• Published 9th Feb 2013
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They All Float Down Here - jmj

Something terrible has come to Ponyville, a creature of pure nightmare that feeds on foals. Unseen to the adults, it comes to the Cutie Mark Crusaders to contend with the curse.

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Thanks for reading!

I'd like to know your opinions on this story so far. I will most likely continue the story between Pinkamenace chapters and random one-shots. I just love the idea of psycho Pinkie and the name Pinkiewise came to me one day and I felt I had to write it.

And in case you're having trouble visualizing Pinkiewise, here are some pics of the repaint I did.


What is this a crossover with, might I ask?

Have you ever seen a movie called "It"?

Comment posted by Rainbow87dash deleted Feb 9th, 2013

IT is one of my favourite King novels. I hope you continue to do it justice.

i hope you dont mind if i try to draw a crossover between pinkie and pennywise now :pinkiehappy:
if i finish it and think it worthy, ill put it up on my deviantart page and put the link here for your viewing pleasure.

Pennywise gave me nightmares

Ahahaha, here it is! :pinkiecrazy:

They all float down here, Georgie.

Well that cover pic is my child hood I remember watching a certain movie about a clown that lived in the sewers and ate kids... What the name of that movie or where did you get the pic at. :eeyup:

"I'm pinkiewise the dancing clown." I'm sorry, but I just couldn't take it Srsly after that.


2099639 Never seen/read "It" before I imagine. It's a wonderul mesh of "This is hilarious" and "Holy Fuck I'm feaked out."
2099467 "It" is the name of the movie and novel. Both are good but the book is tremendous.

Ahh Stephen King...fond memories. :rainbowderp: Oh dear god I have a terrible feeling Diamond Tiara will be involved in this...


hehehehehahahahaha. Yes.

If she plays the role I think she will, she deserves what she gets.:pinkiecrazy:

i dont have a scanner at my disposal currently so i had to take a picture with my webcam and crop it. i can scan it later, probably tomorrow, but heres the teaser.:pinkiecrazy:
feel free to do with it as you will, anypony.
(as a sidenote, JMJ, i have trouble sending PMs or replies to such, and i wanna say that yes i did see the repaints and i used them as inspiration a little. i can always edit the hair if you want the image to be a bit more like your repaints)
Finished product:
I used MS paint. 'nuff said. :ajbemused:


2100404 i think the image looks great! Once you get it uploaded feel free to plant it right here in the comments. Good work, she looks creepy as all out!

Will this "follow" (as in not "It, reenacted with ponies") the book or the movie?


Had never heard of "It, reenacted with ponies" I did a few different searches to see if anyone had already done a story like this and came up blank on each search. I have had several ideas that died because others had already done it. Oh well, fuck them, I'm doing it anyway. The opening scene is the only one that's going to be so similar to the book/movie. I think it's an iconic scene that demanded to be written. From there it is going to take off on its own version and not borrow scenes from the book (except for the House on Neighbolt Street, based off of the chapter called "The house on neibolt Street" because it was my favorite part in the book and I felt that the movie really needed to incorporate it.) So, in the long run it will not be borrowing from the movie or the book a ton. I'm also toying with the notion of ending it with the CMC as kids and not pursuing the older half of the story. We'll see. Right now I'm not planning on a second half. I just paused to do a search for any other ponified versions of "It" and failed again. Nothing. Some dick, whose comment was deleted, came on just to give me crap about how his friend had already did it and downvoted me. Once again, Fuck him/them. It was uncalled for and rude, therefore I don't care about being cordial in response, anyway, stay tuned for more of the story but don't expect quick updates. I've got about 5 stories rolling around in my head and Pinkamenace to update so this is getting pushed back for now. It will update, but it's not my pressing concern at the moment.

Also, there will not be a gang sex scene on Apple Bloom like there was on Bev in the book. That was just creepy.


Crimson Dash did this really great drawing of Pinkiewise. Thanks! I appreciate it very much and I'm glad C-Dash had fun with it. Anyway, here's the pic.i1358.photobucket.com/albums/q774/darthpinkamena/ponywise_by_crimsondash1-d5uj1l7_zps25c9655c.jpg

<SOMETHING> reenacted by ponies is what you usually get when people try to cross mlp with a movie or something. The result is a rather dissatisfactory, boring and bland version of said movie (or something), only reenacted by ponies. Since I don't think that you're a lowly author--not to mention the fact that you stated so on your comment and in the author's notes--I just know that this won't be It reenacted by ponies. My question should've been better phrased, for I intended to ask "how much from the movie/book will this borrow?", which you already answered for me. :twilightsmile:

I concur when you say "fuck them!", dear author. Even if it had been made before, you thought of it now. And nobody, no matter how stupid they are, should ever tell you that. But since such internet denizens will always try to compare e-dicks (even if not with their own), we can't expect much from them, can we? :duck:

I was JUST ABOUT to add: "will you add the gangbang in there as well?" :rainbowlaugh:
But truly enough, that scene is much more creepy than It itself, in my opinion.


Lol. Well, in all fairness I try to be polite when I talk to people, even if they dislike my story. I just have a sore spot for blatantly rude posts for absolutely no reason. I'm fine with "I didn't like this story and somebody else actually already did it" but not just rude statements. I have never went onto another story and commented rudely about it and I expect the same. Comments of that nature are deleted and sometimes reported depending on the severity of the comment. And you never know, I could write this one better than the other. I had planned on reading it but since it apparently can't be found I won't.

Yeah, no gangbang. I'm not a fan of clop in general and I won't resort to writing clop of any kind. If sex happens in one of my stories it is glossed over and in no way detailed. Plus, they're the CMC. So there won't be any sex to even gloss over. I may allude to such perversions from Pinkiewise, but I don't know yet. I don't like that idea but it is really creepy. I think I can work around it though. Thanks for the comments.

I don't like that idea but it is really creepy.

meh, you've done creepier stuff before.:pinkiesick:

Your dark stories are always good, and I can see this is no exception. Don't leave me hanging!

I actually really liked this first chapter, mostly due to the believability of the characters. I actually believed all of the emotions that Babs expressed, really felt like they were the characters from the show that they were meant to be, and felt what they felt, which is usually lacking in fan fictions nowadays (sadly), so good job. Plus this kept me in a little bit of suspense the whole way through, which i can definitely appreciate in a story based off of "It"


Thanks. I appreciate your time in reading the story. I don't know when an update is coming though. I'm working on another one shot and then I have to get another chapter of Pinkamenace updated. By the way, I love your handle. The cycle of birth, life,d eath, and rebirth? Awesome. We only escape it by realizing we are all Brahma.

2250984 Thank you very much :twilightblush: not many people take the time to look it up (or just happen to know it for that matter) so it's always nice to share a little bit of philosophy when the chance arises. Good luck with your stories, by the way, I'm a little on the slow end of producing my own right now, but hopefully it'll get better for the both of us.

Oh my God, why.:raritycry:Time to read now...

2279532 The real question here isn't why.

It is: Will it float?

That is the question.

2097938 Those images will haunt me... But seriously, this was awesome.:twilightsheepish: You know, ever since I saw that movie when I was nine, I have never looked at a storm drain without picturing a clown in it. At first I was concerned that your story would just be a ponified version of the book, but your author's note set me at ease. (Crossovers are more fun when the story is original, I think.) Excited to see where this goes. (Also, your writing is really great.)

Also, there will not be a gang sex scene on Apple Bloom like there was on Bev in the book. That was just creepy.

Thank God! (I didn't touch a Stephen King book for years after reading that scene. It took a friend whose opinion on books I value recommending the Dark Tower series to get me to read him again.)

Oh, and do you happen to follow the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book series? There is a hilarious reference to It in issue #4.:pinkiehappy:


Lol. i saw that. It was funny. I lvoed the book and think about it from time to time. I just thought the Georgie scene was such a perfect opening that I had to do it that way.

Man, don't get me started on the Dark Tower. That was liek a year of my life wasted. The first 3 1/2 books are amazing and then it begins going downhill until the ultimate slap in the face at the end. I sometimes wonder if King ruined it on purpose. The Spider baby, no real conflicts worth speaking of after being built up and built up and built up, and the Crimson King is a demented Santa Clause? Just a crazy old man stuck on a balcony? WTF. So after all of the denizens of the Crimson king have made Roland's journey hell, not to mention Randall Flagg, who is a great villain with lots of powers who is CK's right hand man, it turns out the King is just an old man with NO POWERS whatsoever? He throws sneetches... omg. He throws fucking sneetches. Yep... killed the entire series for me right there. I could forgive the blatant Yojimbo rip off that was Wolves of the Calla, but not making himself god in one of them, having Randall die in such a pathetic way, and then having the Crimson king being a senile old man. How could it sink so low.

And Randall dying.. ugh... Here's a guy with HUGE power and ability and he dies pulling his eyes and tongue out because a spider baby commands him to do so. not to mention that the spider babyw as the son of both the CK and Roland (Somehow) from that spirit woman thing in The Gunslinger...or maybe the one after that, I can;t remember, but regaardless. Roland wasn't supernatural and neither was the King. The spirit woman thing was supernatural but had no real powers other than being a spirit woman/succubus. Where did it get all that power from?

2338615 I definitely had mixed feelings about that last book. The Crimson King was probably the biggest disappointment in the series. After all of that lead up... and then he gets erased by some magical artist kid that came out of nowhere! The friend who recommended them to me has read the entire series several times and still gets mad about how Randall died. (I was angrier about how Mordred died. The prophesied dark power rising... and he goes out like that. Ugh.) King admits that he doesn't really focus on plot in his stories. Sometimes I wish he would.:derpytongue2:

My favorite Stephen King book is now The Stand.:rainbowdetermined2:

Even though the end of It freaked me out and made me stay away from King, I still think it was a good book. The way he writes his children characters is great. There are scenes from that novel that have stayed with me. And not just the horror scenes. I feel like King really understands friendship in his stories. (We can see that in Roland's group too.)


mordred. Yeah... i hated him as a character but dying of food poisoning is pretty crappy.

Check out "the long walk" and "the running man" by king (bachman). They are novellas and are wonderful.

2337665I don't know.
Will it?:trixieshiftright:

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