• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Commutation - Toraka

Everypony is born as they are. Yet, with a bit of magic, shouldn't one be allowed to bend the rules a little, to see what the respective other has? Just for one day?

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"I think this should work. Do you see any errors?" said the unicorn, inspecting the tree of glimmering blue runes drawn out on the floor in front of them.

Secluded from the sun's blessed warmth desperate to reach them, two mares were located in Ponyville's library, called Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash respectively.

"Uh, Twilight?" Rainbow paused, thus assuring herself full attention. "I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I don't know any runes. So it's kinda pointless to ask me, don't'cha think?"

"I suppose you do have a point there. Well, let's see, we've got Change here, Mirror, Target plus Self... this should be functional." She primed the runes and looked up. "Official protocol demands that I give the subject another chance to back out. Do you wish to do so?"

"You said it was safe," Dash said with slight uncertainty creeping in from a corner of her mind.

"I can almost guarantee you that it probably will be. So I take it you're not objecting? Wonderful!" Twilight lowered her head again and funneled energy into the configuration, her horn flaring up to match the flow of power.

"Wait a minute," Dash objected, instinctively taking a wing flap's distance as soon as the thought crossed her mind. "How are we gonna undo that? I mean, I don't think I'm gonna be able to do that myself."

"Ah, don't you worry," Twilight said in a well-chosen, soothing tone. Upon hearing her confidence, Rainbow landed back on the couch and she continued her work. "The configuration will save up energy. Even an earth pony could retrigger it, as long as we're back before the end of today."

"I guess that's a relief then." Dash hopped off of the couch and into the instructed position directly opposing Twilight just as she finished charging the runes.

"For a brighter tomorrow." She released the energy. The immediate effects were disappointing due to their near invisibility. As time passed however, bands of energy of each pony's respective colour emerged out of the ground, growing until they covered the two ponies. Rainbow already felt a strong desire to follow her flight instincts again, but decided against it, perhaps against better judgement. While she was at that, another instinct overcame her and she proved her love for the unicorn again by drawing her into a long, sensual kiss.

It lasted until long after they were both entirely encased in pure spell power, preventing them from noticing how the bands connected and started to flow one into the other, mingling until each mare was surrounded by colour which was not her own. Once they did break apart, all trace of spell casting that remained in the area were the agitated runes on the ground.

Twilight was first to reopen her eyes. She only had a few seconds' lead on Rainbow, but those proved enough to investigate the results. "Success!"

"Really?" Dash tried to extend her wings to check for herself, but the lack of feedback itself told her all she needed to know. Instead of from her own side, they extended outwards from her friend's, adapted into the same lavender colour to prevent silly appearance. "Awesome!"

Twilight rose into the air until she hovered a bit above Rainbow's head. It was plain unbelievable how she could retain her limitless grace in all situations, even when life presented her with previously unthinkable situations. "I could never have imagined how this feels. Thank you for joining me in this experiment."

Dash waved away the acknowledgement with a hoof. "Any day. I gotta admit, I was kinda curious too. Although, wait a minute, how are you such a good flier already? How am I supposed to do anything? I didn't spend, what, five years studying magic, you know."

"One point seven on my own, then the usual eight under guidance, plus a few months." It appeared that there were no numbers which Twilight had ever encountered and not memorised. "You see, down here." She landed again and indicated towards a rune in the lower area of the configuration.

"It's Mind, applying indirectly into the physical stuff," Rainbow commented without thinking. "Whoa. So you've both switched our races and exchanged memory to actually let us use those things, huh? You really never stop amazing me."

"Not all of it, though. You could say I just gave you a piece of my mind. Where the spells lie. Besides, magic is a lot about feeling, too. Try it."

To test her powers, Dash commanded a nearby flowerpot to come to her. It took her only a thought to make the pot obey her order with but a ruby glow as trace of the energy at work. "Fantastic, y'know." She pulled her friend close so that she could whisper into her ear as desired. "I really feel like I should kick you in the wings for making such a pun, but since they're mine, I'm gonna let you slide on that one. Besides, I guess it's enough to tell you that you also gave me your memories of what really happened at Canterlot."

Even though Rainbow Dash's grip was far too tight for escape, Twilight certainly attempted it, thrashing her wings while her face slowly transcended into the red side of the spectrum. Once she realised resistance was pointless, she muttered, "Uh, I love you?"

Rainbow giggled and released her. "Not gonna hold it against ya, don't worry. But, seriously, her?"

Once freed, Twilight took a good step's distance. A pegasus' value of space seemed to have already sunk into her. "Well, you'd been slow to admit your feelings back then. I'm just gonna say I had to test if she was proper for Applejack. Princess Celestia bless the two... anyhow. I suppose we should get to work. Any ideas on what I should do?" She moved towards the door, towards the freedom to fully utilise her new mastery of the third dimension.

As always, Dash didn't miss a step at her side. The sounds of periodic wing beats which were not her own dampened her mood by the least bit, but knowing they served a greater purpose more than made up for it. Her expression brightened further once an idea crossed her mind. "Oh, I know a pretty awesome spot where you can see everything. Of course, I'd have to be a pegasus to get there, so I can't show it to you, and you don't know where it is, and neither do you know any kinda names for directions–" Twilight audibly cleared her throat. "Oh, excuse me, I meant of course you do." She magicked open the door, mentally high-hoofing herself for two successful spells in a row. They both stepped outside, Twilight gaining altitude now that she had room above her. "It's really easy to find, too, you just gotta head to beacon Eta, head south, start tilting left around Cloudsdale's sentry cloudposts... aaand then it's basically just going up. There should be a stationary cumulus in that spot. See, can't miss it."

"So, what are you going to do?" Twilight asked, hesitant to truly take off before their conversation was finished. To one experienced with pegasi, it was obvious that she was itching to take the summer skies for herself, to join flocks of birds and pegasi as an equal, to discover the grace which the Sun had to welcome those who would ascend and meet it above the clouds.

They continued her journey in a random direction on Rainbow's lead. "Go around doing stuff, I guess. Stuff that you can do on the ground. Ah, I already regret that decision, can't we change back? Just kidding, enjoy it. I suppose I could sit down with a good boo– wait, how much of your mind did you give me? I think I'm gonna be rifling through your spells in the meantime. Ooh, isn't this her signature?" Dash paused and evocated energies, appearing a few paces forward the moment she released them. "Awesome!"

Twilight chuckled. "Yes, that one is really handy. Glad she taught me it. Still, take care. I don't want to see you get hurt through the use of my magic."

Rainbow snorted. "Please, when am I ever not being careful?"

Twilight bent her head down in front of her fillyfriend's. "Oh, stop talking and kiss me." Dash obeyed as soon as the order was issued. Unfortunately, their time together was limited as neither of them could see the way ahead of them. Thus, to avoid crashes, they disconnected far too soon for anypony's liking. "Back at the library before sundown, remember. Take care." Without a chance for further ado, she departed, leaving behind nothing but a shower of sparks in her wake.

"Well, now I'm alone and Ponyville lies before me." A few sparks burned out on the ground as Rainbow Dash considered the possibilities. "Yup, I think it's gonna be a fun day."