• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Commutation - Toraka

Everypony is born as they are. Yet, with a bit of magic, shouldn't one be allowed to bend the rules a little, to see what the respective other has? Just for one day?

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As with all things, time passed, faster for some than others. Twilight Sparkle returned to her home tree just on the break of night as she had always meant to do. The air was still warm and the insects were singing to any audience who happened to be around. At least almost all of them did. For some reason that'd continue to baffle entomologists around Equestria for years after, the dreaded Sugar Hunter colony remained silent on that one night. Although she was studied in many fields, including that one, Twilight could not care much for insects right now. She was too overwhelmed with relief as her hooves made contact with solid ground again, granting her tired wings the rest for which they'd been screaming.

She trotted inside, finding everything as she'd left it except for one room. Over in the kitchen, Rainbow Dash was busy preparing two portions' worth of salad in a display of magic worthy of herself. A reasonable thought, considering it was her own magic after all. With a combination of hooftips and wings to minimise noise, she made her way towards her loved one.

For obvious reasons, few ponies knew, but Dash could be ignorant as a packed mule at times, and this was one such time if there'd ever been one. Thus, when Twilight leapt in for a surprise hug from behind, she managed to catch her entirely off guard. "I'm back, Dashie," she whispered in a tone sweet as poison before jumping back down.

"Took ya long enough. Should we reverse the spell now?" Rainbow didn't turn around, for good reason. As ignorant as she could be at certain times, she would always deny with equal passion that she'd been startled, even if her adorable squeaks spoke otherwise. Celebrating her success with herself, Twilight led the way back to the main room where the runes were still glimmering with energy. Once there, Rainbow didn't speak a word, instead lowering her head and flaring magic into the configuration.

To say the reversed spell's effects were disappointing would be an understatement to put Equestria's greatest politicians to shame. There were no tendrils of magic, no moving mysteries, only a plain flash of light. Once the blinding wore off, they found themselves restored to the way they'd been born. Releasing a small disappointed sigh, Twilight erased the runewriting spell. "I hope you had fun as a unicorn?"

"Sure." With discreet pushes thinly disguised as affection, Dash worked on directing her love back towards the kitchen.

"Didn't make trouble?" Twilight inquired while her body obeyed the silent commands.

"Ah, how would I. Still, I'm glad to be back as a pegasus, even though you did wear 'em out. Well, you've got a... healthy unicorn's body, I suppose." Dash literally dodged the topic, bending down and stretching her wings out again as if they hadn't been used in weeks.

"Yes, I think that's our respective best."

"I'm just glad you came back at last." Rainbow finished her brief exercise and came back onto head height. "'Cause now, Sparky, you gotta make dinner."

Everything had to find its end somewhere, as did this day. However, Twilight couldn't sleep, not just yet. She had a duty to fulfill, no matter how much her surroundings enticed her. The gentle glow of the moon illuminated the sleeping beauty who had drifted out with her head gently pressed against Twilight's shoulders. She couldn't resist stroking her wonderful mane every now and again while drafting the next letter she'd send.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today, Rainbow Dash joined me in a novel experiment, granting her flight to me and my magic to her. It was a very valuable lesson to learn, and I am glad that she could see it with me.

We do not like our friends because of what they are or what they can do for us. If anything, what they are helps us comprehend who they are, and it is important to never forget that nopony is quite the same in any way. Only today, for one day, I was allowed to go into the sky, to see freedom beyond gravity, and it has taught me more than months of friendship study.

Ponies cannot be reduced to being objects with a single purpose. Although we will never be able to do so to a satisfying extent, it is important that we at least try to imagine the other's life, to understand what might drive them, what they could be struggling with. Be it Rainbow's endless freedom limited by where her wingless friends can reach, my balance of power and appliance, or the darkness of Midnight's past, every pony is a new utopia to discover, a new war to win.

And never should anypony have to be measured by standards which are not her own. As the Sun and every star in Your sister's night sky are alike in kind, so is their purpose and being as different as any two ponies, even siblings. In the same manner, she should never be judged without respect to what she is, but never solely by that either, for nature and life may give us unexpected changes which we must encounter in unity and never forget that beyond what we encounter in our physical forms, that never changes who we truly are.

Your faithful student,

Before Twilight could finish with her mental signature, she was overtaken by an attack of the wonderful foe of sleep. Princess Celestia could wait. All that mattered was that Twilight still had her dearest pegasus, no matter what they'd go through.

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Sorry. I have to admit, while I only enjoyed writing this slightly, I feel that I have a bit of too much a knack for buckety stories. You may now let us collectively forget I ever wrote that and move on to things which I actually spent effort on. Hint: There's a link to it nearby.

I mean, it was fun, but ultimately little more than a cheesy oneshot with bad puns. And an original idea, I admit that. But, christ, I'm so pretentious an author already that I take a rune system from one of my fics and a small little OC from basically every other.

Also, it looks like I'm productive here. I have no idea where this came from either, sorry.

Also, Fiddlebottoms, you were wrong. Wrooooooooong!

Now let's get back to writing a novel, not going insane, and objectively reading Da Rules (of the christian church). Yeah, at least one of those things is not gonna happen. Prolly all three. I love agnosticism. And laziness. I can't tell which more. :yay:

2122912 is Rainbow puking rainbows? :rainbowhuh:

2122988 Maybe

No, I'd say that's me, in reaction to this fic. As preggo Twilight thought in Generic Fanfic #1B9571, what and whom the fuck did I do that this happened and is that really in me?

2123193 I do not write sweet fics. I don't like them. I try to make that fact as clear as possible.
I like to write fics with meaning. Such as this one.

Yet, I'm no writer. I experiment. The result of thought experiments, I write down and post. Results get carried into SatN. My life's work, so far at least.
Every story an experience. Every experiment another bit of knowledge imbued into perfecting Midnight. Through the endless patience of the earth, the truth shows itself. Through the shifts of water, we adapt to accomodate the change.

That or you may mean the fic, in which case, I just felt like going 110% with the sogginess. Fun fact: the intermezzo's contents were invented using a chicken-powered random generator.

2123395 I was saying wat about this

As preggo Twilight thought in Generic Fanfic #1B9571

2125362 Analogies. This is one of my harmless ones. Besides, everyone, including me impregnates Twilight.

If you want more generic analogies, I call Mattheus 7-13.

2125542 I don't impregnate Twi :ajbemused:

2125586 then I would say no I don't :ajbemused:


I wasn't saying that your whole story has problems with too much description, just the opening, which needs to move more quickly than any other part. Glad you fixed it :twilightsmile:. A story only has problems with too much description when it's going too slowly, but I don't think this one has that problem.

Another thing I noticed was that your prose is kind of awkward. I don't think it's something to worry about at this point; just keep writing, and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Or maybe it's something you can look for when you're editing.

2212280 I find it amusing to be told to keep writing when, in truth, I've probably been at it longer than any of those who say that. No offence, of course.
If possible, it'd be nice if you could provide more exact details about what is awkward. I admit, I'm not a native speaker and I like to write using the right way of spelling things (the one actually using s and u and all that fuzzy stuff). This is simply my way of speaking, I'm not trying to sound smarter than I am. Perhaps you mean that.

Well, 't'ain't nothing that can't be fixed with a lot of staring at text and occasionally changing letters.

2217174 Funny that you should mention it, as I see it, in proper proper English, THE sun actually is capitalised, but not if it's A sun. Then again, there's nothing wrong with not capping it, so changing that. And... I agree, that sentence is odd.
*Sigh* going through it on the hunt for such stuff.
The long sentence is, as you probably guessed, intended to be so stylistically. But I suppose I'll see what I can do about those.

- Spliced most run-on and overloaded sentences. Genuinely thank you for pointing that out. It's a bad habit that I likely picked up because I once was on the exact opposite of that scale. I think you'll agree that being there is significantly worse.
- Reduced LUS.
- Improved character voices and wordings. The intention is to bring across that they also switch out a bit of how they talk, but I found some passages were it was simply too much.

Hmm, I should write that promised bonus chapter of Twilight in the sky sometime... naaah.

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