• Published 31st Jan 2013
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Of Princesses and Changelings - Vigilance

Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis have become a couple. Cadence is more than determined to make sure it doesn't stay that way.

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The Very Anticlimactic Ending of a Rather Climactic Fight in This Somewhat Comedic Story

Cadence skidded backward due to the sheer force of the punch. When she finally caught her footing, the scarlet Alicorn readied another spell for use against her attackers. The six Chrysalises that had been assailing the Alicorn for the past five minutes were tiring and Cadence could see it. Unfortunately, the out of control Alicorn was tiring much the same. Her magic was almost all used up and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to win physically.

Huffing, she let loose a spark of magic at one of the copies that was charging at her. It hit the Chrysalis and sent her rolling backward like a tumbleweed into a stalagmite with an audible crack. The Chrysalis yelped as the wind was knocked out of her and she rolled up slightly as pain enveloped her.

The original Chrysalis watched her copy ram the stalagmite and bit her lower lip. Cadence was keeping her at bay and the Changeling only had two minutes until she’d have to stop the spell so she wouldn’t hurt herself. She was afraid this was going to end with her defeat, and Chrysalis didn’t want to think what would happen if Cadence won. She needed a plan and quickly.

“Care to give up and die?!” Cadence shouted to the Changeling. “It would make my job easier!”

“Shut it!” Chrysalis huffed back. “I’m not going down without a fight!” One minute, thirty seconds. Chrysalis was running out of time. She needed to do something.

Cadence used the distraction to fire off more shots at the Changeling, firing haphazardly into the cavern and setting the whole thing ablaze with magic. Chrysalis could somewhat feel the sting as one of her copies was engulfed in the attack and was badly injured. Cadence stopped firing and grinned at her handy work, though she was breathing heavily now.

One minute…

Chrysalis was out of options. For the past six minutes she had been attacking Cadence with her copies, trying to whittle her down until she would be too tired to continue fighting. Chrysalis had misjudged just how much the mad Alicorn had in her however, and now it was the Changeling who was at the breaking point.

Things had not gone according to plan, not since the moment Cadence had teleported the two of them to the caverns. This fight was suppose to have been in Ponyville, under the watchful eyes of Celestia and Luna so they could intervene at any moment to stop either fighter from getting killed. Chrysalis snorted sarcastically, thinking about how Celestia probably looked so cool and collected on the outside. Inside, the mare was most likely tearing her ethereal mane out. Another volley of magical bolts from Cadence, another haphazard dodging performance by the Chrysalises.

Thirty seconds…

It was now or never, Chrysalis needed something. She needed… wait! Chrysalis knew what to do; a bit of old Changeling magic would have to do the trick. It was a cruel spell, Chrysalis knew that, but the moral regrets fell mute considering the victims would be simple clones that would need to disappear in the next twenty-five seconds anyway. Channeling her remaining magic into the clones, Chrysalis filled them with entropic magic.

Cadence noticed that Chrysalis was trying something and lit up her own magic, ready to strike back any attack. Instead of a magical blast streaming at her, however, the five Chrysalis clones ran straight at her. Eyes going wide, Cadence began to wildly shoot off magic at the attacking clones. Sparks and bolts of magic rammed into them, cutting them and gashing away carapace, but they kept charging relentlessly.

Ten seconds…

The clones were right on top of the scarlet Alicorn now. Unsure what to do, Cadence ignited her horn to prepare a shield. Before she could cast the protective spell however, a green shot of magic plucked her straight in the face and cancelled out her spell casting. The mare yelped in pain, but soon realized that was the least of her worries. The Chrysalis clones, now right next to Cadence, began to up with magic. Cadence gulped once.

The original Chrysalis covered her eyes as her clones erupted into a magical explosion. The caverns lit up from the intensity of the blast and the concussive force upturned gravel and rocks and even made Chrysalis hold fast to the ground. The blast was still going on even as the Changeling felt the pieces of her soul used to create the clones returned to their vessel, giving Chrysalis a warm sense of happiness for some reason.

Up on the ceiling, Discord watched the explosion behind unnecessarily large pink-rimmed sunglasses. “Meh, I’ve seen bigger.”

Chrysalis got herself up as the explosion died down. A thin cloud of falling dust filled the cavern and the gravel was settling, but other than that it was quiet. Cautiously, the Changeling walked towards the crater that she knew Cadence was in. Reaching the crater’s edge, Chrysalis tilted her head over to look inside. She could barely see through the dust cloud and couldn’t hear any movement. “I… I did…” She uttered. “I beat her…”

“Nope…” Muttered Discord.

Chrysalis almost wet herself as Cadence erupted from the dust cloud and rammed into the Changeling, hatred marked all over her bloodied face. The two mares wrestled on the ground. Cadence punched at Chrysalis’s face while the Changeling tried to knee the Alicorn in the stomach. The two struggled with each other, rolling dangerously close to their cavern floor’s edge. Cadence threw a strong punch at Chrysalis and missed, giving the Changeling the opportune moment to grab her leg and hold her in place long enough for Chrysalis to head butt the Alicorn hard. Cadence flinched and yelped in pain. Chrysalis plowed her two back legs into Cadence’s stomach and pushed back, sending the Alicorn tumbling backward.

Cadence quickly righted herself and charged at Chrysalis. The Changeling was still reorienting herself when Cadence lunged at her to attack again. Instinct took over and Chrysalis closed her eyes and lifted up her back legs and caught Cadence in the stomach. Without thinking, Chrysalis brought her back legs forward and sent Cadence with them, right over the edge of the cavern floor into the darkness. Chrysalis’s eyes were still closed when she heard a sickening fleshy sound that she recognized as a spike going through meat.

Turning onto her belly, Chrysalis crawled to the edge of the floor and looked down. Cadence had fallen into a field of stalagmites, and had become impaled on one right through the heart. Blood rushed through the enormous wound onto the Alicorn. Cadence was watching with wide eyes at the spike as it jutted out of her stomach. Chrysalis’s eyes met Cadence’s for a second as the life began to leave them. Within a minute of impalement, Princess Cadenza Mi Amore was dead, and her plans were finally ended…


The Draconequus looked up from his typewriter. “Yes Luna?”

“That’s not what happened…” The Nighttime Alicorn grumbled.

“Hmm… Was I typing aloud again?”

“Yes,” Luna nodded. “And you are not doing your job.”

The Spirit of Chaos smiled. “But I am, I just thought I’d add my own artistic flare to this little project you’ve given me.”

Luna shook her head. “This is not a game Discord. Celestia told you to record the incident with Cadence, not write whatever pleases you.”

“But this is so much better!” Discord argued. “It gives a good lesson: don’t let revenge take over your life or you’ll end up regretting it! If Cadence lived the point would be a little mute. Not only that, but what really happened is rather anticlimactic.”

Luna stomped her hoof. “Celestia wants you to write what happened; the truth you imbecile!”

Discord huffed. “The truth isn’t fun…”

“I don’t care if the truth isn’t fun! This is a historical record, and since you have opposable grasping appendages you’re the best palace resident for the job!” Luna gave the Draconequus a dark look. “So I’ll tell you again, write the truth, not your fabrications or your smut!”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Well there goes the Twilight/Cadence angry make-up sex chapter. Ugh, you’re stunting my creative juices Luna dear.”

Luna frowned, showing barred teeth. “I. Care. NOT! Get back to work.” Luna turned to leave but quickly twisted her head to look at Discord again. “And record it right.” With that, the dark navy blue Alicorn left.

Discord watched her leave with furrowed eyebrows of disappointment. “And I thought Bubble Butt was bossy, geez.” Discord looked at his typewriter. “The readers don’t want truth, they want excitement, heartbreak, character development, just the right level of sexual situation, and the bad guy to get their comeuppance! Those are what makes a story great!” Discord’s arms were in the air, lifted towards the ceiling. “This is what is needed! Do you not agree my companion?”

The Draconequus looked across the table at his writing buddy: Shape Shift. The little Changeling was sitting in a chair, looking at Discord wide-eyed and chewing on a donut nestled in his hooves. Blinking at the Draconequus’s question, the Changeling made no indication at all as he stared.

“Precisely! You my friend know what a good story needs!” Discord waited for the Changeling’s response. The chaotic mishmash creature sighed after a minute. “Yes… you’re right. I guess we need to do it right, if only to get the bossy butt Alicorns to stop breathing down our necks.

Discord turned to his typewriter and snapped his claws. The last paragraph he had written disappeared. “Alright, time for… ugh… the truth. Bleh, even saying it feels wrong.” Discord chuckled and shrugged. “Oh well, at least the truth has me in it.” He began to once again type.

Chrysalis almost wet herself as Cadence erupted from the dust cloud and rammed into the Changeling, hatred marked all over her bloodied face. The two mares wrestled on the ground. Cadence punched at Chrysalis’s face while the Changeling tried to knee the Alicorn in the stomach. The two struggled with each other, rolling dangerously close to their cavern floor’s edge. Cadence threw a strong punch at Chrysalis and missed, giving the Changeling the opportune moment to grab her leg and hold her in place long enough for Chrysalis to head butt the Alicorn hard. Cadence flinched and yelped in pain. Chrysalis plowed her two back legs into Cadence’s stomach and pushed back, sending the Alicorn tumbling backward.

Chrysalis righted herself instantly; breathing heavily and not really certain she could fight Cadence anymore. The scarlet Alicorn was also getting up, though she wasn’t in the best shape either. Her purely scarlet coat was breaking up, revealing the pink underneath. The blackish-red ethereal mane was almost completely physical again, with only a few strands still waving. Her eyes too were back to their original purplish color. Her wells of magic were spent, and therefore could no longer fuel her anger or her darker form. Chrysalis formulated a plan around this fact. If her anger was no longer the dominant emotion, maybe she could play on Cadence’s natural caring nature. It was the Changeling’s last, best hope for survival.

Cadence shook off some wariness and began to walk towards Chrysalis. Her stride was weak and sluggish, a sure sign she had reached her limit as well. “It’s over Chrysalis, you’re spent and there’s no way you can beat me!”

The Changeling Queen inhaled deeply and looked at Cadence, her expression sad. “You’re right, Cadence, I can’t win. You’re the victor.”

The Alicorn of Love stopped for a moment, confused. “W-What?”

“You win. I’m done and I can’t go on anymore. I admit defeat and I am yours to do with as you please.”

Discord was leaning in closer from his ceiling spot, his hair frazzled and his claw and paw twiddling a microphone close to his mouth. “She’s surrendering. It’s a bold strategy readers, let’s see if it works out for her…”

Cadence took a few more cautious steps until she standing right in front of Chrysalis, who sat down and slumped into a submissive position. The Alicorn looked around to try and figure this out. “What’s your game? Why are you surrendering?”

Chrysalis sighed. “Because I can’t win. I’d just get myself killed if I kept fighting…”

“You’ll die no matter what.”

Chrysalis looked Cadence in the eyes, there was hate in them but it looked like it was faltering. “I was doomed no matter what, so I might as well give you what you want and surrender.” The Changeling cocked her head up, presenting her neck to Cadence. “You want to kill me? Here, make it quick.”

Discord watched intently, until a thought came to his mind. “Wait… A game-changer has arrived, for I just remembered Chrysalis owes me five bits. If she’s dead, she cannot pay me back. This might very well affect the outcome of the story, maybe.”

Cadence looked at the exposed neck of her defenseless Changeling foe. It would be easy to grab a nearby sharp rock and thrust into her neck, killing her. But the more Cadence watched this display, the more her will faltered. Her anger was no longer magically amplified, and now other emotions started ripping at her mind. Not only that, but the Alicorn felt old morals returning, and not for the better of her revenge.

Now Cadence, remember what I taught you?

Never strike an unarmed opponent.

And why is that?

Because an Equestrian Princess is below such things. It is a heinous crime to kill opponents who cannot defend themselves. To do so is to show how little honor one the attacker has, and Princesses of Equestria have a lot honor.

Very good Cadence, you’re learning fast.

Thanks Aunt Celestia!

Cadence returned from one of the brief memories when Celestia had taught her about self-defense. Looking back to Chrysalis, she found it difficult to strike. She wanted to but found it hard to. If she struck down a defenseless opponent who’d already surrendered, she’d prove that she was the monster. The mare began thinking of all she had done in order to get to this point and began to feel sick. She had done terrible things, things that no Equestrian Princess should have done. She took a step back from Chrysalis.

The Changeling noticed Cadence’s hesitation. “Well? Why aren’t you taking your revenge? Why aren’t you protecting Equestria from the Changeling threat?”

Cadence shook her head. “I… I can’t… I can’t do…” The mare was cut short when a plastic, purplish pink conch rammed into the side of her face. Cadence fell to the floor, unconscious. Chrysalis looked down at the knocked out Alicorn, mouth gapping wide as she could not believe that had just happened.


Chrysalis turned to see the Draconequus sitting on the ceiling upside down. “Discord?! Why the hell did you do that?!”

“You owe me five bits!” Discord yelled down. “With that being the case, I decided to save your life!”

“She was finally seeing the error of her ways! She was going to stop herself!”

“We don’t know that! Unlike the Alicorn sissies, I am not taking any chances with a crazed up Alicorn with anger management problems!”

“You might have just undone everything!”

“Geez, you’re welcome. No appreciation these days…”

Chrysalis’s ears perked as she heard some movement. Spinning around quickly she discovered Cadence was still unconscious. The Changeling cocked an eyebrow. “What? Who made that…”

“Hey Lady Chrysalis!” The mentioned Changeling looked up towards a ledge with a tunnel at its back. On the ledge stood some royal guards. The white Pegasus mare that had called out smiled. “Been awhile hasn’t it ma’am? Haven’t seen you since the hospital.”

“Lieutenant Breeze?” Chrysalis called out.

Indigo Breeze bowed. “In the flesh ma’am. Though I’m a little surprised to see you here. Weren’t you going to Ponyville with the Princesses?”

“Plans change, apparently.” Chrysalis exhaled the breath she was holding in. “My question is what are you doing here?”

Indigo glided down to the Changeling and bowed before continuing. “Ever since the Royal Wedding the Princess has had guards patrol the caverns to make sure nopony uses them to attack Canterlot. It’s usually very quiet, didn’t expect to find a battlefield.”

Chrysalis nodded. “Yes, well, coming here wasn’t the plan. Still it worked out well enough, though it was close. Do you have an inhibitor ring?” Indigo nodded. “Then please place it on Princess Cadence, she needs to be detained.” Indigo looked suspicious for a second, but nodded and placed the magic inhibitor ring on Cadence and ordered some of her guards to get ready to carry her out. Chrysalis sighed deeply.

Shape Shift watched the scene from afar; glad it didn’t end with one mare killing the other. Discord floated down next to the Changeling. “Pretty crazy huh? Cadence I mean, not the fight.”

The Changeling scribbled on his board: IT WAS A LITTLE ANTICLIMACTIC.

Discord patted the Changeling on the head. “Well this story is mostly a poorly written comedy, so it makes complete sense that Cadence was defeated by a plastic conch. In fact, considering everything that’s happened, we all should have expected this.”


“Shhhhh…” Discord placed one finger over Shape Shift’s mouth. “It’s ok, I don’t blame you for not realizing this was going to happen.”

Shape Shift was about to retort, but decided against it. To be honest, if Cadence had slipped on a pie and had become unconscious that way he couldn’t have cared less. As long as Chrysalis and Cadence weren’t hurt permanently he was happy.

Discord nodded knowingly as Cadence was carried off and Chrysalis’s wounds were cared for. “So ends a crazy’s crazy dream of unnecessary revenge. Alright Shape Shift, with that crap over, we need a way to end this chapter.”

Shape Shift cocked an eyebrow and looked confusedly at Discord. ‘END THIS CHAPTER’? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Discord thought for a moment, stroking his goatee. “Ummm… Yeah I can’t think of anything. Just end the chapter…”


“Shape Shift, that’s ingenious!”

Author's Note:

Don't ya just love it when chapter titles are completely honest?

Once again, sorry for the extreme lateness of this chapter.

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