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Soarin' had a life that any stallion would be jealous of. Co-Captain of the Wonderbolts, consistently atop Equestria's Most Eligible Bachelor's lists, and altogether without a care in the world, until an unexpected visitor turns his life upside-down. Now, can the pony who's mastered dozens of death-defying stunts face the ultimate challenge of fatherhood?


Disney doesn't present: "Rush", starring Ryan Reynolds as Soarin'. Because The Rock's already done this movie. Twice.

Big thanks to Sagebrush for the cover art.

Dedicated to Michael Clarke Duncan, who inspired one of the characters in this fic.

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"Sorry, Spitfire, poon calls."

Soarin had better stallion up and take care of his child

When's chapter 2? :pinkiesmile: or is this cancel?:rainbowderp:

This story has some damn good potential and should be continued

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