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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )

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I want to see you do a Twixie Clop, but this is good.

you know depsite twixie being you OTP and you have done clopfics you have let to do a twixie clopfic yet

“W-What? Back when Trixie was whole, she was quite the gentlemare in bed."

I thought Trixie was a virgin in this as chaste comes up the next day and admits it. Would this mean that she's done things in bed, but just never went this far with anyone? Or did I miss something?

Loving all these lil stories by the way, Kinda wish the Rainbow Dash/Trixie one was longer and had more to it, but I can understand not wanting to make another epic series like your Twixie one. : )

Lust explains that Pride wanted that detail kept secret.

I'm still not very confident in my ability to write clop to attempt a Twixie one yet. I don't want to tarnish my OTP with a terrible clopfic :twilightblush: Besides, so many of those have been done already, but there're barely any TrixDash or Rarixie ones. I felt that that needed to be remedied.

Your TrixDash and Rarixie are good, so I think you can do an excellent Twixie one, Twixiw is also my OTP.

Very Nice as well.

2116217 I think you're doing great, so go for it!

I agree. This was very well done.

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