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Dungeon Master (DM) - the organizer and participant in charge of creating the details and challenges of a given adventure, while maintaining a realistic continuity of events.


Zircom is bored with life. After hearing hundreds of bard's tales, all he wants to do now is find an adventure of his own. Where his adventure will occur is a mystery. Zircom doesn't know, nor does he really care.

With some advice from a half-dragon cleric and the aid of a human wizard, Zircom formulates the perfect adventure: discover a new world. However, planar travel is not for the faint of heart, nor should it be done without proper forethought. But Zircom is a dragon, he can handle anything the planes throw at him... right?

Feedback and criticism encouraged
More characters to be added as story progresses.

Character modeled after the Silver Dragon from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5


Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 96 )

You're a pretty good writer, by the looks of this first chapter.

Nice to see something like this. I was thinking about this kind of concept, but now I don't have to write it. Good luck with your story, I like it so far.

i cannot into haiku
but your dragon is sexy
here goes my heterosexuality

Perfect nice use of DND for a crossover plot btw:pinkiehappy:

Hehe... Do continue! :pinkiehappy:


-You have set yourself a hard challenge. This sort of cross-over is extremely easy to do badly... and/or (to be frank) it is the sort of crossover that very many bad writers would choose to do.

Ultimate Magus
-Calling out the name of a prestige class in the story itself is a bad sign. Are they really called that in the setting itself?

or he could teleport your liver to the ethereal plane and then incinerates you with a snap of his fingers.

had his morning tea.
Luckily for me, he had.
-Inconsistent line spacing. Either remove a return or add one.

We simply teleport around so we can avoid the confusing maze of corridors and stairs.
-Seems like a lot of preparation of Dimension Door even if they only go to meals and bed from their offices. Maybe they have peons to deliver meals? Or does Ultimate Magus turn that into an at-will?

“We’re magicians, not architects. Deal with it.”
-Heh... I wonder what knowledge skills they DO tend to invest in?

just four scrolls of Dimension Door…
-What in the world? Is he planning on stealing something with them?

Should you succeed in your endeavor I simply ask that you bring me anything that you find of interest.
-Oh, good grief... he is going to try to steal the EoH regalia, isn't he? Doesn't seem to fit with a Silver. And he should be smart and wise enough not to agree to anything that would require that sort of thing. Or does the wizard just want exclusive INFORMATION from the journey? Also, the spell you want is probably Plane Shift. Dimension Door is a short range teleportation spell.

As long as it wasn’t some horrible plane of undead or jesters I would begin my adventure.
-Let me guess... he and Pinkie aren't going to get along very well? Or does he not mind jesters in moderation?

The ones closest to the epicenter of my arrival had all their leaves blown off as well as all their fruit.
-Well, this won't be the first time that a dragon has removed a bunch of leaves from Apple Family trees... I suspect that Twilight has a spell for that... which reminds me, I wonder if you will play the local dragons as being this guy's equal, and/or what he will think of Spike.

Well, I should be long gone before the orchard owner finds this little mess…
-This combined with the mention of a green half-dragon friend makes me think that dragons from his world may not be as alignment-locked as the Monster Manual would make them. That or you are using an earlier version in which silver dragons are chaotic good... or 4E in which case I think that all dragons are supposed to be potential adversaries to a Good party.

shouted a strangely feminine voice. Stranger still, how was she speaking perfect common?
-He used to very patriarchal societies? Elsewise, why would a female voice be odd?

All a very valid points and I shall address each in order.


1) Yes, Ultimate Magus is an actual sorcerer/wizard prestige class.

2) Yup, my bad with the wording.

3) Again, my bad.

4) The character is just incredibly lazy and would rather spend spell slots rather than walk.

5) They get all knowledge skills. No one bothered to pick up the Knowledge Architecture skill in this story.

6) He would need four scrolls, as each one is one time use. One to get to the plane of air, then to the random world, then pack to air, and back home again.

7) Indeed, the chromatic dragons are all variations of Good aligned. Zircom has no intentions of stealing stuff. I also realize that the spell Planar Shift would be a better choice than Dimension Door.

8) He can't stand them.

9) There are plans for this.

10) I'm playing him slightly more Neutral Good as opposed to the recommended straight up Lawful Good. The Half Dragon was Lawful Neutral.

11) Bad wording on my part.

I love it
but I have no back ground info so can someone tell me how:twilightsheepish:
this seems like something I can get into:eeyup::moustache:
I know there is a video game for it

I enjoyed this fic, nice pacing and the introspection into the character was done quite well. The only thing that I see that could use work are some of your earlier sentences being a little short and choppy. Some could be linked together and a few others could use a few more descriptive words.

I'm definetely gonna be following this, hears hoping for an update soon! :pinkiehappy:

And the plot thickens... nah(jk).
Looking forward to the next chapter.

A good followup chapter, you neatly and believably integrated him with the pony folk. The only suggestion I have for you is to get a proofreader, as there were a few typos here and there. As for the planned weekly update, I couldn't be happier! :pinkiesmile: Oh wait, actually I can. :pinkiehappy:

i wonder will he shift into a human form or will he keep it as a trump card?

Love the In-depth character involvement with our favorite dragon Zircom, as well as the interesting way he interacts with pony-kind. Keep up the good work!
I nearly killed myself through lack of oxygen when i heard "Dear Bahamut, that hat." Priceless DnD gold.:ajsmug:

Rinabow Dash

the chances of my protagonist punching RD if i'll ever write my fic just got higher. seriously, does loyalty comes with no brain or is it just RD's special trait?

Ah dragons, feared and attacked no matter what world their in. Well...attacked anyways, if one just got knocked out by a little rainbow pony, who shall remain anonymous :trixieshiftleft::rainbowlaugh::trixieshiftright:, then their fear factor may have dropped just a tad. I can't wait to see how this progresses. :pinkiehappy:

Reds and coppers are the others if I remember correctly.

OMG Finally, a fic of D&D! I will read it just for the simple fact of that.

Sees D&D fic...


Instant read...

I thought Steels could shift form, I never knew bronzes could... Or maybe I'm on the wrong lore set.


Steel Dragon's are not in the 3.5 Draconomicon. I believe they are only in 4th edition.

*slow clapping*

Love this story!!! :ajsmug:

Continue my good author! Continue! MOAR D&D and Dragons!!

A metallic dragon from the plane Faerun decides to go find a new plane to explore. You sir get a fav.

This story, is marvelous so far! It is a crime that you didn´t get to the first page :(

His class levels come out to an ECL of 38. 20 levels dragon, 12 healer, 6 level adjustment.

He would be, technically, at epic level. So I pretty much doubt that some town folks could actually do something to him. Even if he is just an adult dragon.

Now, about your advancement, I do prefer a Golden Dragon whit some levels in paladin class, it can fight and can heal, and all the other bonusses. But hey, it’s just me.
But it seems that he won’t be doing any fighting soon, so as a simple adventurer, I think that is a good choice.

Just remember this, we are talking about a True dragon of the biggest group (Silver, Red and Gold), that is in the epic level, he could easily overpower almost anything that you throw at him of Equestria if he plays his cards at full intelligence, keep this in mind.

Yeah, dragons are my favorite magical creature.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Dragons can Shapeshift.

Now, I am just a little curious, Why he didn´t heal himself? I mean, he have 12 levels in healer xD, that should have been an easy feat. Hell, an adult silver dragon can cast spells as a 7 Lv Cleric (even whitout being in the actual class, it is something natural to them).

I know that it could be because you wanted to introduce another character to the story, but it looks weird.

Apart from that, not complaining, the story is nice enough.


Zircom was originally made for an Epic Level campaign. He was a support healer who worked in tandem with the group's marshal.

And yes, I realize just how he scales against the normal residents of Equestria, the hit that RBD landed was essentially a crit.


It was a story point. Yes he could have spent a Heal Major wounds but it seemed like a good opportunity to bring in Fluttershy. Plus I wanted him to be a bit hesitant about exposing that kind of magic.

Now that I actually finished reading all in 40 minutes lol, I will give you my toughs:

The story is pretty good, and the first chapter was amazingly well done. Now, aside from what I may think about the dragon and the ponies, I must say that the other chapters felt a little rushed, all happened too fast. Damn, even the interaction of AJ whit the Dragon was too fast, she just tough that could subdue a Dragon to work for her in 5 minutes (there is no way that she could have know that he was a "good dude"), and more if we think that there is no "good" dragon in Equestria, she should be even a little shaken (a dragon just flying over, can make people ran away whit his Frightful presence), but no, that didn´t happen.

Again, I understand that you may want to do this more in the comedy side, yes, I can fully comprehend that; just put some tough in what I said :)


Indeed I shall. I'll see if I can address the pacing issue in future chapters. I'll probably go back over the first four next week and see if I can flush them out a bit more.

Looking back, I agree. The AJ interaction could use some more fluff.

2163503 I am actually doing a Fanfic of D&D and MLPFIM too, is a little more serious that this one, and sadly the plot itself dont let me put a dragon T_T, it has several Outsiders, tough.

The only problem that I have whit it, is that my english is pretty bad, so I have heavy problems translating it, but when I finish it, it would be a pleasure that you could read it :)


I would be more than happy to do so.

Ok. To be honest I have NO idea what this story or thus dragon come from. I can't really judge a character since I have no idea who he is!
The grammar and the detail is pretty good, but it can quickly confuse those unfamiliar with the storys main character nor will they be familiar with the little puns and the jokes. All in all I can't give a proper review since I can't really analyze the character! The grammar and writing pass but thats as far as I can go! Sorry :twilightsheepish:

2163648 I will try to summarize a little the things for you:

Here we have a exemplar of a True Silver Dragon, one of the 3 major species of Dragons (obviously, we don’t count the Force or the Prismatic Dragon, cause those 2 are close to the Gods).

This kind of dragon is pretty much a good one, to his counterpart a Red Dragon. You can think of him as a kind soul, not as much as Fluttershy, but you have an idea now.

He comes from a world where magic and disasters are the bread of every day, where the undead walks trying to kill people, where the Wizards have epic duels, the demons and the angels fight, where the warriors clash their swords, and a lot more.

As I was discussing whit Synx a little ago, she may had choose the wrong kind of dragon to do what he/she may had try here, cause the Silver Dragon, and more an Adult like him (tough that is still "weak", in dragon´s powerlevels), is a truly powerhouse. Because, even if he got hit by a really strong pegasus, he would have just laugh at it, and then would have probably, do something about it, cause even a Lawful good as him, would have gotten angry at that, and a angry dragon is one of the last things that you ever want to see, cause we are talking in serious power difference here.
I do believe that the Copper Dragon would have been a better choice for what the author is trying to pull here, but since we already have this, I won’t complain about it.

Yes, the story is pretty good. But I wouldn’t say that the Silver Dragon is really acting as a True Silver Dragon (and not only about how much nerfed he is), but the characteristics as his personality is slightly out of place, cause a adult of his age (even in “good” dragons), still has a lot of his kin pride, and only when he reach the age of old or Wyrm, is that he start to see things different.

Aside from all the technical stuff, I find this story entertaining, tough it needs a little more of work to became a really good one.
Still, I think that the author can do it, I am pretty sure that he/she can pull this, but its need a little more effort, as I said a lot of times xD

slow pacing. the blessing and the curse.
while on one hand, slow pacing is nice, on the other hand, you still should, dunno, make slow events feel exciting.

It doesn’t really matter if you got slow down because you needed to rewrite to make this good. What matters is that you listen to the ones who want to make you a better writer :)

Apart from that, I don’t really have much more to say aside from how do you managed to make a good excuse from the fact of why didn´t he heal himself in the last chapter.
Waiting for what comes next.

I would think that the magic of Equestrian Dragons goes beyond convenient mail delivery, after all Spike hasn't had a dragon to teach him, since it would never occur to Twilight Sparkle to use the vast mineral wealth available around Ponyville to bribe a dragon for information.

Glad to see that you continued this, and more important...Sleep is for the weak! Now:

The last part of the chapter was well done, but the first half feels rushed, very, rushed.

More than that, I can’t say much more.

Just asking: This is more or less how it is constructed Zircom?


Strength 27
Dexterity 10
Constitution: 21
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 21
Charisma 20

Attack +28

Will: 18
Fort: 18
Dex: 13

Breath: 12d8 (26 reflex save)

Caster lv7 (Cleric)

AC 29

Maximize breath
Fly by attack
Quicken Spell
Empower Spell
Quicken Breath
Sticky breath

This is a pretty common dragon build (less the feats).

Yeah, the first half was a bit rushed. It is on my list of revisions I need to make. I have the next two chapters planned out already, so I should be able to get those out soon.

Now for Zircom's actual stat block.

Nothing spoiler beyond this point, only character stats.

I did hero stat rolls and did standard level point distribution.

ECL: 38
12 levels healer, 20 dragon, 6 level adjustment.
7th level caster (access to wizard, sorcerer, and cleric spells)

Stats are as followed:
359 HP

Alignment: L/N (the story character is played between L/n and L/g. He will never do anything too outside those)

DR 5/ magic

AC: 29
Touch AC: 8
Flat Foot AC: 29

Movement: 40/150 Fly
Average Maneuverability

Str: 29
Dex: 10
Con: 24
Int: 27
Wis: 29
Char: 30

Reflex: 13
Will: 22

Base Attack: 21

Grapple: 37

Lethal breath weapon: 12d8 (26 reflex /half) 50 ft cone
Non-lethal: 1d6+6 round paralysis (reflex negates)

Maximize breath
Ascew Materials
Augmented healing
Recover Breath
Improved maneuverability
Clinging breath
Quicken Breath
Quicken Spell
Improved Natural armor (x2)
(I forget where I wrote the other feats down)

Special Abilities:
Immune to sleep/ paralysis
Lethal breath weapon: 12d8 Cold(26 reflex /half) 50 ft cone
Non-lethal: 1d6+6 round paralysis (reflex negates)
Alternate form 3x /day
fog could x3 /day
frightful presence DC 26 (Will negates)
Darkvision 120 (can see in color)
Immune to frost/acid
Vulnerable to fire (+%100 damage)
Blind Sense 60
Keen Sense

Languages Known:
Common/(Equestrian in our story)

Additional stat points were purchased with the use of magical tomes..

Ohhh, he is actually a little stronger than I tough. A thing like that would be pretty hard to put down, but he is still weak against fire (could be avoided whit some feats), so it could be fairly easy whit some preparation.

for reference purposes I am treating Twilight like a 20th level caster. Celelestia will be a level 50 deity.

2329346 LOL, now you just got me imagining Twilight using Black blades of Disaster xD

But on a more serious note, it is true that a good spellcaster of Lv20 can kill a adult Silver (Time stop+ quicken spell delayed fireball + Twin delayed fireball + Black Blades just for the lulz). But even like that, a duel between those 2 (a fair duel whit no preparations) would be decided on the first turn (pretty much the one who win the initiative), cause both can instant-kill the other team.

It really depends.Dragons have shit initiative, so they almost always go last. A quicken, maximized fireball could do serious damage to a silver. However, said dragon has bullshit abilities like Reverse Gravity at later levels. It is likely that the dragon would survive the first attack and then use Planar Shift to escape.

Zircom could have been beefier if I had made him a fighter or a different tanky class. Healers just aren't made to take hits.

Fun fact: He only has access to 6th level healer spells, but his Wisdom stat gives him access to two 9th level spells per day. He could cast True Resurrection and Regenerate with ease.

2329691 Well, in my case, I do prefer Gold Dragon whit some paladin Class, not much, only the first Levels of paladin (Lv3 usually) to get the interesting bonuses, and later go straight Dragon Lvs cause they came whit all the things that you can actually need. Like the time that, my Great Wyrm beated the shit of an army of Undead whit their fucking Atropal (dah best fight evah).

That or I go Red Dragon, which is my second favorite. You´ve gotta love bring death from above, use Gate and Storm of Vengeance.

Whit those 2 Dragons (Magna the Gold, and Terion the Red), I was capable of bringing sheer destruction everywhere, those two where unbreakable war machines (I was a little of Power player lol).

I loved those crazy bastards. And just as you, I will bring em to Equestria in short time.

I gotta say, Silvers are my all time favorite breed. They get such broken abilites like Reverse Gravity and Control Weather. Zircom will eventually get a level in Vassal of Bahamut. A few levels into that will make him nigh unstoppable.

And that wisdom score. "Yeah, I can only cast up to sixth level healer spells, but I'm so wise and charismatic that I can just cast every level no prob."

Zircom will eventually get a level in Vassal of Bahamut. A few levels into that will make him nigh unstoppable.

Spoiler alert!!!! xD

Good dragon classes are the Tattooed dragons, Disciples of Ashardalon and Ascended dragons.

Never tried the Vassal of Bahamut tough.

Vassal of Bahamut is focused around protecting the innocent and helpless against evil. Don't worry, he might not gain that level during this story. Then again he might, who's to say.

2330190 So, this story is before the events of your campaign?

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