• Published 3rd Feb 2013
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Love is magic - InfinitelySkilled

You get placed in a world of your favorite ponies, but can you adapt to their world and remain incognito?

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A lot of blood

You awake with a yawn and a turn of your body to the right as you open your eyes. You see twilight walking to your side of the bed.

“Morning sleepyhead!” She said loudly

The volume in her voice definitely woke you up more. You dragged yourself out of bed. Twilight was making her way downstairs. You follow her slowly.

“I’m going to get something to eat, do you want anything to eat?”

You hear a growl in your stomach when you start thinking about food. Twilight giggled a bit at your stomach’s noise.

You knew that all the ponies here were vegetarian so you weren’t aloud to get anything made of meat.

“What can I have?”

You wanted to know what you could have so you could at least have some things to choose from.

“Well… you can get an apple pie for breakfast if you would like.”

“That’s sounds just about right.” You said with a smile.

Twilight started to walk out the front door of the library. You turned back into the house and sat waiting in the middle of the room. You forgot about the vase as a few pieces poked your flank.

“Ow!” it didn’t pierce your skin, thankfully, but it did hurt a bit. You pick all the pieces in an aura trying to practice again and you put them in a basket that contained other pieces of trash. When you let the pieces out of your aura you feel a little drowsier. You think that it was just morning and drowsiness was normal. You feel your nose running so you rub it with your hoof. When you pulled you hoof away you saw blood, a lot of blood. You feel a little colder as you begin to black out.


“Anon! Are you okay!?” The shout made you regain consciousness and you saw the puddle of blood you were sleeping in. Twilight was holding you in her hooves and tears were beginning to flow from her eyes.

“I-I’m f-fine Twi.”

You were feeling really hungry and being in Twilight’s arms made you warm and the blood was dripping from your body still wet. You weren’t out of it for very long, otherwise the blood would be a little more dried.

“Twilight its fine I just practiced magic and overworked myself a bit. But I am a little hungry….”

A headache was now in the back of your head

“Don’t you ever use magic without me around again! Do you understand!?”

Her tears began to flow faster. You hug Twilight back and try to stand up a little bit. You stumble a bit trying to stand but you manage to not look like a lifeless, bloody corpse.

“Sorry, it won’t happen again.” You felt a little guilty for making her cry so you wiped a tear off of her face with your hoof. Twilight let you stand up and took a step back. She took your apple pie out of her saddle bag and placed it on the table.

You wipe the blood off of your face with your hoof.

“Where can I wash up?” You ask.

“The bathroom is downstairs, just take a towel and come back up when you are done.”

She levitated a towel out of a cabinet, and opened the door to downstairs. You take the towel with your teeth and begin walking down the stairs. You open a second door which revealed the bathroom.

The room was pretty big compared to what you are used to. It was covered with white tiles. The shower took up most of the space and looked like it could fit a few ponies.

A dirty thought crossed your mind.

You cleared your throat and stepped inside. You turned the hot water on. The temperature was just right. You put your hoof on a wall, and leaned against it. You stood on your two hind legs. You looked down as the blood washed down the drain. The sight of the blood made you a little sick. There was a bad taste in your mouth; some blood must have found its way into your mouth when you were unconscious. You spit into the drain.

You hear the door open.

“Hello?” You say. There was nothing but silence.

You peek your head out of the shower door. You saw Twilight standing awkwardly in the doorway. The glass walls of the shower were not transparent so you knew that she didn’t see you shower but the blush on her face looked as if she did.

“Something wrong Twi?”

Her blush piqued your curiosity. Why was she even in the bathroom while you were taking a shower?

“Uhh…Umm your, uh, pie might be, uh, cold when you get out.” Twilight was obviously very nervous. Maybe the accident just shook her up a bit, it sure shook you up.

“That’s fine, I like pie cold better than hot anyways.”

Her nervousness seemed to go away when you said that, however her blush remained.

“Okay well, I will be…in the main room…waiting for you…in the main room…” She began to walk out the door.

“Don’t wait for me…in the main room…I’ll be up in a bit…in the main room”

Twilight could tell that you were mocking her and she walked out. You shut the shower door and went back to washing the blood off of yourself.

Once you were cleaned you step out of the shower and dry yourself off. You head upstairs to the main room and saw Twilight reading a book.

“What’cha reading there Twi?”

She took the book in her aura and threw it on top of a bookshelf as soon as you spoke.


She had that same adorable blush on her face. You didn’t even care so much as to what she was reading but instead you couldn’t help but get your eyes caught into a stare that led your wits astray.

“Why are you staring at me?”

You began to blush yourself as Twilight caught you staring at her.

“Uhh…because you…uhh…just threw a book across the room”

That was a lie, but it made sense.

“Yeah, just forget about that, it wasn’t anything important anyways…”

You could tell that the book was pretty important but you decided to follow Twilight’s command to forget about the book.

“Where’s that pie at Twi?” The emptiness in your stomach was almost unbearable at this point.

She walked over to a container and opened it. She pulled out the apple pie and gave it to you. You ate the pie so fast you couldn’t even pay attention to anything. It tasted like heaven in a crust. It was finished and you looked up at Twilight who was giggling at your fast paced eating. You laugh with her and you look at her.

“Will you do me the pleasure of introducing me to your friends?”

You wanted to meet the rest of the ponies. You wanted to make a positive impact on all the lives of the ponies, including Twilight but you had to figure out how to impact them first, and to do that you would need to befriend them first.

“I don’t know, are you sure? You might not be ready, and they might not be ready either.”

“I’m sure.” You were confident that they would be your friends, and that meeting them would be a piece of cake.

“Okay. Rarity wanted me to pose for a dress today so I guess we will go to her first?”

“That’s fine with me.”

You almost wanted to be jumping with happiness just at the thought of being friends with ponies. If you knew how you would squee.

“Okay, follow me then.” You and Twilight head out the front door of the library.

You couldn’t wait to finally meet another pony. The town was pretty big and the building more colorful than you could’ve ever imagined.

“Keep your head a little low, alright?”

You were too busy focusing on the buildings and colorful ponies you didn’t even hear Twilight and the next thing you knew, you were at Rarity’s boutique. You open the door for Twilight.

“After you.” You say with the happiest smile you ever had.

Twilight enters the boutique and you follow.