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Celestia wants the newly-coronated Twilight to rule alongside her and Luna. Discord... has other ideas. Muffin-tastic ideas.

Yeah, this one's a little crazy... although it's not as random as it looks. Twists and turns are my master plan, dear reader.

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This should be fun... Tracked.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Y'know... You should try and keep the sound effects to a minimum... They, well, they just don't seem right.

Also, Vinyl and Octavia as Alicorns? Ok.... That should prove curious.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2145854 Thanks for the interest! I'll see how good I can do. And okay yeah, I'll try to break my bad habit of using sound effects all the time. (But c'mon, how else was I supposed to describe the Doctor and Vinyl snoring?)

Also, I should mention that I got (part of) the idea for this one when someone played this on plug.dj. I think I even said "Oh look alicorn Octavia! I should write a fanfic about that!" in the chatbox, though I doubt anyone thought I was serious. So, uh, thanks for telling me about that website! (Or is it a wubsite? Oh great I'm at it with the puns again...)


Um. I think I said that last night.... I think.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Huh. Well, this should be interesting. Also, what's Dinky's domain? Princess of Hugs? Adorableness? Chaos? Oh wait, that one's taken...

In any case, I look forward to seeing what happens next, especially what happened to the previous passel of princesses. Were they shunted out of existence? Disempowered and discarded? Sealed in their objects or concepts?

So many questions. I can't wait for the answers. :pinkiehappy:

Dinky can be Princess of Hnnnnng and D'awwww. :derpytongue2:

I have strep throat and you made me laugh, hard. You glorious bastard

2146970 Oh, maybe you did. (Whoops!) I was kinda on-and-off last night, since I was trying to do homework at the same time.

(You're talking about Octavia's Overture, right? Yeah, I was AFK then—when I checked in I caught the last five seconds of it playing. In truth, I originally got (and possibly voiced) the idea back a few weeks ago, when I first saw that picture.)

Also! You're right about the sound effects. They're stupid. I got rid of them! (Except the Doctor snoring, because... I don't know why, I just like that one.)


You remind me of the many many many mangas I read. Seeing how they change over time with there styles and such.

I've always enjoyed that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2148256 Oh, man. Normally I'd reply with a sarcastic "Oops! :trollestia:" comment or something. But, er, sorry to hear that. I didn't mean to, ya know, make you laugh while you had strep throat and stuff.

Hope you get well soon! :twilightsmile:

Oh gosh X'D i love this so far! keep writing! and vinyl, oh my gosh:rainbowlaugh:

What...was Derpy actually at Twilight's Co-ordination, cause I looked for her and didn't find her.

2150625 Yes she was! And it was awesome.

I don't blame ya, it's really easy to miss. (I have a hunch the producers may have actually been defying Hasbro when they did it, but I'm not sure.)

Check the second half of this article for more images.

DERPY LIVES!! Mwahahaha!

2150666: Holy cow, she appeared FIVE TIMES!! I think I saw her when she was flying out from behind the Town Hall, but I didn't know if was her; I thought it was Cloud Kicker or someone...but dude, that was great! Derpy Lives! I think Hasbro and the producers have been just waiting for the whole 'stupid, angry, and 'offended' mothers mob' to shut up and piss off before bringing out Derpy again; hopefully we'll see more of her again in Season 4.

I also heard that in season 4, they plan to make an episode with Derpy as the star; something with the lesson being 'you can be friends with anyone, despite their physical faults and differences'. Not sure if it's true or not, but one can hope, can they not?

Oh well, I'm glad to see that Derpy hasn't been excluded from MLP:FIM for good.

I wonder if Discord has a plan, or he's just being random.
I think he made this alternate universe as a chaotic version of the first. What could be more chaotic than a world ruled by Derpy, Octavia and Vinyl !

I don't care much for the style it's written in. The descriptions feel very choppy and also feel like you are speeding through the story. Not a bad idea for a fic though.

2150996 Oh come now, this is a Discord fic. Expect things to be a little chaotic! Besides, what fun is there in making sense?

And I've got good reason to move the narrative along quickly—the first couple chapters are just for setting things up. If I took my sweet time describing everything we'd all be old and gray by the time I got to the actual story.

Either way, thank you for the honest critique. HAVE A COOKIE! :derpytongue2: It's shaped like Derpy.

... although it's not as random as it looks. Twists and turns are my master plan, dear reader.

Well. Well. Well...

The new royal family? :derpyderp2:
Did not see that one coming. :rainbowhuh:

2151859 Ah yes, I was wondering if anyone would find that! Bravo!
Yes, I have epic plans for this seemingly directionless story. :eeyup:

2152912 Don't feel bad, Dapper Spike! It was Discord! NO ONE saw it coming!

Not even Big Mac. :eeyup:


And Dinky is Pincess of Diabeetus (both spelled that way on purpose)

This story is differently funny so far.
But what is Dinky an Alicorn of?
The Doctor seems to be taking this all in stride.
I wonder what's going to happen next?

Good luck I hope it will all work out for you.
Hope to see another chapter.

That job application is one of the best I've seen in awhile. I would hire someone if they filled out the form with it I think.

Okay! *Throws Derpy instead* :derpyderp1:
*Derpy flies away* :derpytongue2:

Nooo come back Derpy!

You know, I usually dislike this form of writing, but you have quite amazingly created a wonderful work here! I find myself chuckling and even giggling from this story and the antics of the characters. It's quite amazing, and I look forward to reading more.

This is by far the funniest thing that I have read in a long time. I darn near pissed myself

The narration's a bit too cute for my tastes, especially the parenthetical bits. Also, taking away Twilight's wings just after she'd well and truly earned them feels a bit cruel. And why is Luna looking for work? She's still an alicorn, surely she has a valid claim to the throne. Or can at least fudge one. Let Tia deal with her own problem.

Also, "BC"? Before who, exactly? :duck:

In any case, despite my misgivings, this was still a fun chapter. That said, I want to see the glorious dawn of the reign of Princess Derpy! :derpytongue2:

All Hail Derpy, the Empress of Muffins! :derpyderp2:

Awesome story:pinkiehappy: I feel that Fluttershy getting her wish, Celestia's dread for mundane life, and Luna's job application were hilarious plot points!! :rainbowlaugh:

Good on ya brony. :rainbowdetermined2:

2158813 Well ya know, whenever the producers of FiM give us a shoutout someone somewhere accuses them of pandering to the fan base. (a.k.a. Pandas!)

And I realized: Alicorn Derpy, Celestia's an earth pony but Luna isn't... so far it sounds like a fanboy's poorly-conceived daydream. And so I left a note to basically say "there's more to it than that."

(Also, this fanfic contains a grand total of zero actual panda bears! So in that sense as well, this is not a panda fic.)

Name: Princess Luna "Simple enough.."

Birthdate: 21 May, 213 BC "seems likely..."

Residence: Some random cottage, Ponyville " its the truth"

Contact: Just shout, I’ll hear you "punk attitude"


Tutelage under Star Swirl the Bearded (205 BC – 196 BC) "goood"

Canterlot University, B.S. Psychology (192 BC) "Snazzy"

Manehattan College of Business, M.B.A. (186 BC) "Useful"

Job History:

Co-sovereign of Equestria: 0-35, 1035-1038 "comes with being a princess an all"

Supervillain, Astronaut: 35-1035 "Doctor evil much?"

2158796 BC = Before Celestia. I was gonna put that in the Author's Notes but I forgot! :twilightsheepish: (And then I stuck it in later.)

And don't worry, Twilight and Celestia aren't gonna take this one sitting down. No, they're coming up with a plan!

Also, it's for the irony (or whatever you call it): before I heard about the S3 finale I wrote an Alicorn Twilight fic (or most of one, still in progress). Now that it's happened, I'm writing a Unicorn Twilight fic! I like messing with Twilight.

Spoiler-ish: In general, I like to put Celestia and Twilight in tough situations. At first it looks like I'm just being sadistic, but really it's because I know Celesita can deal with it (don't forget just who she is, now) and it gives Twilight the chance to overcome difficulties, which shows her growing up and coming into her own.

I have something of a tendency to make snap judgements about early chapters of stories. I try to defer my judgement until later, but on occasion, like now, I jump the gun. Sorry. :twilightblush:

As for "Before Celestia," slight problem with that: Luna's the younger sister. Unless you meant "Before the reign of Celestia."

Heh. This was a good one. Lovin' the application you made for her.

Also nice to see you finally stop with the sound effects. Makes it much better to read.

This should be fun to see. MAke her buck apples. haha.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2160866 HOW DID YOU KNOW? Yeah, I'm gonna have her live with the Apple family for a bit... and learn about the ways of the earth pony! :eeyup:


Hmm... That might be interesting to see. Either that or make her a baker.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yep Celestia being Earth pony I could live with... Twilight losing her wings.. yep not gonna happen in my life time unreading it.

Comment posted by Colt Vulpes deleted Mar 8th, 2013

Okay, this is adorable. I need to follow it!

luna broke the fourth wall YAY. and woona!!!! luna should do more meetings with other lunas

2194747 Well now we know: whenever Luna does something crazy, it's because her inner Science Woona made her do it. :eeyup:

(Also, thanks for the favorite!)

That meeting... I couldn't help but see it as he boardroom meme. Pedantic Luna was the guy that got grown out (lol what does pedantic even mean? Google's being stupid)

All the Lunas. All of them. Except one. Who may or may not have eternal night high on her personal agenda.

In any case, hooray for competent, proactive Luna! Almost as good as Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Equestria and Its Domains Derpy. Almost. :derpytongue2:

Wooonaaaa! :pinkiehappy:

Fun stuff :yay:

2195081 Pedantic can mean a few different things, but basically it's "pays too much attention to rules and trivial details".

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