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Sometimes you just want to pick up and leave, to leave it all behind and start anew. Sometimes you want to see all the world has to offer you and to see just how far your wings can take you. Rainbow Dash could fly anywhere she wanted to. But what would she be leaving behind?

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Comments ( 11 )

Very nice, I predict that this will be in the featured box quite soon :pinkiehappy:

Congrats, you're the 200th story on my Read Later.

thanks for the good read, a perfect way to start a boring school day :twilightsmile: yeah i see this too son in the equestriadaily updates, god you write so good :twilightblush:

Y'welcome. Glad people like it. o/'

Huzzah. :twilightsmile:

Thanks. And that'd be something else. But I'd be pretty happy. It's rare that a quiet, thoughtful story gets up there and stays. I guess I don't mind if this doesn't get the kajillion views the other stuff does.


Heh, that's true enough. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing some new Twiluna story or such appear on there, but it'd be nice to see things like this more often instead of all the Bandwagon stories, HiE... With a Twist! stories, and "hey look at this odd pairing I came up with" stories.

Definitely worth the fav and thumb I'm giving it, and I think I'll watch you for some new stuff as well. Who knows, it might just get up there yet :twilightsmile:

I liked this story. Simple, nothing too grand or extravagant. Yet easily conveys a feeling that probably all of us have felt at one point or another.

This is a really great story. Simple. Great imagery. Great feelings.

Every pegasus needs a one month sabbatical to fly into the open sky and have nothing to hold them down to the earth.

That was a relaxing story. I like it. :twilightsmile:

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