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Learn To Fly - Notgoingtoexplainthis

who is the wonderful rainbow maned pony and why is she so amazing

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What, Where am i?

Learn To Fly

by: mrshroompwr

Chapter One:What, Where Am I?

You wake up, your mind is foggy and your head is aching. you look at your surroundings and see that you are not in your home. you seem to be laying in the dirt, "how the hell" you think to yourself. you continue your scan of this strange area and find find yourself gazing into a pair of dazzling purple/pink eyes. you reel back in shock and the little blue pony let's out a squeak of relief.

" oh my god! you're awake!, i thought you were dead dude are you ok?"

your mouth hangs open stupidly, " duh, i uh..."

" dude you fell down that hill" the little pony says, trying not to break out into laughter.

your face turns read "of course i did" you think to yourself. you realize you're being very quiet so you blurt out " i, what? where am i?"

you look intently at her to see if you knew her, nope definitely a new face.

she cocks her head to the side, her rainbow mane swishes over your face, you realize you're still on the ground.

" well right now your laying the in dirt stupid" she says with a grin, she offers you a hoof and smiles.

" oh god she's so pretty" you think as you grab her hoof. she helps you up and you just stand there being socially awkward as usual, you just stare at the ground like a moron.

" so i just fell?" you ask.

" uhhhh, YUP!" she exclaims, "you should have seen it, it was awesome! first you were all running super fast and then BAM you hit this log and WAM you landed right on your face!" she giggles as she re-lives the moment in her head.

you look at her somewhat angrily and she must have felt bad for laughing because her expression turns serious.

" wait, dude are you ok?" you notice that her voice cracks as she talks, " cute " you think to yourself.

" um, yea it's cool i'm fine" your voice cracks like a little colt on the word fine and you turn as red as a cherry.

she just laughs " haha that's cute" she gives you a little wink as she says that.

" dear god she's amazing" you think as she giggles at how red your face just turned.

" hey!" she starts smiling, "let's get you cleaned up, you cut your head pretty bad dude, it's gnarly"

you reach your hoof up to your head and pull it back down slick with blood, you feel all the blood drain from your face. you start to feel really dizzy, " no, i am not going to pass out!" you think just as your vision starts to go dark.

" hey man are you ok?" it seems as if the voice of the pony you forgot to get the name of is drifting away.

" well shit" you think then everything went black.

" hold him still!"

"OW! he just kicked me, what a jerk"

"now now rainbow dash he's unconscious he can't help it"

in the blackness of your mind you hear these two ponys arguing over your apparently unconscious body.

you try to wake up and say " i'm fine, it's ok" but all you get out is a pathetic noise that's not to different than a baby colt whining because his momma mare took his pacifier.

" oh he's coming around!" this isn't a new voice, you've heard this pony before you just can't quite place it.

you hear a huff from the other pony " finally" wait, is that the little blue pony with the amazing eyes, what did you hear the other pony call her? was her name rainbow dash? THE rainbow dash?

this snaps you out of it and you come to, you see two ponies staring down at you.

"uhh, hi?" you say, not to sure what else to do you give a sly smile.

" hey, have a nice nap?" yup that's the pony with the rainbow mane, rainbow dash. but who is the other pony?

you look closer at her and realize " twilight!" you exclaim almost to loudly.

she giggles at you and says " yea it's me, and you mister need to stay lying down"

" but why?" your voice takes on a whiny tone.

"because you may have a concussion, i don't know for sure but you just need to stay still ok?"

you let out a big sigh and mutter " ok "

" big baby" rainbow teases you with a twinkle in her eye

you put on your best pouty face and stare at her. she just laughs and shakes her head.

"you're quite the little joker aren't you" she says

"no i just, i... well yea i guess" you stammer out like an idiot. she's just so pretty you can barely speak, you've never had this problem talking to mares before. oh who are you kidding you don't talk to mares.

" how ya feelin?" she asks

" like i just got knocked out then woke up and then passed out, which, let me tell you doesn't feel to great" you say a little playfully.

" yea, it was pretty funny though" she giggles

" wait, how did i get into twilights house?" you look over at twilight and she nods towards dash. good old twilight, you usually drop by to pick up books from her every Sunday. you wouldn't call her a friend per say but she's a good librarian and she loves what she does.

" what, how?" you look at dash for more info on the subject.

she turns a bright shade of red as she glances at her hooves, " i kinda carried you here" she mutters turning redder than ever.

"uhhh let me ask again: what, how?" you look quizzically at her, she won't meet your gaze.

"well i kinda grabbed you by the saddle bags and drug you here, we weren't far at all so don't go feeling i was being nice or anything" she winks at you as she says that last part and your heart does a little summersault. " what's going on i've never felt this way before" you think in your head as she leans closer to, what you can only assume, look at your head.

" good job on those stitches twi, they look great"

" thanks rainbow" twilight says bubbly you can tell the compliment meant a lot to her.

" woah, wait stitches?!" you stammer out

" well yes how else are we supposed to close the wound silly" twilight scoffs at you.

"yea i guess, but still i hate stitches, i hate blood, and i HATE doctors" you say still pouting.

" yea i couldn't tell you hated blood, you must have passed out at the sight of your hoof not it covered in blood" rainbow says sarcastically.

" oh god" you moan out " that's so embarrassing" you try to look away from rainbow but can't seem to stop looking into those eyes.

"nah it' cool, we all got our frights" rainbow says supportively

" yeah nothing to be ashamed of" twilight pipes in, twilight, you almost forgot about thanking her!

"thanks for patching me back up twi"

"oh no problem" she smiles

you realize with a start that you never confirmed that the blue pony with the rainbow mane and perfect eyes was in fact rainbow dash so you ask " i never caught you name, i figure what with you dragging me here i should at least know your name"

she looks surprised almost like she forgot too. " why i'm no other than rainbow dash! the FASTEST most awesome pony in all of equestria" she spreads her wings out from her back in a blatant burst of show boating. she takes off and zooms around the room a few times, this is when you actually take in your surroundings, you seem to be in the smaller section of twilights library, it's just a little room with books lining the walls, there's the table that you're currently lying on and a few lights but that's it. rainbow touches down in front of you with the biggest grin on her face.

" it must suck not being able to fly" she nods towards you, yeah you were but a simple unicorn, no wings to show off and sadly you weren't very good at magic either. every time you tried it you managed to blow something up or hurt yourself.

" nah it's not that bad" you say.

" yeah rainbow, flying isn't the best thing ever you know" twilight pouts

" to me it is!" rainbow shoots around the room once more.

"ok bigshot stop boasting and help me up" rainbow comes over with a smile and offers a hoof, you gladly take it and she pulls you into a sitting position, your face gets pulled right next to hers you simply stare at each other for a time. then you blush and turn away. rainbow let's out a small cough and helps you off of the table onto your hooves.

"thanks" you're still blushing like an idiot.

"hey anything for a friend" " a friend! she called me a friend"

" you consider me a friend now then?"

" of course, if i have to drag an unconscious stallion home i start to think we're friends"

" then you won't mind if i ask you to dinner at my place, i need to thank you in some way"

you here twilight squeal with joy off in the distance, you thought she was putting her medical supplies back but it's obvious she's been listening in.

" yeah, that uh sounds great!" rainbow says as she glares daggers at twilight. your heart seems hell-bent
on jumping out of your throat, the simple fact that somepony as attractive as rainbow actually wants to have dinner with you is exhilarating.

" sweet, hows tonight?"

" hold on cowboy you gotta tell me why you were running so fast earlier"

" oh that, i was just, i dunno running. it helps me burn off steam"

" why were you burning off stem?" she gazes at you

"oh no reason really just stressed out from some stuff" you wouldn't dare tell her about the real reason. you've just gotten dumped by the mare that you thought was the perfect one for you.

" oh, ok that's cool, yea tonight sounds great!"

" great i'll meet you at the market at seven tonight!"

"ok great i'm looking forward to it" she blushes as she says that

" me too" is all you say, you wait for her to lift her gaze back up to you an you just stare into her eyes for what seems like forever. you here a small cough from the other side of the room. it's twilight,

" um if you guys want to have dinner at seven you might want to go get cleaned up now" she nods at the clock six o clock.

" ok well uhhh, i'm going to go clean up and change into something that isn't covered in dirt and blood" you laughingly say.

" me too! ok then i'll catch you later hot stuff " rainbow gives you a wink and the look on your face, one of utter disbelief makes her blush, she quickly zooms out of the room muttering something about being an idiot.

you turn to twilight and she's smiling ear to ear " she likes you ya know"

"what! no way" you say exasperatedly

"oh yea, i've known rainbow for a while now and i think she does"

"yea ok then" you laugh it off

" the only reason she's going to dinner with me is because she feels obligated"

" think what you want, hot stuff" she breaks up at the hot stuff part and starts laughing uncontrollably

" ok then, bye twilight i'll see you later" you shake your head as you walk out of her house.

"wow things have really turned around for me, maybe rainbow dash does like me? bah! i'll find out later"

you run off to your house down the dirt path being very careful to watch for stray logs.

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