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I'm a fantasy enthusiast who loves to write, and I'm aiming to be a professional fantasy writer eventually. I love to help out other authors when I can. Feel free to PM me or drop by and say 'hi'.


Apple Bloom awakens to a night where not all is as it seems. Only by uncovering the source of her fears will she find the circumstances of this strange night and have any hope of escaping.

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This, was very powerful. The darkness, the isolationism, the fear of things you can't control. This peek into Apple Bloom's mind was simply beautiful, in style, in substance, and in structure. *slow clap* Bravo, dear author. Bra-vo. :moustache:

2103878 Wow, thanks for the praise :twilightsmile:

thanks for helping another pony with nightmares, luna. :pinkiehappy:


yeah, this wasn't bad. I could tell it was supposed to be different, though. In fact, I could see the parts where it changed each time, a little. And it doesn't really need a dark tag. Ah, well, I really don't mind a lack of darkness. at all.

Have my +1 - it is brilliant story, thank you for sharing it with us :twilightsmile:
It illustrates how vague and subjective is 'dark' tag here. I am usually very apprehensive of 'dark' tagged stories, because it can be something way more dark than can enjoy reading.
But this story is good way to create opinion about what is dark for SilentBelle.
And for me personally SilentBelle's dark is good enough, I must say :pinkiehappy:
I wish some great writers here (I am totally not talking about background pony at all) cared for their characters like SilentBelle.

Eh, I'm not sure I'd call shortskirts "great". He just got lucky. He released a Lyra story at a time when, not only was Lyra really popular, but Fimfiction's readership had doubled within a week. And he made the first chapter really good. So, after that, he really just had to not stop writing to hold everyone's attention. and if there's one thing that guy is good at, it's not stopping writing...ever...good god.

It is matter of personal tastes. Well, I really like BP up to chapter 18 where he started to break her. I followed her story all this time and what he did in the end... But I really think that he writes great. Some his other works are amazing as well.
The one problem is that he is cynical and does not care nor for his characters nor for readers.

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