• Published 31st Jan 2013
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Of Princesses and Changelings - Vigilance

Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis have become a couple. Cadence is more than determined to make sure it doesn't stay that way.

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Making Amends Over Breakfast

Celestia looked down with a critical eye, she was disappointed. Next to her sat a confused Chrysalis, unsure what to make of what she was seeing. The tapping of Celestia’s hoof could be heard in the deathly silence of the royal dining room. Finally, the sound of metal boot hitting carpeted marble had a partner: the moaning of one Princess Luna.

“UGH!!! Where’s the food Tia?! I am starving!”

Celestia’s glare of disapproval did not leave her as she looked at her lunar sister, sprawled out on the dining table like a person waiting for massage, or sex… whichever mental image assists you more dear reader. The white Alicorn sighed. “Luna, sister, please remove yourself from the dining table. It is… un-princess like.”

Luna stuck her tongue out at Celestia. “Stuff it Tia! I’m starving! I’ve had nothing to eat for hours!” The Nighttime Princess looked at Chrysalis, then back to her sister. “Not all of us can have a midnight snack of Changeling a la private bits.”

Celestia’s pale white face lit up with red and her cheeks were so hot Luna could feel the heat. “Luna!” The mare shouted. “Have some etiquette outside your private chambers!”

It was time for Luna to give Celestia a look of eyes half closed disappointment. “Oh please Tia, don’t try and flatter yourself. If your misadventure escapades were any louder I’d have expected to hear them from the moon. Truly I believe all the kingdom knows of your fun time.” A mischievous smile crept onto Luna’s face. “I wonder if I can recollect last night?” Luna concentrated. “Oh, oh! Chrysalis! You're so de-…!”

Luna made an ‘oomph’ sound as Celestia shoved her hoof into her sister’s mouth. Celestia, red faced to the point of being ridiculous, glared daggers at her younger sister. “Say another word and I shall personally cut out your tongue!”

“Wouldn’t be the first time…” Luna retorted, spitting out Celestia’s hoof. “I don’t see why you bother, I always grow them back… sort of like a lizard.” Celestia was about to say something more before the doors to the hallway opened.

“Dinner is served jour Majesties.” Fillet Mignon shouted regally as food was brought in.

Luna’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as she spied her breakfast. The lunar mare’s body dissolved into smoke as she moved and reformed herself in her seat, a moon design bib tied around her neck and eating utensils in her magic. “Praise Harmony! I was beginning to think we truly would starve!”

Celestia sat down as a servant placed oatmeal in front her, rolling her eyes. “We would not starve sister, you’re being overdramatic.”

Luna snorted. “You seem to forget who you are talking to sister. I am the Queen of Overdramatic-ness, if Nightmare Moon was any indication. Chrysalis being a close second… no offense.”

“None taken.” Chrysalis said, having finally decided to join the conversation after staying out of the previous one (she didn’t want to do anything to upset her lover or her lover’s sister, which was usually a bad idea).

Celestia sighed. “Glad to see you’re taking the fact you went insane and tried to cast the land in eternal night very well.”

“As I have learned from Pinkie Pie…” Luna stopped for a moment, expecting the pink mare to appear. When she didn’t, Luna continued. “We must laugh our mistakes away and strive to do better next time.”

Celestia blinked, a little shocked. “That’s… rather astute for Pinkie Pie.”


Miles away, in Ponyville’s Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie suddenly stopped stacking sugary confections and closed her eyes, nodding sagely and smiling slightly. Mr. Cake stepped out from the kitchen and saw the nodding mare. The stallion cocked an eyebrow.

“Pinkie Pie?” Mr. Cake called. “What’s wrong? Why did you stop stacking?”

“Because.” Pinkie Pie started, looking at the ceiling. “Somepony somewhere has taken my teachings to heart and is better for it. I just had to stop for a moment and smile about it.”

Mr. Cake tilted his head. “How do you know somepony has taken what you said to heart?”

Pinkie Pie flicked daintily at the faintly glowing Element of Laughter pendent around her neck, smiling. “Call it a feeling.”


Back at the royal dining room, Fillet Mignon personally put a bowl of soup in front of Chrysalis. The chef took a step back and bowed nervously. “I am sorry my lady, I do not know what Changelings eat and you have not told me so I had to guess and I truly…”

“No… this is fine.” Chrysalis smiled at the chef (he jumped back a little at the sight of all her fanged teeth). “Changeling’s survive by draining love from living victims, but we can survive on solid food… though we have to eat about ten times more.”

Fillet clapped. “Very well my lady, I shall go to the kitchen once more and make more soup for you! Rest assured you, as the Princess’s esteemed guest and lover, I will make as much food as you need! Servants!” The other servant ponies jumped to Fillet’s side. “To the kitchen! Our Princess’s guest requires more food! We away!” With that the servants and chef left their Princesses and guest for them to dine in peace.

The door shut and Luna let out a sigh of relief. “Finally!” She proclaimed. The lunar mare tossed her cutlery aside and took her plate in her magic. Hovering the plate above her head, the princess turned her snout upward and opened her mouth wide, allowing the food to waterfall into her esophagus. Chewing happily, Luna looked around. “Hmmm…” She wondered, mouth full of food. “This breakfast is missing something. Something angry and pissed off…” Suddenly Cadence burst through the door, Shape Shift in hoof. “There is it.” Luna stated.

“Cadence.” Celestia said sagely, smiling. “There you are, we wondered if you would join us.”

“Yeah, I missed your sunny outlook on the world as of late.” Luna stated, still chewing.

Cadence cocked an eyebrow at her nighttime aunt, wondering how it took her over two years to learn modern speech but she was able to talk clearly with her mouth full of food in an instant. Cadence smiled in a sarcastic kind of way. “Oh, well, why wouldn’t I be here Auntie Celestia? I always come for breakfast together with the two of you… even if the table has a bug infestation.”

Chrysalis snorted, spitting out some soup. Cadence smiled for a moment, thinking she had finally insulted her nemesis. Her pleasure, however, was cut short by Chrysalis’s laughter. “Ok, I must admit, that was pretty clever and thought out…” The Changeling Queen’s chuckling continued as she wiped soup from her lips.

Cadence sat on the other end of the long table, opposite to Celestia. Looking down at the oatmeal in front of her, Cadence grimaced at the heat coming from it. She hated hot foods usually. Shape Shift saw her displeasure and instantly jumped in, buzzing his wings next to her food and cooling it near instantly. “Thank you Shape Shift.” The Alicorn said, nodding. The Changeling drifted back to the ground, saluting.

“So…” Celestia began as the four of them went back to eating (well, the three of them, Luna was more or less inhaling her food like a black hole). “Has anything interesting happened to any of you two lately?” Celestia motioned to Cadence and Luna.

Luna took on a magical smile, her eyes twinkling. “Yes! I finally was able to get my cherry popped!”

It was fortunate that no one was across from Chrysalis, for her mouth became a geyser of hot soup as she spat it out in a continuous stream. Celestia quickly leaned over to her lover, patting her on the back as she coughed and heaved. Getting over her fit, Chrysalis smiled at her lover’s sister. “That’s… that’s wonderful Princess Luna, I’m so glad for you.” The Changeling smiled, though inside she was gagging at Luna’s bluntness.

Celestia, having returned to her proper sitting position, smiled. “Agreed Luna, I am glad you finally found somepony to enjoy…”

“It was Pip, that little colt from Ponyville.”

Shape Shift threw himself in front of Cadence, as hot oatmeal from Celestia’s mouth was flung across the table and aiming to strike the love goddess. Celestia gagged and hit her chest hard with her metal covered hoof. “Luna…” More coughing. “What the F?! You can’t just do that! That is sick and wrong!”

“What wrong with intertwining my business with a small colt’s?” Luna gave her sister a stern glare.

Celestia’s mouth was a little agape, her eyes dilated and her pupils shrank. “Did you honestly just ask that?”

Luna huffed a piece of her mane out of her face. “Geez, the modern world is so odd. A Princess can’t even have a small colt pop the pit from her cherries so she may eat her little morsels without fear of choking.”

Celestia and Chrysalis stared at Luna, wide-eyed and mouths agape (Cadence was fussing over Shape Shift, making sure her Changeling servant was ok). Finally, Celestia coughed and went back to eating. “Oh…” She said calmly. “That’s what you meant. Right, well… I’m glad you enjoyed your cherries in peace.”

“Actually, it was just one big cherry.” Luna corrected. “Your student Twilight Sparkle gave it to me while I visited Ponyville last week. It was huge and I didn’t think I could pop the pit out myself. I had for until yesterday, when I visited again. I asked Pip if he could do it for me. The young colt agreed happily and had it out in… what did Rainbow Dash say? Ah yes! He had it out in ten seconds flat! I don’t think I’m far off saying that colt may have a future in the cherry popping business!”

“Sweet mother in heaven Luna, please, stop.” Celestia face-hoofed, shaking her head in disgrace of her sister’s lack of modern sexual phrases.

“What?” Luna protested. “What is it?”

Celestia held out the hoof that was she was not face-hoofing with in a stopping motion. “Luna please just… if you’re going to tell that story please do not use that phrase for it.”

“Why?” Luna asked.

“Just please… for me.” Celestia replied. Luna shrugged and nodded, showing her understanding.

With that awkward situation out of the way, Celestia turned to Cadence. The mare in question had finally assisted Shape Shift back up off the floor and was patting him off. Celestia could not help but smile at this show of affection for a Changeling. “So, Cadence, I see that you have been getting along well with your new Changeling friend.”

Cadence turned to her Aunt, smiling. “Yes, I suppose you could say that. Shape Shift has been very helpful for the past week.” Cadence turned to Chrysalis. “I’m so glad you lent him to me. Thank you… Chrysalis.”

Chrysalis, caught off guard by Cadence’s sudden kindness, smiled sheepishly. “Oh, think nothing of it. I want to show that I am no longer the monster that almost ruined your wedding. I’m willing to prove that in anyway.”

Cadence looked to the ground, losing her smile. “Yes, I’ve noticed that. Because of that I… I… I want to…” Cadence struggled with what to say next. The Alicorn gave up and walked up to Chrysalis. Cadence removed a small board from seemingly nowhere and threw it on the table. “I’m so sorry…”

Chrysalis and Celestia leaned to look at the board. On it, written in marker, was over five hundred plans to try and break up the loving royal couple. Celestia and Chrysalis’s mouths were agape. Luna looked unfazed, more or less wondering how the Changeling had fit five hundred plans on that tiny board. Chrysalis looked at Cadence. “What… What is this?”

Cadence didn’t meet her gaze. “I was planning on trying to break you and Celestia up… to try and show her how evil you are. But… but after having Shape Shift for a week, and thinking about what Celestia said, I’ve decided to abandon that madness.” Cadence sighed heavily. “I almost let anger and hatred guide my actions towards hurting both you and my aunt. But I just can’t do it. So… I want to apologize… for everything. Can you forgive me for how I acted?”

Chrysalis stood in shock. Entering Canterlot, the Changeling knew it would be tough and she, reasonably, was extremely scared of the reactions of Equestria’s inhabitants. Luna’s instant acceptance of her calmed her slightly but Cadence was still a heavily defining factor in her insecurities. Now though, Cadence said she accepted Chrysalis. Chrysalis smiled. “Cadence, I should be asking for your forgiveness, for my stupidity so long ago. I wronged you so terribly and… and it means the world to me that you forgive me.”

Cadence looked up, shocked. “Really? Then, umm… Friends?”

“Friends.” Chrysalis smiled. The two hugged it out.

“Awww… that’s nice.” Luna interjected.

Breaking the hug, Cadence smiled widely. “So, hey, I know you and Aunt Celestia are making appearances today after breakfast. I was wondering if I could join you, so we could talk more.”

Chrysalis looked to Celestia, who smiled happily. “Of course you can come, I’d… We’d be honored.”

“Indeed.” Celestia added. “And may I say I am overjoyed you have come to terms with this Cadence.”

Cadence nodded to her Aunt. “Yeah, well, you were right. We Alicorns live way to love to hold a grudge. Besides, I’m the Goddess of Love. It sort of breaks apart my mojo if I start hating other beings.”

The three mares looked between each other with happy and knowing faces (Luna was busy picking gunk from her hoof). Celestia got up from her seat and stretched. “Well, I believe that we all have had our full. Chrissie, dear, I think it’s time to show you to the ponies of Canterlot, so they may no longer fear you.”

The Changeling Queen smiled. “Of course Celli, let’s go.” Chrysalis stood up, turning to Cadence. “Shall we?”

Cadence smiled at her former nemesis. “Lead the way.”

The two went to the door and waited for Celestia to meet them. The Solar Goddess ensured she left nothing at the table then made her way to the door. As she passed Luna she nodded to her sister. “Luna, you’re in charge until we get back.”

“Yup.” The Nighttime Princess replied. Luna waited for the three to leave the room, then became very excited. “CAPTAIN!” She called. Instantly Lunar Guard Captain Fading Moonlight jumped from the shadows and saluted his Princess. Luna turned to him. “Go find Captain Valor’s Shield and tell him to gather his guards. While Celestia is away the guards will play. I’m thinking paintball this time.”

Fading Moonlight nodded and rushed off to find his solar counterpart, Valor’s Shield, whose name was mistaken for an actual shield more than you’d think. Luna sat back in her dining chair and smiled deviously. “Oh yeah, this is gonna be a good game day, I can feel it!”


Later that evening

Chrysalis and Cadence walked together down the darkened hall of Canterlot Castle. The two mares talked and laughed together. Finally, the found themselves at the front of Cadence’s room. The two turned to each other, face’s smiling wide.

“It’s been really fun today Cadence.” Chrysalis said, elated. “I’m glad we can out the past behind us.”

Cadence made a motion with her hoof. “Forget about it, it’s fine. I was just steamed by Celestia’s decision but I’ve cooled down and now I can see you for the good creature you are.”

Chrysalis sighed. “I wasn’t always like this…” The Changeling shock her head. “But that’s in the past! I have a new future now, a brighter one! Thank you Cadence. If you hadn’t stop me at the wedding… I’d hate to think where I’d be.”

“Probably still here.” Cadence replied. “Just not as pleasurable to be around.”

The two laughed together. Finally, Chrysalis came in and nuzzled Cadence in a sisterly way. Taken aback at first, Cadence soon accepted it and returned the nuzzle (after all, Chrysalis might be her Aunt-in-law soon) Chrysalis broke the contact. “Well, I’d better get back to Celestia. Good night Cadence.”

“Good night Chrysalis.” Replied Cadence. The pink Alicorn watched the Changeling leave and then went inside her own room for the night.


“Well? What did I tell you?”

“That she’d come around.”

“And she did.”

Chrysalis giggled like a filly as Celestia cuddled her and rubbed her soft snout on the Changeling’s neck. “Yeah she did.”

The two large mares, currently cuddling in the massive circular bed in Celestia’s personal bedchambers. Celestia went in for a full kiss with Chrysalis and the two enjoyed each other’s mouth for a moment before breaking off. “Cadence was the one pony that held the most hate for you. Now that she’s finally come around, we can turn your reputation into a good one my beautiful Chrissie.”

Chrysalis smiled at the idea. “Yeah, I’ll be glad once that’s finally done.”

“Me too.” Celestia replied. She suddenly took on a sultrier look. “But that’s for later, right now you and I have some business to attend to. After all, I’m pretty sure you left me… unsatisfied last night.”

Chrysalis laughed. “I believe I did didn’t I? Well, let’s hope you’re quieter this time.” Celestia gave the Queen a look, but none the less got ready for a night of passion.

Finally, things would be easy for her precious lover. Finally, this story of anger and hatred was at an end.



“It’s almost too easy.”

Cadence looked over the darkened city of Canterlot once more, a devious smile stretched across her face, illuminated by the beautiful city lights. “Now that that stupid bug thinks I’m on her side, she’ll be that much easier to manipulate and nopony will suspect me when things go downhill for her.” Cadence looked over to Shape Shift, who was already cataloguing Celestia’s plans to endear Chrysalis to the Equestrian populace (sneakily acquired from the unsuspecting Alicorn herself).

Cadence turned back to the city and walked out onto her balcony, cooing slightly and closing her eyes as the soft night air blew through her mane. The mare opened her eyes quick and smiled evilly. “Oh yes, now is when the true plan begins!”

Cadence’s maniacal laughter filled the air as she relished in the victory she was certain was now hers to achieve.


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