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Story Description:
Not all wars present you with a clear opposition. Sometimes, there are no heroes and no villains. Sometimes, we are all just soldiers. The same is true of the Gods themselves, and when they go to war, things are not always black and white. Two sides are drawn, and neither is right or wrong. Sometimes, the villain of one story can be the hero of another. Let's take a look at one of them, and what the Gods have planned for him.

Planned Chapters:

Other Stories:
Song Of The Sunsparrow: N/A
Emberdawn: When dealing with balance on a universal scale, third party intervention frequently consists of ripping something from one universe, and dumping it in another. When the intended result is to create chaos, that thing is usually a human.

Author's Note:
Side-story to Song Of The Sunsparrow. It follows the course of the story from the other side's perspective, and diverges onto the timeline that begins the prologue of the main story.

Will follow the new chapter layout (~1000 words on prologue and epilogue, ~4000 on regular chapters, and ~10000 on final chapter).

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Comments ( 9 )

I will tuck this away for further investigation.

The Idea that Celestia and Luna are only instances or representations of greater powers seems quite intriguing to me - and I hope this really is the idea you are going after with this story. The talk, though sparse, implies something like this, presenting the greatest problem I as a reader have with the text: I want more. Indeed, much is left to be said and explained here, hopefully only because you want to spark tension in readers. The dialogue is fluent enough, a bit plain perhaps, and in some places one has to stop reading and go back to figure out who is speaking. As an afterthought I might dare to make an analogy for Greek mythology and the role gods have in there, waging war against each other, some times via their mortal pawns - no wonder, then, being a fan of ancient Greek myself, that I liked this story at first sight. Plz write a more profound plot for this.

2098637 Ohhh I've got big plans... (I just read that out loud in a really creepy voice and I didn't like it :twilightoops: I apologize.)

Protip for dialogue in my stories. Format will always be as follows:
"Speaker One"
"Speaker Two"
"Speaker One"
*Action from Speaker Three* "Speaker Three"
"Speaker One"
*Action From Speaker Two* "Speaker Two"
"Speaker One"
"Speaker Two"

All of my stories on this site are—Among other things—To better my own skills. DDBN=First Foray, RotS=Exposition, [DP]=Dialogue, MS=Actually, that one's just to help get rid of writer's block...

Huh. Just realized you were a Demi-God.



Er, just so you know, I didn't mean to kill those other gods- Wait, that's a lie, I totally meant to kill them! I just didn't realize at the time that Blitzkrieg still had the Refraction of Longevity properity from when I smelted down Harpe after stealing it from Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon and using it's blade as the base for it- Well the first time I didn't, but what I was going to say was that I found a suitable replacement for each and every one of them! . . . Mostly.

I. . . I was going somewhere with this. Originally. I swear! I was- Er, you know what? I think I'll just go slink off into Dimension-Space to escape the awkwardness. . .

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