• Published 3rd Feb 2013
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Love is magic - InfinitelySkilled

You get placed in a world of your favorite ponies, but can you adapt to their world and remain incognito?

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“You have some pretty bad timing don’t you?”

The sun dawns over the horizon illuminating the earth. Light finds its way through the windows of the bedroom where you lay asleep, the light soon awakening you from your slumber. You sit on the edge of the bed then stand up and proceed over to the kitchen to put some food into your empty morning stomach. ‘Just another day’. You thought to yourself

The house wasn’t necessarily big, however compared to any other person’s house it was great. The kitchen had tiled floors and normal kitchen appliances. The walls were a plain white and the room was uninteresting compared to the rest of the home. Throughout the rest of the place the walls were engulfed in colorful images and posters of things from Halo 4 to My Little Pony. My Little Pony seemed to dominate the walls and tabletops with posters, fan-art, and collectables.

Breakfast was finished. “Smells great!” you said inhaling the aroma of the food on the plate. You sit down at a dining table.

After you finished the meal you went to take a morning shower. You let the hot water flow over you, and the steam clear your lungs. You step out and take a deep breath as you begin drying yourself off.

You walked out of the bathroom. ”What now?” you ask yourself, but before you could find your answer you are blinded by the brightest light you have never seen, and the torturous noise of nothing made you ears bleed. “Am I dying?” You thought to yourself. ”What is this? Why is this happening?!” You anticipated your answer.

You felt yourself lying on a wooden floor and you dared not to open your eyes for fear of what you would see. You feared death. The last thing you wanted to do was open your eyes and see death himself. You inhaled sharply and opened your eyes to see what looked like a big tree house. “What the..?” You said, while letting the smell of books fill your mind. You weren’t exactly crazy for books but you had never read a bad one. Then it finally hit you. “Where the hell am I?” You shouted as thousands of panicked thoughts raced across your mind, you were scared, and then you focused on the silence as you tried to calm yourself down, when you heard a voice speak.


The voice calmed your mind, it was soothing to you, and even though the voice was panicked like you were, you took the courage to say something back. “He-“ You started as you turned to face the voice. When you saw a cartoon you couldn’t believe your eyes, your blood pressure and heart rate sped like something too fast for words and you realized that you weren’t very prepared to see what you did and the last thing you thought before your eyes rolled into the back of your head was that you couldn’t even finish one word before fainting in front of the unicorn.

You open your eyes to find the worried purple mare above you. You were astonished that something like this would happen to you of all people. This was a dream come true to you and you were going to take advantage of it as anyone else would.

“Hi Twilight!” You said, a little louder than you meant to. The mare jumped back a bit, frightened and confused.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s just that I can’t believe this is actually happening.” You said back hoping to calm her down a bit, but it didn’t look like it worked very well.

“First of all, how do you know my name? Secondly, what do you mean you can’t believe this is happening?” She said, obviously very confused.

“Umm…” You didn’t exactly know what to say to her, on one hand you were human and on the other hand you weren’t going to tell the unicorn that you come from a world where they are off of a television show. So you tried to make something up.

“I know everyone’s name!”

You choked as you said that just remembering that proper grammar changes were a little different from your world. You couldn’t fix your mistake it was too late for that so you hold your breath and hope she doesn’t notice.

“Listen I know you are from another type of world but if you are going to fit in you need to learn how to talk like we do.” She said.

This was a little confusing to you.

“You know?” You ask trying to get answers.

“Never mind, just tell me about yourself” She said with a smile that didn’t really fit the situation, but you tried to not make a big deal out of all the confusing things going on, you were in a new world and a new world bears new things and learning them with a knowledgeable unicorn such as Twilight would be something to take advantage of but you first needed to exchange some knowledge with her so you told her all about yourself, but was nice and honest about it. When you told Twilight your name her face went from adorkable to very confused. She got up and looked around until she brought a book over, sat down, and started reading.

You and Twilight were both sitting in the middle of the library and you were waiting for her to finish reading the book. She put the book down and said “Hold still and relax, this may hurt a bit.” You were a little scared at what she had in store for you but she started charging her horn, and you were now caught in her aura and levitating and then you felt a piercing pain in your back that made you shout and cringe but then it was over. You opened your eyes and saw something you would never believe to see in your entire life.

“There, now you can look like us!” She said with a dumb smile “Oh! Also, I gave you magical abilities as a unicorn so we can practice magic together, and you seem like you want to learn a lot about Equestria, so, maybe we can study together some time?”

You were drawing a blank. What was going on? You had no idea how to react to any of this, so you just decided that you would think about your past and how much you could learn from this world so you were ready to go and make your mark.

“Why don’t we go-ahh!”

You stumbled forgetting you were in a new body and you bumped into Twilight twirling you and her across the floor. You hit the ground first and Twilight was able to catch herself but she caught herself in a way that she was right above you. When you regained composure and opened your eyes you saw Twilight above you and she looked a little spooked. You stared deep into the purple eyes. Not a second had passed before the door to the library swung open and the sound of the door caught yours and Twilight’s attention. You both turned your heads to see a very embarrassed AppleJack. The blush on her face and her awkward posture just proved her embarrassment even more.

“Ah’m sorry, ah didn’t mean to interrupt anything ah’ll be on my way” She started to slowly walk out the door.

“Wait, it’s…umm…not what it looks like!” Twilight said with a now small tint of red on her face and your own. Twilight then jumps off and away from you before clearing her throat, the blush on her face remaining. She stood awkwardly in the corner of two shelves where you had stumbled. You began to pick yourself up off of the ground when Twilight got off of you.

“No that’s fine ah’m just gonna go now…” AppleJack really wanted to leave. Now that you think about it, you would want to leave too. The awkwardness was so overwhelming you could almost feel it as a solid substance. You were not going to let AppleJack think that she just saw something she shouldn’t have so you tried to stop her.

“AppleJack, wait…”

You choked on your words remembering how Twilight responded to you saying her name without her telling you. You really hoped she would look past your mistake.

“No really ah didn’t need anything important anyway…” You heaved a sigh of relief when she started walking away.

“Wait a second, how did you know my name. And who are you?” AppleJack said with a confused tone. She was now turned around and walking toward you almost intimidatingly. ’So close.’ You gulped in fear as Twilight but in.

“AppleJack, this is my new friend, he knows your name only because we were just talking about you.” Twilight looked over to you and sent you a reassuring wink that left you in relief. Twilight looks over to the book on the floor, which contained the spell to change you.

“He just stumbled on that book I left on the floor, and I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
AppleJack seemed to buy it.

“Well hello there Twilight’s friend. As you already know, ah’m AppleJack, pleasure to meet you. What’s your name?” She said with a friendly look on her face.

Now you were put in a rut. If you told her your real name you knew that she would figure your true form of a human, or at least be suspicious. However if you made up a name you never know if a pony already has that name. ‘Why can’t I just stay anonymous?’ When that thought crossed your mind you knew exactly what to call yourself.

“My name is Anonymous. The pleasure is mine AppleJack.” You feel pretty clever coming up with that idea. A smirk crossed your face.

“Well Twilight and, uh, Anon…ah’ll see you guys later” She walked out of the library. When the door shut Twilight turned to you, about to burst into laughter.

“You have some pretty bad timing don’t you?” She started giggling in a girlish way that was delightful to hear and made you laugh along with her.

“Thanks for helping me out of the situation your quick thinking helped me in the long run”
You place your hoof on the back of your neck, somewhat embarrassed. You stop laughing

“I only fell because of this new body. Are you hurt?”

You were a little concerned.

“I’m fine, really.”

Twilight stops giggling as well. You feel relieved to know she is okay, a piercing pain in your back just now finding its way to you.

“Oh, and thanks for making up a falling excuse I would’ve never come up with that.”
You now had a smile on your face.

“You were pretty fast responding yourself. That name was brilliant! I sure hope you like it, because you aren’t going to get a new one”

Twilight’s face was now a little serious.

“Yeah I think I can live with it. Now what did you say about studying?” You tried to redirect the conversation to before the whole incident happened.

“Oh right, well, because you are a unicorn you should be able to use magic so let’s see what you got.”

Twilight looked at you in anticipation.

You felt like you were on the spot. You began to observe your surroundings; the library was moderately large and many colorful books lined the shelves you could estimate at least one thousand books in what you assumed to be the main room. A table was set in the middle of the room which holds a blue vase. The wood floors made a slight creak as you walked but it wasn’t anything a few nails wouldn’t fix. You look down at your hooves where your hand used to be, you realized that you wouldn’t be human again and you felt your new fur coat that made you feel a little happy and warm inside.

Twilight cleared her throat. The sudden sound of another life form other than yourself almost made you jump.

“Is something wrong?” Twilight looked very worried, almost sad. She noticed your eyes dotting around the room and thought you were going to pass out again, for a second, you did to.

“I don’t know how magic works…”

You felt bad about worrying Twilight so you smiled at her.

“But I would love to be taught.”

She returned your smile when you said that. She walked over to you and placed her hoof on your chest.

“Feel the magic from within your heart.”

Your eyes were focused on her eyes and in a way they met. You saw her eyes in a closer way than before. Your smiles disappeared. You both stared at each other’s eyes for at least a second before Twilight blushed a pleasant scarlet before her hoof slowly hit the ground and she backed up. You couldn’t see the blush on your own face but you were well aware of its presence, and so was she.

You step back a bit too, trying to ignore what had just happened and prepare to actually cast magic.

“I’ll give it a try.”

Your focus was now on a vase in the middle of the room. You almost didn’t know what to do so you had contained your energy and had a feeling in your heart and you emptied your mind. You felt as if you were meditating and you were concentrated. You slowly shut your eyes. The temperature felt like it was going up and you felt a sweat coming on. The room was a little stuffy; this made it uncomfortable for you to breathe. Hot air filled your lungs and a blasting heat came from your head. You open your eyes as a light shone from your horn and the vase was lifted by a white aura that left you in awe.

“You’re doing it!” Twilight exclaimed.

You heard Twilight and turned your head to her for a brief moment. In the small amount of time it took for you to lift the vase, you had dropped it. The pieces shattered all over the ground. The blue vase shattered into more pieces than you thought physically possible. They spread almost like a tidal wave starting from where it hit the ground.
Your mind went blank almost as if you exited your own body and was left watching yourself from your own eyes perspective, but you couldn’t do anything. You saw yourself lift the vase and place every piece back together like it was a puzzle. The pieces once together, you placed the vase back down. You regained control of your body just in time to see the vase on the table and Twilight’s amazed face.

Due to the vase’s still broken state, it fell apart and the pieces were littered around the table in the middle of the room.

“How…? How did you do that?” Twilight looked almost angry as she said that as if you were hiding a secret from her.

“I don’t know.”

You were at a loss for words. You had just cast a spell with no training at all and all you had to do was feel magic in your core, your heart.

You felt suddenly very sleepy and left out a great yawn.

“Tired?” Twilight’s voice sounded so peaceful and only made you even drowsier.

“Just a little bit.” That was an understatement. You were so tired you didn’t want to move, so you didn’t.

“I have a guest bed, you can sleep there if you like.”

You were so happy to hear that you would be sleeping in a bed tonight and you moped your way up the stairs that went to Twilight’s room where both her bed and your bed lie. You got onto the bed and went under the bed covers.

“Night Twi.”

“Goodnight Anon” As her sweet voice spoke again you shut your eyes and not a moment passed before you were fast asleep.