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As the Thousand Star Fall nears, Princess Celestia sends a letter to Twilight Sparkle with an upsetting comment.

My Faithful Student,

I am delightfully inviting you to Canterlot to enjoy the legendary Thousand Star Fall. As you know, this event comes around every thousand years. Due to this time, Princess Mia Mora Cadenza and Shining Armour will be joining as, along with Princess Luna who was volunteered to host the ceremony.
Twilight, I will need you to help me when you arrive in Canterlot. Unlike the others, I don't need you to help with decorations for the festival or such. I need you to help me with Luna. I have troubling news about my younger sister. I am afraid for her, for she is losing. Dieing. Her spirit is fading. I know you can help her, Twilight Sparkle. I need you to help her. She does not know what is happening. Only you can help her before she knows. Or worse. You can do it, Twilight. I have faith in you.
And please. Remember to say hello to your brother and Cadence.

-Princess Celestia

This is a collab, taking place between Rubycast, and I, Diamonddice.

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Comments ( 6 )

looks to be very interesting:twilightsmile:

Interesting, but the story seems to move a little fast. Try being more long-winded.:twilightsmile:

This looks very interesting. I shall have to read this! :pinkiehappy:

i really like this story hope to read more soon:twilightsmile:

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