• Published 31st Jan 2013
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Of Princesses and Changelings - Vigilance

Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis have become a couple. Cadence is more than determined to make sure it doesn't stay that way.

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Changes in Tactics

It had been a day since the meeting between the delegates of the United Species Alliance had taken place, and all seemed to finally be settling down. The Castle quieted down from the minor buzz in activity it had seen less than forty-eight ago. In the blackness of the night that now engulfed this side of the world, one wouldn’t even be able to tell the level of deception and betrayal that was heavily entrenched. That was for later, however.

Chrysalis grunted, trying to jab the other creature poking voluptuously in the side. The Changeling wasn’t in the mood, but the other being didn’t seem to get the message. “Celestia… stop it.”

“What? Why?” The Alicorn asked, sticking her regal head out from under the covers of their bed. “You always love a bit of foreplay.”

“How can you think about sex right now?” Chrysalis asked in an annoyed manner. “You have the ire of most of the other nations and Maker only knows who else. I’d think you’d be a little more concerned.”

Celestia shrugged. “It wouldn’t be the first time. Besides, if it means protecting you I’d go to war with the other nations.”

Chrysalis shivered at the cold seriousness in Celestia’s last sentence. “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

“Cause everybody knows we’d totally win.”

Chrysalis and Celestia looked to their left to see Discord on the other side of the bed, his hands behind his head and one leg propped up on the other.

“Why are you in our bed?” Celestia asked.

“The better question is why shouldn’t I be?”

Chrysalis frowned. “There are any number of reasons for that.”

Discord sat up, feigning offense. “Well, fine! If that’s how you’re gonna be, I’ll just halt this four-way and leave.”

Celestia cocked an eyebrow. “Four-way? What are you…?” That’s when the Alicorn noticed the shy, yellow pegasus Fluttershy gripped in Discord’s left arm, hunched up in a way that stayed quite true to her bashful nature. The mare recoiled in disgust. “Discord, what in the world?! Did you honestly think I’d have four-way intercourse with you, Chrysalis, and an Element of Harmony?!”

“Intercourse?” Discord asked. He looked at Fluttershy then at the couple. The Draconequus promptly gasped, pulled a white glove out of thin air and slapped Celestia with it. “I meant a four-way talk session you pervert! Creation, a guy can’t talk about his feelings anymore without some mare thinking he wants sex.” He squinted at Celestia. “You disgust me… and I’ve seen dragons getting it on so you know I’m not easily repulsed.” He suddenly extended his arms out and looked at Fluttershy. “Come on Flutters, let’s get you home. I don’t want you to be around such… sexual degenerates.” With that, the mishmash creature disappeared in a flash of white.

“There’s something wrong with that Draconequus.” Chrysalis remarked.

“You’re telling me.” Celestia replied. The Alicorn suddenly smiled in very sultry way. “Now that that’s over, back to our ‘discussion’.” The Alicorn began kissing the Changeling Queen’s neck in various places.

“Celestia…” Chrysalis growled.

“Oh come on.” Celestia pleaded. “I’ve had a very stressful past few days, I need some relief.”

Chrysalis rolled her eyes. “Alright… But I’m on top this time.”

Outside the Royal Bedchambers the unicorn guard Radiant Point looked at his partner with a disgruntled look. “Seriously?”

The other unicorn Loyal Spark had his ear pressed to the door, and his face was super elated. “Don’t judge me.” He told his friend.


The Next Day

“Do you expect any of the nations to act against you?” Cadence asked while she lifted her spoon with magic and stuck in her mouth, gulping down the oatmeal on it.

“It's very doubtful any will act.” Celestia replied, gnawing on a hash brown. “Most wouldn’t want a war with Equestria. We are a large country to begin with and have a diverse geography to boot. No single army could take us, and I’m positive their own personal goals would get in the way of an organized attack. They also wouldn’t want to risk an army for one creature, even a Changeling Queen.”

“Well that’s good news at the least.” Chrysalis added, drinking the last of the milk in her cereal bowl. “Seems like everything won’t get worse.”

“I’m still worried.” Cadence said sadly. “Having the other nations against us isn’t going to end well.”

Discord, currently chewing on an address book, swallowed his food and opened his mouth to speak. “Well I think…”

No.” All three other table occupants shouted to silence the Draconequus before he could continue.

With the chaotic god silenced, Celestia continued from Cadence’s statement. “Everything will be fine Cadence. The other nations will cool down and will return with clear heads, then we can truly work out this issue.”

“Maybe we should at least try and appeal to them before-hoof.” Cadence said. “Maybe if placed Chrysalis in lockdown, nothing serious, but just to show them we’re not unreasonable.”

“That makes sense.” Chrysalis replied. “Maybe if I was separated from Celestia for awhile they’d be more convinced of Celestia’s own free will.”

“No.” Celestia remarked in an angry undertone, and slamming a hoof to the table. “I’ll not play into their ways. I will rule as I always have for the past thousand years, with temperance and understanding. I’ll not imprison an innocent just to appeal to other nations.”

Chrysalis and Celestia were too distracted to see it, but Discord was able to catch a glance of Cadence, just as her facial expression darkened into a slight snarl. The Alicorn of Love quickly hid her contempt when the other mares refocused on her. The Draconequus chuckled, but the others ignored this.

Cadence plopped the last bit of oatmeal into her mouth, swallowed, and exhaled, pushing her seat out. “Alright, well I have some things to do and I want to get them done as soon as possible. If you’ll excuse me.” Cadence hopped out of her seat and started for the door.

“Of course Cadence.” Celestia smiled. “See you at dinner tonight.”

Cadence nodded at her Aunt and left, using her magic to open the door and close it as well.


Cadence’s room was under guard, as per the usual in the last few weeks. Personally, it annoyed the pink Alicorn of Love. Honestly though, how could one plan against their aunt’s lover when soldiers loyal to said aunt were around every corner? It was rather distressing but then Cadence was a master of keeping calm and cool… except for that one time during spring break in her last year of college (but nobody talks about that).

Trotting up to the two guards, female pegasi both, Cadence smiled and nodded. “Guards-mares.”

“Princess.” The pair replied in disciplined tones, saluting their beloved third Princess. Kindly, they opened the door for Cadence, who thanked them as she passed.

Once the mare had gotten inside her room and the door shut behind her she let out a tired, frustrated sigh. Igniting her horn, Cadence removed her royal trappings with her magic. If anyone had been watching Cadence do this without her knowledge, they would have been disgusted at the infection worming it’s way through Cadence’s magic. A sickening ichor-like mess of black, purple, and green had replaced over half of the Alicorn’s cornflower blue aura. When in the presence of others however, her magic involuntarily converted itself back to its cornflower appearance, allowing Cadence not to worry about being discovered.

Placing her royal effects in their proper holding places, she looked around her room, searching for a particular Changeling. Luckily, she didn’t have to look far. In the corner of her room, in a small nest the Changeling had made for himself out of stolen newspaper, sat the Changeling Shape Shift. Cadence could see he was gnawing on some moon pies, courtesy of Princess Luna.

“Shape Shift!” Cadence cried out. “Front and center!” The Changeling zipped from his cradle and to the Alicorn instantly, saluting her. Cadence nodded to him. “At ease Shape Shift, I need you to do something for me.”

WHAT IS IT? The Changeling wrote on his board. Cadence leaned in and whispered something in his ear. Shape Shift’s eyes widened and he stared at Cadence. ARE YOU SURE THAT’S WISE?

“I’m sure.” Cadence replied. “No more fooling around, Chrysalis will be brought down. Now go on.” The Changeling nodded at the order and buzzed off. Cadence turned to the work desk in her room and took out some pen and paper. The mare smiled deviously. “Time for exploitation.”

~4 Hours Later~

Fleur De Lis could not help but be awed. Sure she was a noble, but even her lavish lifestyle could not compare to the glory of Canterlot Castle. Still, the mare was more interested in why Princess Cadence, the Alicorn of Love herself, had called her to the Castle.

Fleur had been a little on edge since she found herself in her room during Fancy Pants’ party, apparently knocked unconscious. She couldn’t remember a thing from that night, for whatever reason. The fashion model blamed it on liquor.

Fleur dismissed such thoughts however; they weren’t proper to have while meeting a Princess. Following her two pegasus escorts down the Castle halls, Fleur glanced looks at the two, mares both. The unicorn smiled as she watched their backsides go up and down. Fleur took a note to hit these mares up sometime, maybe to see if they might be interested in a relationship. That would be for later though.

The fashion model really couldn’t explain her physical attraction to mares while still retaining an intimacy for stallions only in the mental department. With many things, the unicorn simply left the explanation as one of the great mysteries of love (the author personally thinks all her screws might not be bolted in tightly enough).

The guards stopped in front of an ornate door Fleur guessed was the Princess’. “Wait here.” One of the ordered sternly, going inside the room and shutting the door behind her. Fleur was left alone with the other guards-mare, who stared at her intently and with seemingly unblinking eyes, making Fleur a little nervous. Though the mare thought the guard looked very beautiful, she knew that making a move at current was not the best idea.

That’s when the other guard returned. “Princess Cadence will see you now.”

Fleur nodded and stepped inside the Alicorn’s room. It was absolutely regal inside, with pink being the main focus it seemed. The floor was brilliant marble with a circular pink rug with a large scarlet heart in the center. Everything else occupied the walls, leaving a surprising amount of walking room inside.

As Fleur admired the grand display of a room, she was completely oblivious to Cadence closing the door with her twisted magic and locking it with a secure click. “Hello Miss Fleur De Lis.” Cadence said cockily.

Fleur jumped at the words and spun around quickly to see the pink Alicorn. She dropped to the floor in a low bow the moment her eyes saw the slightest part of the Princess. “Oh Princess Cadence, it is an honor! To-To what do I owe the honor of this meeting?”

Cadence seemed fazed by Fleur’s display, taking to studying her own naked hoof instead. “Hmm… Did you rehearse that? I’ll bet. Well, no need to beat around the bushes I guess.” Cadence strode up to the bowed mare and frowned. “I’m blackmailing you, so please stop with the pleasantries.”

Fleur felt her mouth drop slightly, but she quickly tried to recompose herself. Exiting her bow and moving her stare to Cadence’s eyes (the two were about the same height) the high-class unicorn could tell there was no doubt her Princess wasn’t lying. This simply brought out more questions however. “I’m… I’m sorry Princess?”

Cadence’s eyes rolled. “I’m blackmailing you. I know you cheat on Fancy Pants with other mares. Simply put, do what I say or I let it slip, ruining your reputation. So what’ll it be Miss De Lis?”

Fleur’s eyes widened as she stared blankly at her Princess, unable to fully process what had just happened. A Princess rarely personally invited one to the Castle, and even rarer was then being blackmailed by said Princess. But Cadence knew exactly where to strike the noble, her reputation. With that on the line, as well as her relationship with her beloved Fancy Pants, the unicorn had very few options. She bit her lower lip. “What do you want?”

Cadence smiled ever so darkly, the knowledge that her plan was about to jumpstart giving her an overabundance of elation.


Crystal Empire, Train Station Outside Capital

“Private Adamant, hurry up! It’s time to get going!”

Adamant Aegis of the Lunar Guard turned her head towards the Guard Captain. “Yes sir! Just helping to get the last of our luggage on the train!”

The Captain rolled his eyes slightly. “This is why I tell you guys to pack lightly… whatever, hurry up and get it all onboard, Princess Luna wants to get going.”

Adamant nodded and propped more luggage onto her back with the help of some of her lunar brethren. Together, the group was able to load the baggage so quickly the other ponies at the train station looked on with a little awe. They had finished packing up just in time; Princess Luna, Shining Armor, and Sombra had just arrived at the station from the Crystal Capital. The Lunar Guard Captain could hear their conversation as they approached.

“This trip was one of the best I’ve ever had!” Luna said, smiling widely. “I’ll have to back every year.”

Shining and Sombra looked at each other, unsaid words transmitting between the two stallions. “Uh… Sure Princess… whenever you like.” Shining finally said, though his unsure and reluctant tone betrayed his words.

Luna smiled, not having noticed. “Yes indeed! And hopefully Cadence will be here next time.”

Lunar Guard Captain Fading came from the train, walking up to and saluting his Princess. “We’re all ready to leave M’lady. Just give the word.”

“Yes, I believe we’ve been away from Canterlot long enough.” The Nighttime Alicorn turned to Shining and Sombra, bowing respectfully. “Prince Shining, Sombra.” The black unicorn could tell there was a presumptuous tone in her voice (she was still uppity after defeating him in foal's card game).

The stallions bowed in return and watched as the Princess turned, leaving for the train. The locomotive’s whistle whined and smoke billowed from chimney at the front, signaling the train's exit. Several ponies ran frantically as to not miss it.

Sombra and Shining’s heads followed the train as it chugged off, disappearing into the distance. Sombra, now sure Luna was out of earshot, looked at Shining. “Damn, she’s got a fine flank.” Shining responded by simply given the black stallion a blank look of are-you-kidding-me? No other emotions played out on his white face.

“What?” Sombra asked, confused.

Shining shook his head, the stallion started to turn towards the city. “Nothing, let’s…”

“Uh… Shining. We may have a problem.”

The mentioned unicorn turned with the intention of berating his male compatriot. As the Prince Regent’s eyes shot towards the other stallion's direction he finally noticed of what the stallion was looking at. As a dark shadow began creeping towards the train station, Shining tried to think of the appropriate thing to say as his eyes shot up.

“Oh crap.” Was all he managed to blurt out.

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