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Learn To Fly - Notgoingtoexplainthis

who is the wonderful rainbow maned pony and why is she so amazing

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Dinner And A Show

Chapter Two: Dinner And A Show

6:30, the clock in the corner of your living room tells you you only have half an hour until what may be the best date you've ever gone on. You sigh and look around the room, nothing special and it's just a little messy. The walls painted a sickly yellow, you hate it but don't care enough to change it. you breath in deeply and take in the smell of strong cologne maybe you put a little to much on? Nah it's just the right amount.

" Ok I've got to make a good impression on her!" You check yourself for the hundredth time in the mirror. Your dark brown mane as messy as usual but you like it, it's how you think of yourself. All over the place, it's hard for you to focus on one topic for too long. When you were born the doctors diagnosed you with a mental abnormality called ADD which means you can't for the life of you sit still or focus. It's never held you back though, you like to think of it as a major influence in the music you create. Music, the one thing in your life that seems to calm you down and let you focus. You're no DJ pon3 but you like to think you're pretty good. You readjust your headphones on your head, you wear them all the time at home but don't dare wear them outside. Ponies would just think your a dork.

" Ok I'd better get going then" you sigh. You're so nervous you start to feel sick,

" Get a hold of yourself, you can do this!". The pathetic attempt to get you amped is useless, you still feel sick. So you turn up your music and plunk yourself on the big purple couch in the middle of the room, you seem to be sucked in by it's warmth and comfort. You lean back and rest your head on the back of the couch and stare at the roof, the roof of your tiny one bedroom apartment looks as bland as ever. That is until you open your mind and you're imagination takes over.

You seem to feel the beat in the music, it's flowing through your blood and you shiver. Strange images dance on the roof, the song has you in it's grip now. It's your own song, you made it just the other day. You like to think it's your best work yet, a perfect mix of classic and new age. The lyrics seem to mix together in your head as you listen, the mare who sung those lyrics is long gone. She's the one who took your heart and stomped it underhoof.

"bitch" you mutter out, you rip the headphone cord out of your ponyPod and throw it across the room. Tears burst from your eyes as the pain comes back full force. you still can't believe she's gone.

"fuck!" you scream out, tears still running down your face, you get up and run over to your ponyPod which has an enormous crack in the screen now. " idiot" you let out, you slam it onto your desk beside your mixer and step away. you wipe the tears off of your face the salty sting in your eyes is enough.

" grow up " you scold yourself. " You have a date to attend" you sniff and grab a napkin, you walk over to the mirror and wipe off your face.

"Ok, well now I look ridiculous" you sigh as you look at the red eyed pony in the mirror. You rip the headphones off of your head and put them down on the desk beside the now broken ponyPod.

you do a little hop and shake yourself all over, this seems to help clear your mind. You glance back at the clock 6:45 " shit, I gotta get going" you mutter out. You run a hoof through your mane and sigh deeply. " keep it together"

You trot over to your room to check on Bubbles your pet fish, he stares blankly at you and blows out a bubble.

" Gee thanks for the support bud" you grin

" blub "

"yea, that's great" You realize that you're just killing time now so you shake once more and head for the door.

It's a cool starless night out, the wind moves across your face and brings out the smell of outside. Fresh green grass and budding flowers. You let a smile creep across your face as you head towards town. Your mind starts to wander back to the past, the mare who broke your heart, Starshine, the bitch. You never thought it would end with her. That's why the day you came home to find her with another stallion in YOUR bed you were so shocked. Everything seemed to be going so well, you guess that ponies like that just like to sleep around.

"ponies like that" you mutter, a star athlete, Starshine was a runner and a damn good one at that. She was top of her class, everyone adored her. It must not have been to hard for her to find somepony interested in her. You shake your head violently and bring your thoughts back to the present. You've got a second chance with mare even prettier than Starshine, and you can't blow it.

You didn't even realize that you had broken into a run, when you came into town you were out of breath. you're brain does that sometimes, it does something without letting you know. You decide to wait at the edge of town for a minute until your breath comes back. When it does you calmly walk into town winding through the streets until you reach the market. It's mostly dead by now but there are a few ponies still around. You gaze up at the clouds above you, barely visible in the dark they remind you of a land unreachable but full of opportunity.

" hey" you hear from above you, above you? You look at the building behind you and see Rainbow Dash sitting on the porch roof.

" uh, hi how's it going" you ask sheepishly " and why are you up there"

" oh i was just watching you" She must realize how strange that sounds because she laughs and says " not being a creep or anything, you just started staring up at the sky and you looked so deep in thought." she blushes " and you're kinda cute when you concentrate"

" oh well... uh, ok" God you sound like an idiot, she just complimented you and that's what you say.

She laughs and drops off the roof to stand beside you, the wind from her wings washes over you with a scent so intoxicating you can barely stay standing up. Must be what she's wearing?" so what's for dinner?"

" hm, well I hadn't thought of that" you admit.

" Let's get some pizza!" she smiles

" Wow that's pretty high class, I don't know if I have enough" you wink at her and she punches you in the shoulder.

"Ow, that hurt"

"Oh boo hoo" She smiles and starts walking towards the pizza shop across the way.

" Wait up" you say as you trot up beside her.

" Feeling better now" she asks a mocking tone in her voice

" yea I'm feeling pretty good now thanks" you say

" That's good, I don't want you to go passing out again. You're pretty heavy" she laughs at how red you turn.

You've reached the stand now, the smell of freshly baked pizza washes over you making you practically drool.

" Two slices for us please" She says to the owner. He nods to you and says to Rainbow " who's this?"

" Oh just a new friend" She shrugs her shoulders, " he really wanted pizza"

"but, it was your idea!" you stammer, she winks at you playfully.

" just teasing"

"oh, gotcha" you blush at how stupid you're being.

The shopkeeper chuckles and hands you the pizza, " You kids have fun now" he says looking at you he grins and nod his head. " take care of Rainbow for me, she's a good customer"

" will do sir" you say and mock salute him.He just smiles and waves you along.

You both wander over to a bench at the side of the shop.

Rainbow has already eating more than half of the slice and you raise an eyebrow, " now I'm the one who wanted pizza?"

She blushes and hits you again. " shut up and eat your pizza joker boy"

You happily oblige and practically inhale your piece. You both sit there in silence until Rainbow says.

" So, you like music do you?" You choke on your pizza.

"how did you know?!"

"well for one you've been humming for the last minute or so"

"oh god" you sigh "yea I do that sometimes, I don't know why"

"No worries I liked it, what song was it?"

" One of my songs I've been working on, no big deal it's not that good" you say modestly.

"pft! it sounded really good to me!" she says smiling

"What else gave it away?" You ask.

" Well you do have a pair of headphones for a cutie mark" she says pointing out the obvious.

" Yea i guess that's a dead give away" You laugh.

" So you make music?" she asks a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yea I dabble" you wink

" sweet! can I hear some?" she says happily

You think about it for a minute, " Yeah I guess if you want"

"Well I do!" she says " do you have any on you?"

You think back to your ponyPod smashed on your desk " uh, no not on me"

"Well i better hear some later"

" Ok you will" you say as you stand up " but for now let's go for a walk I can't sit still"

" Sounds good to me" she get's up and joins you.

You both start walking down the road, " So Rainbow, tell me about yourself" you look over at her and she says

" What do you want to know?"

" I don't know, What do you do for work?"

" Oh well I'm usually on cloud patrol, I make it rain" she says as she smiles at the last part.

" That sounds like fun, being able to fly around all day and sleep on clouds"

" Yea it's pretty awesome" she grins

" How about you, what do you do?"

you cringe " Well right now, nothing"

"OH" she says " That sounds like fun to!, what do you do in all that spare time?"

"mostly music" you say sheepishly, you sound so lame it's sad.

" Hey that's pretty cool! how many songs have you made?"

" A lot, I scrap some of them though, a lot of them lately"

"Oh why's that" she asks with genuine interest.

" well, to be honest I just got out of a pretty big relationship with this other mare and she did a lot of the vocals" you wait for her to say something like " oh what am just another one!?" But all she says is

"Me to" as she says this you look at her, her expression becomes very sad and for some reason that makes you mad.

" Who with?" you ask angrily, you don't know why but you want to kick this pony's flank. Anyone who makes Rainbow sad is a jerk in your books.

" I'm sorry but I don't want to tell you" she says with regret.

Your heart sinks but you keep a smile on your face " That's cool I understand"

You're hit full force with a blur of blue, " she's hugging me!" you're tense at first but grow into it and start to hug her back. Her body is shaking with sobs.

" hey, it's ok " you say softly. " I'm right here"

She sniffs and pulls back so she's looking into your eyes. Her eyes are welled with tears as she says, " you're so understanding" She sniffs again. "everypony else just gets mad when I don't tell them" She's so close to you you have to resist the urge to pull her in and kiss her right then and there.

" Well I'm not like everypony else" you smile.

" I can tell" she hugs you even harder and shudders. " I barely know you and look at me!" She mutters into your shoulder.

" I don't mind at all" you say as you hold her in your arms.

She laughs and lets you go. You never wanted her to let you go, you wanted to be in that moment forever.

She puts a hoof on your shoulder and sighs, " sorry about that" she says sheepishly.

"Hey it's nothing compared to what I did earlier" that seems to make her feel better because she smiles at you and removes her hoof.

" I'm such a dork" she says as she moves her hoof around in the dirt

" No you're not, you're perfect" you reach up and wipe her face.

She grabs your hoof and interlaces her foreleg with yours. you blush and look to the ground.

When you look back up she's smiling, " so are you" she says quietly.

you grin like and idiot and she rolls her eyes.

" way to ruin the moment " she says jokingly

"hey, it's what I do" you say as she starts to lead you off by your foreleg.

" That's enough mushy gushy stuff for now, let's go hear that music of yours"

You turn her around to face the other direction, " This way" you say

" Well I was just guessing!" she says with a grin.

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