I'm just so confused. I don't even remember going back to bed but I woke up an hour ago in my own room.”

I study her a moment. I don't like seeing Rainbow so upset. She's always so confident and strong. If this is upsetting her so much.... Oh, I don't know what to do! Of course I believe her, she's my friend, and her story is starting to frighten me. “I-I had a strange feeling this morning too. I c-can't remember what I was doing last night.”

She narrows her eyes. “I knew it. There is something wrong here."

I don't like the idea of something being wrong. I'm scared. “M-maybe we just drank too much cider o-or maybe somepony cast a memory spell on us.”

Rainbow shakes her head. She's already convinced. “It's not cider season and who would want to put a memory spell on us? Who even knows that kind of magic?”


I hesitate, thinking. Magic. There's something about that word. Something I feel like I should know, something to remember.

“Fluttershy?” Rainbow calls, bringing me back to the present. “You okay?”

I blink, looking back to her. “Y-yes,” I reply, “I'm okay.”

She studies me a moment. “If you say so.” A pause. “Um, I was thinking we should talk to the others. Maybe they're having a weird morning too. All the other ponies around here think I'm nuts but I'm sure the others will listen. I mean, they're our friends.”

“W-well, I was just going to the library but it can wait,” I look up at the sun, noticing its rising position in the sky. “Oh, but I have to wake Angel now and give him his breakfast or he'll be sore all week,” I lower my head, hoping she's okay with the delay. “I-if you don't mind, of course.”

Rainbow manages a small smile. “It's fine. Feed your rabbit, then we'll get to the bottom of this.”

I smile back at her and we head off to my cottage. I can't help but be a little frightened, though. I know all we have to go on right now are feelings but I'm worried something bad has happened and for some reason nopony remembers it. I just need to be sure everything's okay. Maybe one of the others knows what's going on. Maybe they can help us remember. Oh, I do hope nothing's wrong.

* * *


I think I must have blanked out for a while because when I look up the earth pony who tired to comfort me is staring at me with a very concerned expression. “Sorry,” I say, wiping away some tears I didn't realize I'd shed, "i-it's a lot to take in.”

She sighs. “I know what you mean.” With a painful grimace, she drags herself forward by her front legs, trying to sit beside me. When I see it's too painful for her, I get up and move over to her side instead. She looks at me and shakes her head. “Who would do something like this? It's insane!”

I don't know how to answer her. What can I say? “I think... I think it would have to be somepony who was very sick. Or,” I look around the room, “several ponies. I don't think one could manage this alone.”

I know this isn't the answer she wants. She wants names. But I can't help her with that and she knows it.

“Let me out!” somepony's screaming at the end of the room. “Let us go, you monsters! What do you want with us?” I can see it's a unicorn (well, a former unicorn), pale grey coat with a white mane. “Show your faces you cowards!” Her voice is strained with anger and fear. She pounds her hooves on the door. “Let us go!”

This seems to stir up the tension. Some ponies burst into tears, some join the grey mare in yelling and pounding at the door. Some become frantic. One former pegasus, who had been pacing, stops suddenly and just stares ahead with wide eyes filled with tears she won't blink away.

I shift closer to the earth pony, letting her lean against me. Her royal blue mane is messy and her coat is scratched with small clumps missing. She's obviously been in some sort of struggle. Glancing at my own body, I can see I'm in the same boat. I'm suddenly aware of my more minor wounds now that the ache in my head is subsiding.

We sit there in silence, trying to ignore the sounds of pain, fear and anger all around us.

“What do you think they're going to do to us?” she asks.

I shake my head. “I don't know. I don't want to think about that right now.”

She shifts her position, trying to put as little pressure on her back legs as possible. “My name's Nova,” she says quietly.

“Twilight,” I reply.

We don't say anything for a while. Just sit there, trying to block out the sounds. The screams and shouts and cries of fear and anguish. I close my eyes and the noise fills the darkness. I can feel Nova's side rise and fall beside me as she breathes.

Then suddenly, there's a gasp.

The room falls silent.

Nova stops breathing

I open my eyes and follow the gazes of all the mare's around me. The door at the end of the room has been opened, and a tall, shadowed figure stands in its place.

My heart stops.