• Published 6th Feb 2013
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The Cutters - Priceless911

During an era of war, Three Mercenaries with unknown pasts have rule over all battlefields of every nation... yet there was good reason they were so feared.

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A Disturbed Serenity

Another pony from the group of travelers trotted up to the yelling pony and looked at the bodies, “No… they don’t need help… not anymore. The freezing wind was too much for them both. I guess these lovers were on their way to the town we just left, the poor souls.”
The other pony sighed, “Freezing to death in a blizzard like this… well at least they went together in each other’s arms. That’s how I would want to go if my wife and I were alone like this. Should we give them a proper burial?”
The first pony replied, “It seems like that’s the least we can do for them. It’s a shame we didn’t find them in time.”

As the two stallions tried to move the frozen corpses the first pony noticed something, “It looks like this mare is holding something… it’s a foal… the poor thing must have died with them.”
Then the second pony noticed something else, “Wait a second… the foal… it’s breathing… THIS FILLY IS ALIVE! HEY, GET THE DOCTOR DOWN HERE!!! WE HAVE A FOAL THAT NEEDS HELP!!!”
A large number of ponies from the Nomadic Tribe quickly rushed to them and pulled the infant filly from her frozen mother’s arms. The doctor of the group quickly rushed the foal to his wagon and started checking her for any kind of frostbite.

After a few minutes the doctor returned with good news, “The young foal is one hundred percent fine… she isn’t even sick. It looks like the last act of her mother and father was to save her life using their bodies to keep her warm. It was as if she was meant to survive this tragedy.”
One of the mares in the crowd called out “What are we going to do with her!”
One of the stallions replied “What else? we are going to take care of her. We saved her, so as far as I'm concerned… She’s one of us! We should make her part of the community.”
After that speech there was an uproar of ponies agreeing with the stallion, so the doctor replied, “It’s settled then, from this point forward… She will travel with us. Now there was no sign of her name so I guess we should give her one, can anypony think of a name?”

The large group of ponies discussed a name for a while, until finally, a decision was made, and the doctor called out, “Well it looks like we have a name for our new Foal. We shall call her Serenity.”
The same uproar as before reemerged from the crowd showing that they all agreed with the name and from that moment on Serenity traveled with the nomadic community. As the years passed, young Serenity grew up learning the tricks to being a nomad. The community of wanderers would travel from town to town, trading items, assisting farmers, working in mines, and whatever else they could do to make money for their traveling community. Then with the change in the seasons, they would move on together.

Serenity had an unusual talent of throwing daggers at targets so she would use her talent as a street performer, but most of the time she would help work on farms, or mines with other the nomads. As time went by, she grew into a strong pegasus, who put her pride in keeping the rest of the nomads safe from harm. One day while traveling through a mountainous region of the Griffon Kingdoms, they found a small village where they were mining silver. This is where Serenity met a strong unicorn miner named Jack Hammer, who helped them get a job in the mines. After a few days, Jack finally gathered his courage and approached her while they were working, “Um… Serenity? I was wondering if… you know we could go out sometimes, kinda… um… to dinner or something like that.”
Serenity blushed while she replied, “Well… I'm not looking for any kind of relationship at this time so I'm going to have to say, no thank you.”

Jack Hammer seemed hurt, but he hid it behind a smile and replied, “That’s alright, I'll ask again later…”
taking it as a joke, Serenity just brushed off the conversation and finished off the day like any other. Then when the next day came… he asked again. The conversation was almost the exact same as it was the day prior, and it ended the same too. Then the same thing happened the day after that, then the day after that. She couldn’t help but admire his determination, and not only that, she started paying attention to his actions both during and after work. Overall, he was a very kindhearted stallion. He did charity work for the town from time to time, he had many friends that he would joke around with, and he was never disrespectful to anypony, no matter what the situation. The only odd thing about him was that when she asked the griffon residence about him, they told her that he wandered into town the same way she did, with no explanation of his past or his reason.

Finally, after about two weeks of the same routine the conversation went a little differently, Jack Hammer asked his usual question, “Um… Serenity? I was wondering if…”
“Fine, if you want to go out that badly then I'll accept.”
Without realizing it, the stallion spoke, “That’s alright.. I’ll ask again la… wait… you said yes didn’t you?”
Serenity giggled as she replied, “Of course I did… you’ve been asking me every day for almost two weeks now.”
Jack smile, “Really? I haven’t noticed… actually it’s been about two weeks and two days… but who is counting?”
Serenity laughed at the stallions since of homer, He seemed even more charming now than the last time he asked.

That night the stallion took her out to dinner and showed her some interesting places in the village. She was amazed at all the things she didn’t notice as she flew to and from the mine every day. After that night, the two seemed inseparable. He would tell of his life growing up as a miner’s son in a town near the Crystal Empire, and his talent to use his magic to cause flint and sulfur deposits in the ground to explode clearing large boulders when digging in mines. It seemed strange that he would listen with great enthusiasm when she talked about the nomads, about the elder pony who seems to be the leader despite the fact that the others respect the doctor more, and how their community seems to pick up wandering soldiers to use as protection during bandit raids. However, she figured it was because he worked in mines all his life, while the nomads traveled all over the world.

The nomads and the other miners couldn’t think of any two ponies who were more perfect for each other than Serenity and Jack Hammer. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before the day she dreaded, came. One morning before traveling to the mines, the elder nomad approached Serenity, “My dear Serenity, spring is here and it’s time we move on. I know that you have fallen in love with a local, so I'll give you a choice. Either stay here and become a resident of this town, or convince him to come with us. Whatever you decide, we will leave this town in three days. At sunrise on the fourth day, we will be leaving, with or without you. Please decide soon.”
And without letting Serenity reply, the elder continued to his daily duties, leaving her in a troubled state. She didn’t want to leave the nomads, but she didn’t want to force him to go if he wanted to.

That evening they spent the usual time together, however Serenity couldn’t keep her focus so Jack had to ask, “Is everything ok Reni? You seem troubled.”
She replied, “We will be leaving again soon…. And I was wondering if you wanted to go with us?”
Jack smiled and answered with sarcasm, “Hmm… stay here with all the fun of digging in a mine… or travel the world with the mare of my dreams, visiting exotic places and meeting interesting Ponies… decisions, decisions.”
Serenity replied, “Jack this isn’t a joke… I'm really worried about this… please just tell me.”
Jack pulled a bit from his pocket and replied, “Why we don’t let this decide. Heads I'll go with you and tails I’ll give this coin to you then go with you.”

Serenity smiled as he tossed the coin into the air and let it hit the ground behind him, then without even turning to look at the coin he looked into her eyes and replied, "Well… looks like I'm going with you.”
She smiled as she replied, “You didn’t see what it was… how do you know what we will do now?”
He smiled as he got closer to her, “I just know… besides I'm too scared to look, I don’t want to give up that bit.”
She could only smile as they leaned in and shared their first kiss. It was this moment, that she decided that she would spend the rest of her life with this stallion.

Jack asked, “So… where are we going and which route will we be taking?”
Serenity replied, “Well I think we are going into the Hooviet Union from here, we will be taking the mountain pass to the north.”
“Really… the north?”
“Is something wrong?”
Jack replied, “Oh no, that’s a fine route. I was just thinking that it will be a very calm journey to take… and I can’t wait to take it with you.”
They spent the rest of the night together, talking about all the things he could do to help the nomads in the future. Nevertheless, only thing she could think of for the rest of the night was that from this moment on, she will never be unhappy, or worried… not with her true love by her side.

The next few days passed by and Serenity agreed that she would meet him in front of their convoy right before they left, however when the time came to meet him… nopony showed up. She waited and waited and waited, but the stallion she was in love with, never arrived. The rest of the nomads even decided to postpone their departure for a few hours for her sake… but Jack Hammer ever arrived to leave with them so she had no choice but to go without him. the thought of leaving him behind hurt her deeply, but it hurt her even more to think that he stood her up when he agreed to go with them. But she tried as hard as she could to forget about him, and keep going.

Shortly after the Nomad’s convoy made it into the gorge, they came across a narrow passage but it was completely blocked. The Convoy lead called to the back, “ALL PONIES STOP!”
As the convoy stopped Serenity galloped to the front, “What’s the hold up?”
The lead replied, “A rock slide closed the passage ahead, we are going to have to dig our way through.”
The entire convoy turned around and looked in the direction they came to see Jack Hammer standing with a number of stallions by his side. Serenity called out, “Jack? But I though we…”

Jack smiled as he looked at Serenity, “You know… I actually started to fall for you… but that wasn’t part of the plan.”
Serenity called back, “What plan? What’s going on here Jack?”
Jack shook his head, and then called to the entire convoy, “Lay down your weapons and surrender all your valuables! That includes the money you made while you were in town! Don’t try anything heroic or I promise you, it won’t end well.”
Serenity couldn’t believe her ears, “JACK!... What are you doing?!”
Jack smiled sinisterly at her and replied, “Thank you Reni, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have discovered all that I know about your group. Like how the doctor is the most respected member, and the elder is supposed to be the leader. I also wouldn’t know which route you would be taking so that I could have an ambushed sitting and waiting for you… though you are late.”

Tears came to her eyes, “WE WAITED FOR YOU!!!”
Jack laughed, “You’re so sweet and adorable, I could really fall in love with a mare like you, however I live my life as a bandit leader, and honestly, a mare like you is too good for me.”
Serenity had tears rolling down her face as she replied, “You… you mean… you played me?... you… you didn’t have feelings for me at all?...”
Jack replied heartlessly “I'm afraid so my dear. Don’t worry, if you do as we ask, you and the rest of your… rejects will go free and unharmed. All you have to do is cooperate.”

Serenity felt an incredible pain in her heart, this pain easily multiplied the pain she felt wn she left without him in the first place. Now, he not only betrayed her, but he broke her heart. With tears continuing to roll down her face, Serenity yelled as she charged, “You want us to surrender… OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!”
Jack smiled as he shook his head in disappointment, “I should have guessed… Very well.”
Using his magic Jack caused a deposit of flint in the base of the cliffs to explode causing a rockslide. Serenity tried all she could to reach Jack before the rocks could reach her, but it was no use. One rock rolled under her hooves causing her to fall over and the rest rolled on top of her burying her alive. When the dust settled, she felt very weak as she looked around under the rock and gravel. While she was there she heard his voice, “Foolish Pegasus… it’s such a shame really, you just don’t find romantics like that anymore, It’s a pity. GANG LET’S GET THEM!!! SHOW NO MERCY TO THOSE WHO RESIST!!!”

The last sounds she heard before falling unconscious were the metal on metal sounds of swords and shields. She didn’t know how many hours had passed, but she woke to dead silence, and the intense smell of blood. With barely enough room to move, her wings and hooves, she started to dig her way out. By the time she emerged from the pile of rock and gravel, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Everypony… the mares, the stallions, the elderly, even the foals… they were all dead. The entire community was completely wiped out. She dropped to her knees in complete horror and pain. She loved him… she trusted him, and she wanted to marry that stallion someday… but he took her heart and stomped it right in front of her. He used her to trap, and kill the entire clan of nomads.

Serenity gathered the bodies of her friends and family up and counted them… there were no survivors. She still found it hard to believe that the kind hearted, sweet, and charming stallion that she fell in love with was the same stallion who mercilessly killed everypony she cared about, But he made one fatal mistake… she was still alive.. She started searching through the striped wagon for any items that could be salvaged, but all she could find was a bunch of unused black fabric, a dull farming scythe and a number of knitting needles. It wasn’t much but considering all that had happened to her… it was perfect. She spent the rest of the day burying her fallen community and then went to work. Using some stitching thread that she found, she was able to turn the black fabric into a cloak. Then she used the flat part of some sand stone she found to sharpen both the scythe and the needles to a razor sharpened state. With here new weapons ready for battle, Serenity traveled back to the town to find Jack. When she got there, she had discovered that he had quit his job at the mine and traveled east further into the Griffon Kingdom.

Serenity saw no other choice; she traveled east to try to track him down. Luckily as the sun set on the next day, she caught up with him. He and his gang of bandits were setting up a camp for the night, and she couldn’t see a more perfect time to kill him. That night, while he and his gang were laughing around the bonfire, Serenity snuck into the camp by staying in the shadows and keeping her hoofsteps silent. When she was close enough she kept herself hidden while she watched Jack Hammer for the perfect time to strike. With each passing minute, she became more and more furious, not only was he talking and playing as if what he did was normal, but he didn’t show even the slightest expression of regret or guilt. Finally, Jack stood up and spoke, “Well guys I'm out for the night, don’t stay up too late, we will be leaving early tomorrow.”

Jack Hammer started trotting away from the bonfire and entered a large tent. Shortly after he went in, Serenity snuck in behind him. while he was getting his sleeping bag ready he turned around and saw her standing there with the hood on her cloak covering her face and her scythe, “Wha… who… who are you?”
Serenity smiled as she replied, “Foolish Unicorn… it’s a shame really, you just don’t meet hopeless romantics like you anymore.”
Jacks eyes widened, “Serenity?... no… but you’re supposed to be…”
“Dead! No… I'm not… but you will be soon.”

Out of fear Jack Hammer dashed out the other side of the tent, while Serenity used her scythe to cut through the top as she flew into the sky. While in the air, Serenity pulled two needles out and tossed them at her fleeing ex. The needles hit both his hind hooves as Jack Hammer fell to the ground screaming and crying in pain. As Serenity landed next to him, Jack turned around and tried to use his magic to fight back but not only was there no flint to ignite, but the pain in his hooves was too intense for him to focus his magic on anything. When Serenity saw this she pinned his head to the ground with one hoof and then using her scythe and all the strength she could, she bashed the blunt end of her scythe against Jacks horn while it was pressed against a rock, causing it to break into pieces.

Jack Hammer let out a scream of intense pain and horror that made the bandits who were rushing to the screams they heard before, hesitate with worry and fear. A tear rolled down Serenity’s expressionless face as she spoke, “I trusted you… I loved you… I would have given my life for you… Then you betrayed me, and took everything I had from me… my family… my friends, and my life. Now, I'm going to take the same things from you… the only difference is before I take your life I'm going to watch you suffer.”
Serenity turned to see a group of bandits standing there looking at her with their weapons drawn. Without saying a word, Serenity pulled another needle from under her cloak and threw it at the bandit who yelled at her.

The needle silently flew through the air before digging into the face of the bandit, killing him on contact. Seeing this another bandit who was standing on the other side of where she was facing charged her. However, the moment he got close enough, Serenity spun around with her scythe and clipped him across his throat. The stallion stood stunned for a few seconds before coughing up blood and falling over dead. After that, the bandits all charged at once, trying their best to stop the intruder at all cost. However, what they weren’t expecting was the fury that was controlling their unknown assailant. Moving very quickly she managed to either dodge or block every attack and counter with either a thrown needle or a swift strike of her scythe on either their faces or their throats. At no time did she ever inflict any injury to anypony’s torso or legs. The fierce fighting lasted almost ten minutes before she chased down the remaining bandits who were trying to flee for their lives, but she made certain to finish off everypony there leaving behind absolutely no survivors.

Once the bloody mist finally settled Serenity, with her eyes filled with rage and anger, turned back to the pony that she used to love. The cowering Jack laid there crying in pain, fear, and shock, then he looked up at the dark figure who stood over him looking at him with hate filled eyes from under the hood of her blood stained cloak, carrying a scythe dripping in blood. As he looked at her in fear, he spoke, “You… you did die… you’re not the beautiful mare I tricked… you’re not the lovely mare that I kissed a few nights ago. she died… she was crushed by falling rocks… what you are is a monster created by her rage and anger towards me… you’re The Grim Reaper, here to judge me for my sins… you’re… you’re not even a pony anymore…”
Serenity looked at Jack with an emotionless expression and replied, “If that is true, then you have been judged and you will die. Here and now!”

The terrified Stallion trembled in fear as he looked at the unrecognizable corpses around him. Then he looked back at the dark figure that stood before him with neither regret nor mercy in her eyes. He started to cry as he spoke, “Please… I'm sorry… I… I didn’t want this to happen… I didn’t want anypony to get hurt from this… I swear… I…”
Serenity interrupted him “Yet every pony I knew and loved, died because of you!”
“NO!... Not just me it was the rest of the gangs’ idea they claimed that if we killed anypony who resists then we would become well known for showing no mercy… please… I beg of you… I don’t want to die… I didn’t mean for anypony to get hurt I swear… you hear me… I sw……”
Before the whimpering pony could finish his sentence, he was silenced by Serenity’s blade as she held the scythe over her head and dropped the point into his forehead, splitting his skull, and ending his life.

When Serenity pilled the scythe back and flung the blood off it, she looked around. The entire bandit camp was silent; all that could be heard was the wind and the cracking sound of the bonfire while all that could be seen was the corpse that glowed in the light of the moon and the bonfire. The instant smell of fresh blood filled the air as she thought to herself, “It’s over… my family can now rest in peace… they can now… rest…”
All of a sudden she started to feel the guilt of all the lives she had taken within the last hour… she started to feel the souls of more than seventy five bandits clawing on her mind as if they were trying to take her with them. She dropped her scythe and griped her head, “Silence.. This silence… I… I'm completely alone now!… I can’t be the only survivor of both sides!… I… I'm the one to blame for their deaths… I'm the only one left to take the blame!… but, I'm still alive… I'm still here!… once again I managed to survive when I should have died!… I…”
Serenity took a deep breath, as it started to rain around her, “I guess that’s my purpose then. To survive when I should die… maybe that’s why Jack and I could never be… maybe I'm not meant to be with anypony. Well then I assume I should start a new life then, one devoid of friends and family, I guess I should just forget my past all together.”
Serenity stood and started cleaning the blood off her with the rainwater, while doing this; she noticed that her cutie mark had appeared it was a black heart with a blood red lightning bolt piercing it. She could only assume she received it the moment she dropped her scythe on Jacks head. Next, she looked through the camp for items that she could use, she recovered all the money that was taken from the Nomads, but that and a saddlebag of food was all she took as she left the camp leaving all the bodies and the tents untouched.

Soon the entire kingdom was in an uproar about an evil spirit that massacred a nomadic tribe and a gang of bandits, leaving behind no survivors, and no signs of mercy. With this rumor of a monster mercilessly killing travelers, Germaneigh decided to increase security on its borders between Germaneigh and The Griffon Kingdom. However, this seemed like a threat toward the Griffon Kingdom, so one act became another and before they knew it, both nations declared war on each other. With a new war-taking place, griffon soldiers started putting up stands all over the Griffon Kingdom to recruit either soldiers or mercenaries. It was by chance that Serenity happened to pass one of these stands, so being a lone wanderer with no ties to anypony alive, she decided to sign on as a mercenary. The griffon soldier couldn’t help but laugh at her request, “My apologies miss, but we are looking for griffon mercenaries… not ponies, especially a mare. So unless you can prove that you’re skilled enough, I'm going to deny your request.”

The griffon put his talon on the registration form and started sliding it across the table away from Serenity. Then using her accuracy Serenity slammed the blade of her scythe on the form piercing both the form and the table, while making the blade go right between the fingers on the griffon’s talon. When the griffon pulled his unharmed talon back in shock, she replied, “I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll see to it that I am well worth the money paid to me, and if I die then you don’t have to pay me so there is no losing in this deal.”
The shocked griffon nodded his head and replied, “Well… then… um… sign away miss… uh… What was your name?”
Serenity looked at the name line of the registration form and put the only word she could think of, then she replied, “I have no name… and no past… but I was last called… The Reaper.”