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Disclaimer: OC Ponies Ahead
Lady Spearmint, maid and confidante to Princess Luna, may have an unimpressive appearance and stature, but makes up for it with a heavy chip on her shoulder.
As her sister Violetta parties her life away on the other side of the Canterlot life, a new stallion by her side every night, Spearmint does her chores and obeys her superiors, pushing back resentment for the family that cast her and her blank flank out of sight. But her routine life is set on fire when the famed traveling entertainer Cherry Coke, known for her spunk and her well-intentioned plots often gone awry, comes to town to play for the Princesses and their ladies.
Under the watchful eye of Midnight Ebony, a dark and mysterious knight errant she met on the road to Canterlot, Cherry Coke begins to concoct her last, but far from least, escapade.

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Shouldn't this have an OC tag?

Comment posted by airisolthewhitecoat deleted Aug 15th, 2014

WTH!!! An alicorn And spearmint's sister?!?

Whaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii, whaaiii U no update?!?!?!?!! TT[]TT T^T:raritycry:

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