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Beyond the Equestrian borders lies a frontier filled with magic and mystery, history and treasure, but also incredible danger. A young Pegasus named Dusty dreams of making his name and fortune by scouring these lost lands for ancient artifacts. But Ivory, his childhood friend and stalwart companion is always at his sideā€”even if her magic isn't exactly what one would expect from a unicorn.

When their escapades run them afoul of the royal fleet, Princess Celestia sends one of her old guards with them for a mission that, unbeknownst to them, may change the world forever. Some remnants may be better left in the past, and others are timeless gifts, waiting to be rediscovered... but one thing is for certain: the friendships that these ponies make will last forever. If fortune is on their side, it will be enough to save them.

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Comments ( 25 )

Very interesting start. I like your characterization of Celestia, she is just and kind, but not a push over nor a tyrant. She leads by the Rule of Law. For your OCs can't make much judgement at the moment but I will be keeping my eye on Ivory and her negamagic, I'm getting bit of a Sue power vibe from that, but I will hold my tongue until later. Basic plot seems good, granting him a Letter of Marque and Reprisal, and sanctioning him to be Indiana Jones is going to give ya a lot a freedom and fun time for the plot. I can't wait to see where you take the story.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty,
Celestia's Paladin, For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

No I'm not. I'm an earth pony that sweeps the floors, washes the windows, and empties the trash bins in Castle Canterlot. Who is this imposter out to sully my honest reputation?! :flutterrage:

:derpytongue2: But in all seriousness, this is an interesting start. It feels like we're in for something of an Indiana Jonesy story. I like the way the characters worked off of one another, especially Celestia. I'd like to get a bit more insight into Other-Dusty and Ivory though... though I must say, her 'negamagic' power is a little bit befuddling. You may want to watch that and make sure you don't go to far with it. It sounds like she sucks the magic out of things, which is interesting, but you may want to add some sort of extra drawback to it or something to make sure she doesn't become a Mary Sue. Maybe take an X-Men Rogue approach in some way or something, I dunno. Point is, interesting powers are all well and good, but you always need to take care not to go too far with them.

Anyway, it looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on this...

(I never knew when I picked the name Dusty that it'd be so popular. I've seen like nine OC's with the name now... XP )

Uuuugh sorry for not replying for so long. Life ate me. But I am back and updated! I also am structuring/planning enough that I actually can finish it in foreseeable time. Also it was REALLY WEIRD starting this fic and then getting the Read it and Weep announcement, haha. *scrabble*


Thank you! I am trying to keep tabs on Ivory's power as the whole thing was designed as a concept flaw, not a weird-flank workaround. Sort of a unicorn 'birth defect.' Mostly there to design unique problems, not cheap solutions. I always appreciate the feedback, so thanks for following. ^^


Likewise, thanks! And you think Dusty is a common name? Very early on in the fandom I went with Aurora... now there are a BAJILLION Auroras. It's an awesome name. :D

I suppose I'll have to wiki some specific stuff on Rogue, but from what I remember the parallels make a lot of sense.

I like this.
But please try to not make us wait so much


I'm going to try really hard to post a new chapter every week, at least!

Thanks. Just don't strain yourself either.

Well this has certainly been interesting, informative. Going to be blasting away to the finale soon... Thanks for bearing with me everypony.

I don't really feel like this story has earned a full-on afterword, but again thanks for whoever has read/is reading this. There are some parts I wish I'd just ripped out. Chapter five is more or less skipable. The plot is actually pretty close to what I'd intended otherwise, and while there are some characters I feel like didn't get proper closure, the most important ones did.

I might edit this but I am reluctant to let the timestamp on the first chapter change. It's the only shred of proof I have that says I started this before we heard uttered the name of Daring Do. :scootangel:

Alright. I need to actually focus on final projects for school so I might drop off the writing map for a while. But even though I have a big summer, well... something big is planned. :rainbowwild: And there won't even be any OCs. :moustache:

Well, I enjoyed it.
Do you plan to make another story with these characters?


Possibly. I'm mostly going to be working with the show stuff for a while, though.

"She couldn't see but she thought that Char looked quite happy with himself as he once again blue the horn"

blew. , great chapter regardless and really a shame that this doesn't get more fame,you should get this in groups to get people's attention.


Fixeded. Sorry about that. Not really worried about fame plus I'd feel guilty promoting an almost entirely OC story.


There is at least a few groups group just for that (OC's)




http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=group&group=8 (dont know if this one accepts OC's with no mention of the mane 6)

you have to be part of a group to add it to there,or ask the admin/someone from the group if they can add it.

*Looks at title of story and continues the verse*

"...And she's buying the Stairway to Heaven."

This is a very intriguing start! you're doing a good job at hinting at the events preceding the events of this chapter without outright saying what they are, and that alone is the mark of good writing. Tack on great characterization of Princess Celestia, a you've got me looking forward to more! The only errors I'm seeing are repeated triple-spaces between sentences that look kind of nasty. Other than that, no typos or grammatical derps I can see.

Ooh, where's this going now... ?

I think the main thing that needs to be improved writing-wise here is that you need to describe locations in greater detail. I had a rather hard time with my mental picture during a good deal of the action-y scene inside the Rest.

Haha. This is like, my oldest story on the site and I'll frequently refer to it as my most wretched. A real tour de f***-up. I do appreciate the feedback.

I'd have deleted it, just seems weird to.

Still loving this story. It's got a real charm to it. :twilightsmile:

2472374 Please don't. I'm still reading it. :derpytongue2:

Hee, don't worry, I won't. I don't delete anything, regardless of how I feel about it.


I dunno. I have other ideas. But more importantly I'm trying to graduate this semester so my free time has mostly been sucked away. Still, thank you for the comment and stopping by. :)

I dunno if you're still about but this is a beautiful piece. you should be proud.

This is a good piece. Are there any sequels? Il There's definitely room for more stories of Forestry and the gang.

Very original, but not very good.

Ah well, they all can't be awesome.

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