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Big Mac was a simple farmer who could go through life with little excitement or, at least, that's what he thought. Then, a strange merchant by the name of Silver Dollar offered him a deal he couldn't refuse--an adventure around the world, and he is not alone. A group of colorful characters joined the farmer on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, they would soon learn that the tales are sometimes better then the real deal, and that the world has many secrets that should be left alone.

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I would recommend putting blank lines between paragraphs. Makes it a lot easier to read.

This review brought to you on behalf of Authors Helping Authors.

Story Name: A Choice.
Grammar Score:: 8 out of 10.

- Excellent characterization of Big Mac.
- Vivid, well-crafted descriptions.
- Intriguing premise that hooks the reader.

- Some of Big Mac's inner thoughts don't make sense. Why would you plow a field without knowing what you're going to plant there first?
- You don't italicize characters' thoughts. That's a stylistic issue, admittedly, and I've read works that didn't italicize thoughts that were wonderfully written, but in this story I had trouble deciphering where impartial narration ended and a character's inner speech began.

Interesting story, and one I'll definitely keep my eye on! I especially enjoyed Big Mac's characterization, it's really easy to mess up his character but I think you got him pretty good.

I would recommend possibly getting a cover image to spice things up. It never hurts!

And finally, your grammar is generally good, but I think I'd point of some of the errors I noticed:

- "early raisers" should be risers.

- "Suspended from the arch by thin iron chains, was a wooden board, a portion of it carved out to form an apple." I'd cut out the comma.

- "Until the the problem was solve" should be solved.

There were others, these were just the ones I thought of off the top of my head. Good luck on the rest! And thanks for reviewing my story!

Good to see this story update again!

I found myself kind of confused as to the mixing of Equestrian settings and real-world ones. I didn't question it last chapter because with Silver Dollar standing on his hind legs, I thought he'd be a transformed human traveling in Equestria. Now it seems that isn't the case; so in this fic, is Equestria a location in an AU, pony-filled Earth?

Also, the fact that Cheerilee would just let three fillies skip class (especially to go with a stranger she barely knows because he seems to be nice) is really questionable behavior on her part. If I was AJ, I'd find Apple Bloom a new teacher on the spot.

Don't let my nitpickings distract you--I hope to see more activity from you.

Seem promisin promi... you know what I mean.

When is the next chapter

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