• Published 31st Jan 2013
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Of Princesses and Changelings - Vigilance

Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis have become a couple. Cadence is more than determined to make sure it doesn't stay that way.

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Cadence's Decision, Discord's Cup of Tea

“You shall be released upon Princess Celestia orders Princess. Until then, we shall be waiting outside if you need anything.”

Cadence nodded glumly. “I understand, you two may leave.”

The two guards saluted the Princess. The unicorn guard on the left grabbed the door with magic and shut it promptly to give the royal mare her privacy. Locking the door herself, Cadence turned and went to her bed, hopping onto it with a thump and a grunt. The Alicorn of Love lay on her bed on her stomach, sprawled out and sizzling with hidden anger.

“Can’t believe she picked that bug butt over me.” The mare grouched. “I’m her own flesh and blood! I don’t even think Chrysalis has flesh or blood, probably has mucus and toxic acid under that shell of hers.” Cadence rolled over onto her back, looking at the white ceiling. It certainly stood out and was different, considering the rest of the Alicorn’s room was pink. God, did Cadence love pink! Just a really great color any pony could love. Cadence really hoped her foals would be pink, when she had them. If she had them, Shining was a bit of prude and didn’t think it was the right time for them to have foals.

Cadence huffed and got up. The Alicorn readied herself to jump off her bed, with the graceful manner of a Princess. Jumping, the mare found one of her metal boots clinging to a taut bed sheet. The ensuing tug made the Princess lose her balance and yelp in shock, followed promptly by face planting into the ground (In her defense, it still looked amazing graceful).

“Ow, ow, ow, ow…” Cadence got up and released her boot from the villainous grasp of the bed sheet. Thinking this a good a time as any to remove her royal trappings (which could get really itchy at times), the Alicorn made her way to her vanity (which was pink).

Cadence looked at the contents of her personal vanity. It was much as one would expect a Princess’s vanity to look like: make-up and jewelry scattered about with more than one disappointing do-it-yourself pregnancy tests lying about. The only out of place thing was a bunch of books and magazines that had been thrown onto the vanity after months of use. Cadence eyed them with some curiosity, despite already knowing what they were. The titles read as follows:

Getting Over Being Ponynapped, A Guide.

So You’ve Been Taken Hostage By Changelings? Here’s Some Get Over It Tips.

How Not to Cope With Being Ponynapped.

Changelings: An F’ed Up History.

Is He Ready? How to Tell if Your Stallion’s Up for Stuffing it Where the Sun Don’t Shine.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Stallions! Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Stallions! Now Available at the Canterlot Market Place!

Cadence cocked her eyes at the last one; I didn’t buy that one… She thought. Shaking that feeling off, the Princess’s cornflower blue magic took hold of her small crown and gently lifted it off. Cadence proceeded to do the same with her other trappings and soon she was completely nude (SCANDALOUS!!!). The royal mare placed all her metal adornments in their proper places in her suitcase and let out another sigh, her thoughts moving towards Celestia’s decision once again.

“How can she pick her over me?! Chrysalis blasted her with magic, knocked her out, and then cocooned her in slime! SLIME!” Cadence walked to the entrance to her room’s balcony. Stepping out and looking over the city of Canterlot, Cadence could only feel her anger boil more. “And what of Equestria?! The ponies of Canterlot especially! Does she think they will simply accept her buggy bed-buddy? After she and her colony invaded the city? Doubtful! She’s making such a mistake!” Cadence leaned over the edge, looking down to the royal gardens below. The gardens were the same old same old. Servant ponies were shuffling about, trying keep it in superb condition while guards patrolled the grounds, looking for anyone trying to break into the castle. Suddenly, something caught the eye of the young Alicorn, and it made her gag. Leaning over her edge even more, Cadence used her magic to enhance her hearing so she could listen to the conversation below.

“I don’t know Celli, walking around without a disguise seems like a foolish thing to do.” Chrysalis looked around, seeing the many ponies eyeing her with either fear or suspicion.

“Really Chrysalis?” Celestia remarked. “I’ve accepted you for what you are, other ponies will follow.” The two mares walked along a head bush together, Celestia showing her mate the royal gardens in a their splendor.

“Do you really think it’ll be that simple?” Chrysalis asked. “I haven’t done anything truly endearing to your little ponies.”

Celestia stopped and waved a hoof at Chrysalis. “Pffh! My faithful student Twilight Sparkle forgave a mare named Trixie, despite the fact she humiliated her, threw out of her home, became the town’s dictator, and tortured Twilight’s friends. My little ponies are big on forgiveness Chrissie, trust me.”

Chrysalis huffed. “Very well, but the second one of them screams I’m transforming into something more socially acceptable.”

Celestia gave the Changeling a disappointed look, but let it go shortly afterward. “Ugh, alright Chrysalis, if that back up plan makes you feel more comfortable.”

Chrysalis smiled. “It does my love. Back in the Collective I was a female of such superior beauty that hundreds of Changelings from other hives would come to look at or mate with me.” Chrysalis looked around and closed her eyes, adopting a snobbish stature. “The ponies of Equestria have an annoyingly poor sense of what true beauty is. They are quite the foolish things.”

Celestia gave the Queen a look. “Chrissie, your arrogance is showing.”

The Changeling went wide-eyed and blushed… well, maybe she blushed; it’s hard to tell with Changelings. “Oh… sorry Celli… I didn’t mean it like that I just…”

Celestia laughed. “Yes, I’m well aware of what you meant, but others may not. It’s alright though, I plan on having you taught on Equestrian mannerisms as well as word work, just so you don’t make that mistake talking to a group of ponies with me not around.”

Chrysalis smiled seductively and rubbed her body up against Celestia’s. “Well, as long as you’re the one teaching me Celli. I’d be your student any day.” Celestia smiled back and the two moved their faces closer together and locked lips in a passionate smooch.


Celestia’s ears perked and she brought her head up, breaking the loving kiss. “Did you hear that?”

Far up on Cadence’s balcony, the pink Alicorn had magiced herself a bucket and was now hurling into it. It would be five whole minutes before she stopped. “Oh sweet Maker that’s disgusting!” The mare yelled, though it was hard to tell if she was talking about the kiss or her royal barf. Cadence groaned, looking at the mess in her bucket. “What the...? I haven’t eaten any corn today…”

Deciding not to ask, the mare went back inside her room, the bucket levitating next to her. After disposing the contents of the barf container into the toilet and flushing, Cadence returned to the balcony. Much to her disappointment, and yet relieving her a great deal, the pair of lovers had departed from her viewpoint. For a moment, Cadence had wondered where they had gone.

To do it…

Cadence suddenly found her mind filled with brutal images of Alicorn Princess on Changeling Queen. The mare screamed and held her head like a migraine had set in. “Oh Maker NO! No, no, no, no! Bad brain, BAD! Try thinking of nothing! Try thinking of nothing!”

“Ugh, you make it almost too easy…”

Cadence turned to see a creature that appeared as a mismatch of several different animals floating above her bed, sipping from a teacup. “Discord.” She said, rather darkly. “What do you want you Chaos loving psychotic bast—“

“Ah, ah, ah my dear Cadence language.” The chaotic Draconequus teleported instantly in front of Cadence, placing one of his claws over her mouth. “Let’s not push that teen rating shall we? After all, it’s only chapter three.” Discord took his claw off the Alicorn’s mouth. “Though I’m not surprised you ponies would just jump the gun like that, you’ve no sense of buildup.”

“What are you doing here Discord?”

Discord laughed, showing Cadence the teacup. “Why, drinking tea of course! Well, I think it’s tea…” The Draconequus moved the cup over Cadence’s head and turned it over to show the contents. There was some kind of blue liquid swishing around in the cup. Cadence would ask how the ‘tea’ was staying in the cup, but then she remembered who she was speaking to. Discord brought the tea back to himself, eyeing it up. “Tea usually isn’t bright blue right? I mean, unless you go to Prance, which makes sense, those ponies are crazier than me!”

“Why are you really here?” Cadence questioned. “Shouldn’t you be causing chaos right now?”

Discord sighed. “No. Staying on par with my contract of reform-ment…”

“That’s not even a real word.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is.

“Who said so?”


“You can’t just…”

“Yes I can.”

“How can you…”

“Because shut up.” Discord took a sip of tea, looking very refined. “Now, as I was saying: I am only allowed to cause significant chaos on weekends starting at twelve noon on Fridays. As I’m sure you’re aware, it is currently Thursday. I still have a little over day until I can get to work.”

Cadence huffed. “And since when do you play by the rules?”

“Since I found a friend I’m willing to behave for.” Discord replied. “It’s amazing what friendship can do.” The Spirit of Chaos gave Cadence a disappointed look. “You should try it sometime Cadence, you may like it.”

“Become friends with that big bug?! NEVER!!” Cadence threw her snout up in defiance.

Discord rubbed his temples. “Ugh, Celestia, why do you task me with things like this?” The Draconequus muttered under his breath. Must be because of that prank I played on her last week with the cake. Discord chuckled. Oh well, it was totally worth seeing the look on her face. “Alright, let’s try another approach.” Discord finally said.

“What was that?” Cadence asked.

“Oh nothing Cadence.” Discord replied. “I just wanted to tell you I approve of what’s going to happen next. Mostly because of how chaotic everything’s gonna get.”

“What do you mean ‘what’s going to happen next’? What are you talking about?!”

The Spirit of Chaos laughed. “Oh, Pinkie Pie simply gave me the story’s transcript. By the way, stay away from pies. Trust me on this one.” Suddenly, Discord’s head starting rattling and a ringing sound erupting from his ears. “Oh would you look at the time?” Discord slapped the top of his head, stopping the rattling and ringing. “Well, I’ve got to get going. A tea party at Fluttershy’s you see… hmmm, maybe she knows what kind of tea I’ve drinking.” Discord seemed to ponder this for a minute. “Hmmm, oh well. Tatty-Bye Cadence! But in all seriousness: Stay. Away. From pies.” With that Discord disappeared in a white flash, leaving Cadence alone with her thoughts.

Cadence huffed. “What does he know?! Does he think I’d listen to him, of all creatures?!” The pink Alicorn once again walked to her balcony and looked over the side. Celestia and Chrysalis were making another pass, leaning against one another and whispering things to each other. Cadence gritted her teeth. “For the love of…!” Cadence closed her eyes and held her head. “Ugh! If only… if only I could get her to see just how evil Chrysalis really is!”

Cadence’s eyes shot open, her face one of shocked revelation. “That’s it… That’s exactly what I’ll do! I break them up and show Aunt Celestia just how evil Chrysalis really is!” Cadence smirked evilly. “Yeah, right now Aunt Celestia is blinded by love. If I separate them then she’ll see just how monstrous her beloved Chrissie really is! This plan is perfect, foolproof!” Cadence began to laugh manically. Soon she would begin her plan, the very plan that would show Celestia that Chrysalis was nothing more than a worthless, evil pile of Changeling sh—



Cadence went to the door and, using her magic, unlocked it and opened both of the double doors. Cadence looked down at her visitor. The visitor looked back. Cadence blinked at the creature sitting in front of her, it blinked back. Cadence’s eye twitched a bit (this action her visitor did not repeat). Finally, Cadence inhaled and exhaled deeply and looked at the Changeling before her. “What do you want?”

The little bug-like equine widened its eyes and shifted around to reach into a bag resting at its side. After a minute of searching, the Changeling brought out a pad and erasable marker. Cadence watched with mixed feelings as the pony-sized creature scribbled something on the board and showed it to her.

Cadence squinted at the writing and read it aloud “MY NAME IS SHAPE SHIFT. QUEEN CHRYSALIS HAS INSTRUCTED ME TO CATER TO YOU WITHOUT QUESTION AS A SHOWING OF GOOD FAITH.” Cadence cocked an eyebrow at the message, wondering why it was in all caps.

Returning her gaze to the Changeling, Cadence gave it an angry glare. “What if I don’t want your help?”

Shape Shift pondered this for a moment. Finally reaching a decision, the Changeling erased his first message and wrote a new one. He, err it, umm… let’s just go with he, for sanity’s sake. He lifted up the board and it read: DOES THAT MEAN YOU WISH ME TO KILL MYSELF?

Cadence yelped at reading that. “WHAT?! No, no! Don’t do that!” Sure, Cadence hated Changelings, and sure she might tell one to go kill itself, but deep down she didn’t actually want to be the reason for a Changeling’s suicide. The Alicorn sighed and looked at the Changeling, its eyes wide and blinking. “Fine… you can serve me.”

The Changeling smiled, happy he could serve his Queen by serving Cadence. Shape Shift raced into Cadence’s room, heading to the center, sitting on his haunches, and saluting Cadence.

Cadence rolled her eyes and shut the door. She walked up to the Changeling. “Stay.” She uttered. The Changeling nodded adorably, yet sternly. Eyes rolling again, Cadence walked back to her balcony. Looking down, she saw Celestia introducing Chrysalis to some servants. Oddly enough, they were all smiling, some ponies other than Celestia that were warming up to Chrysalis.

Still, that didn’t matter to Cadence. Her motives were self-righteous, and nothing was going to stop her… not even pies. “Just wait Chrysalis, I’ll prove to everypony you’re still the evil bug you were back at my wedding.” Cadence began to chuckle. That chuckling soon evolved into full blown out evil laughter. Cadence threw her hooves in the air, like she just didn’t care, and laughed and laughed.

Her moment of villainous intent was cut short when she noticed a crackly, hissing laughter next to her own. Halting her own laughter, the Alicorn looked down to see Shape Shift laughing manically as well. It took the Changeling another moment, but he finally released that Cadence was watching him. He stopped and turned to her.

“Wow…” Cadence said, amazed the Changeling was so committed to his Queen’s orders to serve Cadence that he’d help Cadence break up his Queen’s relationship. “You really are in this for the duration aren’t you?” The Changeling shook his up and down happily.

Cadence looked at Shape Shift for another minute before going back to her evil laughter, this time she had no problem with the Changeling joining in.

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