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I'm making this account because of the story of Moon Mender.


When all you love is lost, and no comfort great enough,
is there ever truly a time to seek death, before you deserve its embrace?
There was such a time for Twilight Sparkle, after her friends all passed away before her.
She was of royal blood, she was meant to have hundreds of years to live.
She did not want them... All Twilight wanted was to have her friends back.

Celestia is forced to come to grips with the true pain of immortality.
After all these years, there was no pony, no student she had grown more attached to than her faithful Twilight.
But Twilight's hoof was forced by the madness of loss, and Celestia's only option was to destroy that which she had raised from a foal, the one she had grown to care for as a daughter.

I know I probably could've added more to this, but I was inspired for only about an hour, and I thought that I reached an acceptable stopping point when my mind stopped producing coherent ideas. I hope you enjoy.

This story was inspired by the song "Fallen Apprentice" by Zykrath,
And the art, "The Fallen Apprentice", by Jamey4 of DeviantART.

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Comments ( 17 )

And now I need some happy... good read still! :fluttercry:

Its pretty a pretty good oneshot. :fluttershysad:

I give this story :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: 5 moustaches. Good job!

Thank you, go read A Night (To Try) To Remember. Always some good feels in that one.

Thank you very much! I wanted to upload something in the empty space I've been leaving recently.

I moustache you a question. Would you like a moustache in return? :moustache:

My feels... :fluttercry:

I hope I didn't break them, are you alright?

I don't know...:fluttercry: But I think I'll be fine.:scootangel:

Seemed a little short and a bit confusing at the end, about what happened to Twilight, but it was a good story. I would love to read more like this and I hope you get some more inspiration!

Noooo! The FEELS! They're TOO MUCH! :fluttercry::raritycry:

5805552 Twilight died because her heart was 'corrupted', she read a forbidden book to try to save her friends. In the end, the book couldn't do anything and cursed her so she would die when her friends would.

Well, I think .... Hope you understand what I wrote because english is not my first language. :twilightblush:

Death cannot be taken back. Not by any form of magic, nor any form of friendship or love. Even the tears of a god cannot save you now, for the pages of this book hold a curse. Knowing the impossibility of your task, a shadow will take hold of your heart. Your mind remains intact, but you feel more pain every second of every day, seeing the lack of possible action. When your losses are confirmed, your body will succumb to the darkness, leaving you only pain and misery. The final release from black magic is death.

5810220 Great premise, then! An interesting story.

So, did twilight just simply die ? Did she become corrupted by the black magic ? I don't think she would kill herself. it sounds like twilight was transformed to something beyond dark. I don't think she is dead. I don't think she is happy, either. she has been cursed, and the only escape was death. she changed before celestias eyes, but what kind of change took place ? is she truly gone, or does she still live on, in another kind of existence ? was she absorbed into the book ?

its sad but the description held the answer to my question...celestia was forced to destroy twilight, as she was now corrupted by the black magic, beyond anything that could save her. she was now a victim of the curse, contained in the book.

I read this a while ago, but just now noticed I hadn't given it a thumbs up. Not to mention I added this story to my library of sad stories. :fluttercry:

Beautiful story QwQ loved the fluffy reading

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