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Of Princesses and Changelings - Vigilance

Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis have become a couple. Cadence is more than determined to make sure it doesn't stay that way.

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Fancy Pants' Party: Party Crashers

Cadence winced from the pain as her magic worked to seal the large gash on her chest. The sharp metal plate armor thrown into her chest was painful enough to remove, but healing the leftover wounds was a whole different pain all together. Finally, after almost a half-hour of slow, precise healing Cadence was all healed up and ready to move out. Turning, the mare gave a disgruntled look at the scene before her.

“Shape Shift, aren’t you done yet?” She asked, annoyance in her voice.


Shape Shift held his board in his mouth as he tried to shove the motionless body of the Capricorn Steadied Precision into a pile of boxes. The Capricorn, amazingly, was still alive and well except for the damage taken during the fight and a slight bump on the head, a testament to the species’ robustness. Cadence had tasked Shape Shift with hiding the body while she healed herself, but the Changeling had yet to complete his part of the duties.

Cadence huffed. “Do I have to do everything?” Shape Shift gave her a strained look; the Capricorn was at least five times his weight, and that was being generous. Cadence chuckled. “I’m just kidding Shape Shift, hold on.” The Alicorn lit her horn and enveloped the goatfish in her cornflower blue magic and set him into the pile of boxes, well hidden unless you knew where to look. With that done, Cadence turned to the entrance to the rest of the manor. “Let’s go Shape Shift.”

The two of them raced through the door and up a long spiraling staircase. The stairs ended at yet another open yellow and salmon striped atrium with several doors and one giant opening leading to the party. There wasn’t anyone around as far as the two could tell.

“Alright Shape Shift. We need to get into the party without being seen. Then, we’ll sabotage the whole event in a way that implicates Chrysalis.” Cadence chuckled evilly at her plan, that’s when hoof steps could be heard. Cadence’s eyes widened as she heard voices.

“So then the mare OD on magic stimulates, can you believe that?!”

“I really hate talking about my marefriend with you.”

The royal guard Impassioned Strength shrugged at his partner. “Well if she wasn’t a druggy that tried to rob a store we wouldn’t need to worry would we?”

His companion, Kindled Valor sighed, shaking her head as she walked. “Shut up.” She stated darkly.

Impassioned smiled. “Well calm down, that’s what they have rehabs for!” He took his head away from his partner and looked in the atrium that led to the manor warehouse. He saw just in time to see a door shut, but dismissed it as one of the servants and kept walking.

Cadence felt a bead of sweat run down her face as she listened to the guards pass. When their hoof steps finally disappeared into the distance, the Alicorn sighed in relief. “That was too close… There are so many guards. How in the world are we going to get past them?”

Cadence felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Shape Shift smiling at her, the little thing wearing a custom butler’s uniform made for the party, it was several sizes too big for him. Cadence cocked an eyebrow in confusion before Shape Shift’s horn lit up. Soon, a stylish looking butler stallion stood before the Alicorn (though the base skin was the same as the one used to stalk Luna and Chrysalis).

Cadence smiled. “That’s amazing Shape Shift! Good idea.” Cadence looked around. “So, where’s the maid’s outfit?” Shape Shift brought up his right fore leg and showed Cadence her disguise. The Alicorn’s eye twitched and she took on an annoyance frown. “Oh you have got to be kidding me…”


Fancy Pants’ Manor, Party Ballroom

“I swear I’m going to find out who designed this thing and I am going to murder them.”

Cadence grumbled mercilessly as she walked, annoyed beyond compare. While Shape Shift’s butler’s outfit was clean cut, stylish and pomp, the Alicorn’s attire… left little to the imagination. It was a bright red, skin fit one piece that wrapped around her entire body while leaving the top part of her chest uncovered. Add that to the black fishnet stockings on her back and front legs (the front only went up to her knees) as the final piece and the Alicorn of love looked… umm… seductive; let’s go with that. The only thing that wasn’t sexual was the serving tray harness attached to her back, hiding her wings. Shape Shift thought it looked a lot like the clothes mares wore (at first) in the dirty magazines he had caught a glimpse at while skulking around the royal barracks one night.


“Finish writing that and I’ll kill you!” Cadence scowled, Shape Shift promptly halted his writings.

Cadence sighed, regretting that. Shape Shift had done quite well on this mission of theirs. It was the Changeling that had applied the correct hair dye, make-up, hair styling, and other beauty arts that truly hid Cadence’s appearance. Now, Cadence was a light blue unicorn mare with a greenish blue mane (she had applied some magic to make herself shorter). The Alicorn was impressed by the Changeling’s expertise in beautification practices. This is when Shape Shift revealed he and Photo Finish had developed a friendship ever since she gave him the super makeover. From the fashionista Shape Shift had learned much and the two had formed a great friendship (Shape Shift could tell Photo wanted to be more, but he wasn’t sure he could support a relationship at the moment with his duty to Cadence, but maybe one day).

“Ok, so, we need to locate Celestia and Chrysalis and then cause an incident that will make it appear like it’s Chrysalis’ fault. Now, it may be hard to find them in this high-class crowd but…”


Cadence turned and sure enough was Celestia, surrounded by guards and nobles. Why in the world did I even think for a second it'd be hard? The mare thought. Cadence could see Chrysalis off in the shadows, waiting to be revealed. Celestia was smiling and talking with the nobility with her usual pleasant demeanor. Right now it seemed that her attention was focused on the Grand Poobah of the party himself, Fancy Pants.

“Princess,” The noble stallion began. “It is an honor to have you at my party, you’re radiance makes this event seem worthwhile.”

Celestia smiled sincerely, knowing that Fancy wasn't just talking for appearance's sake. “Thank you for inviting me Fancy Pants’. I am most honored. I am glad you’ll let me talk to the others about my… special guest.”

Fancy Pants waved her off. “Think nothing of it Princess. Love is a strange thing and if you believe Miss Chrysalis is a new self then I trust you with all my faith.”

Cadence, who had gotten closer to listen in, couldn’t help but smile. Fancy Pants was, truly, her favorite noble. Open-minded and fair, he stood out from all the rest of the Canterlot nobility. He understood that nobility had more than one definition. In fact, it was common knowledge that all uneaten food, and Maker would there be a lot of it (nobles and their dieting…), would be donated to charity and help feed the less fortunate in Canterlot. Fancy even oversaw the transaction himself. A god amongst stingy nobles, though the stallion would never think of it like that.

Cadence turned from the conversation and looked for some way to incriminate Chrysalis and destroy her already weak reputation. “Shape Shift, look around for some way to frame Chrysalis.” The Changeling nodded adorably, yet sternly, and ran off into the crowd. Preparing to go off on her own to find framing material, Cadence found herself stopped by some magic.

“Ah, ah, ah, no running away from me.”

Turning to get a look at who had decided to hold her back, Cadence was soon greeted to the sight of Fleur De Lis, Fancy Pants’ marefriend and super hot fashion model. The slightly tinted white unicorn mare smiled in a sultry manner at Cadence. The Alicorn in return gave her a cocked eyebrow of confusion.

“Zere you are servant, I require your assistance right now!” Before Cadence could object Fleur was pulling her away from the party and crowd. As soon as they were out of the crowd Fleur leaned next to Cadence’s ear. “I can’t wait for tonight love, I really need this.” Cadence promptly gulped.

As the two turned a corner a maid that looked almost exactly like the current Cadence arrived at the designated spot. Looking around, a look of confusion came on her face. Weird, Fleur is never late on our date nights…


Fleur De Lis’ Bedroom

The door of Fleur’s room opened and Cadence was tossed, lightly, in. The mare looked around, confused by all accounts. She had to nod at Fleur’s sense of style, the room looked very nice. That’s when she heard the door close. Twisting her neck, Cadence saw the model smiling at her as she locked the door with magic.

“Zere my lovey, now nopony will disturb us while we go about our love.”

“S-Say what?!” Cadence shouted, her logic thrown out the window by this point.

Fleur didn’t respond and instead used her magic to push Cadence on her back and jump on her. “Role play tonight I see? I love it when you decide to play kinky.” The high-class mare licked her lips.

Cadence laughed nervously. “Ok… um… I think there’s been a mistake. But I’m sure that we, as two rational beings, can work it… MMPH!!” Cadence’s eyes shot wide as Fleur closed the distance between their muzzles and gave the disguised princess a full mouth kiss (Cadence was able to fight back her tongue).

Undeterred by Cadence’s words or reluctance, Fleur took the mare up in her magic and tossed her onto the room’s five star bed (even in the heat of the moment Cadence could not deny the bed’s softness). Fleur jumped in next and tried to begin the act of mare on mare, the author is quite sure you can imagine this yourself so there will be no need to explain and it will certainly look more towards your own expectations if done in this way.

Cadence resisted, obviously, to all of Fleur’s advances, but she knew she couldn’t keep this up without blowing her cover. Cadence tried coming up with some way to get out of this unpredictable, unnecessary, and awkward situation. Oh crap what do I do?! Cadence wondered, dodging a tongue-filled kiss from Fleur. Shape Shift would know what to do… The Alicorn’s eyes widened. Cadence charged her magic into one blast of mental thought and focused on an image of her Changeling assistant. Grunting slightly, the mare released her magic in a barely noticeable burst and prayed it would reach its destination.

Back in the party, Shape Shift was conversing with one of the nobles (though ‘converse’ might be too strong a word).

“… And my mother never hugged me when I was a foal!” The stallion cried, his breath and cheeks already tinted with the telltale signs of drunkenness. The stallion grabbed hold of Shape Shift and cried big sobby tears into the Changeling’s shoulder. Shape Shift patted the stallion intimately on the back and cooed to him, showing his support for his new noble acquaintance.

Shape Shift’s eyes widened as magic passed over him, magic he knew was Cadence’s. It was a mental message: Shape Shift, help! I’m being assaulted! Shape Shift thought about it, Cadence could handle herself after all and he did like talking to his new friend... Sexually assaulted! The Changeling’s bestial instincts of protection took hold and he grabbed the crying stallion and moved out of his grasp. Shape Shift looked at the stallion with an eye of determination and nodded to him, turning and running off to find his charge.

The stallion stood there drunk, processing the information. Finally, he gained the look himself. “He’s right! I can’t be scared anymore!” He turned to the nearest mare. “Are you in a relationship?” He asked, the mare replied with a shake of her head. The stallion grabbed her and gave her the kiss of her life. “You are now.” He declared after breaking the kiss; the mare happily obliged.

Shape Shift karate kicked the door down. Looking into the room he could see his friend underneath the super model Fleur De Lis, this would not do! The Changeling took on a hostile karate stance and bade the mare come at him.

Fleur snorted. “You zink you can deny us our love-making?! Never!” The mare jumped off of Cadence and readied herself to fight her new opponent.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND, Shape Shift started on his board, YOU’RE FANCY PANTS’ MAREFRIEND, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CHEAT ON HIM WITH A MARE? Shape Shift wanted to know how this weirdness had come about.

Fleur snorted again. “Oh course you wouldn’t understand.” The model looked to the ceiling longingly. “I love Fancy Pants, Maker I want to marry him and bear his foals. Yes, I love him personally, but not physically.” She turned to Cadence. “Zat privilege iz for mares only.”

Shape Shift had a look of freaked out shock on his face. Reassessing, he scribbled a new message on his board. SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT, YOU LOVE STALLIONS IN A PERSONALITY SENSE, BUT YOU ONLY ENJOY HAVING INTERCOURSE WITH MARES?

Fleur nodded. “Yes, the mares body iz so perfect and serene, how could I not love it? But a stallion holds my love in the mental account, iz that so hard to understand?!”


Fleur gave Shape Shift a ‘humph’. “I should have known a whelp like you could never understand the love I feel. Love iz more than the foolish restrictions society has placed upon it and…” The mare became lost in ramblings and thought.

Shape Shift looked at Cadence for some kind of context. The mare shrugged. “I’ve been the Alicorn of love for a long time and I still don’t know all there is about love… usually I stay away from cases like this.”

Fleur snapped back to reality, not having heard the two’s conversation. “But you will not stop my love! I will not let you!” Fleur jumped at Shape Shift and the Changeling readied himself.


The rafters above the party

“So… that happened… for seemingly no reason.” Cadence said blandly, finally getting her footing on her rafter.

Shape Shift, balancing on the rafter next to Cadence's, shrugged. Taking out his board he scribbled down a message: MAYBE IT’S AN IMPORTANT PLOT POINT FOR FUTURE EVENTS.

“Or Fate could be screwing with me… It’s been doing that lately.”


Cadence shot the Changeling a look, catching the sarcasm in his sentence. She disregard in the end. “Anyway, good job with the frying pan…”

Shape Shift smiled to himself, the frying pan he had stolen from the kitchen before rescuing Cadence firmly on strapped to his back. FLEUR SHOULD LEARN NOT TO CHARGE ENEMIES WHEN SHE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE CAPABLE OF.

“True enough.” Cadence said. The mare shivered, thinking back to that awkward moment with Fleur. She’d need to have tons of sex with Shining Armor to get that out of her system (she was ok with this as you can probably imagine).

“Alright. Now it’s time to frame Chrysalis. Shape Shift,” The Changeling jumped to attention. “I want you to use your magic to weaken the rafters and ceiling to the main ballroom.”

Shape Shift cocked his head at Cadence. HOW WILL THAT HELP? He asked.

Cadence smirked. “Because, all species that can perform magic each have a specific magical identification aura that distinguishes their magic from all others. Changeling magic will have a different underlying aura than a unicorn's or Alicorn's, so when the rafters fall and they investigate it, anypony knowledgeable in magic will able to tell a Changeling did it. With Chrysalis being the only Changeling for miles other than you, they’ll automatically blame her because you're with me back at the castle. It’ll ruin any good rep she has! It’s fool proof!”


Cadence waved him off. “Oh please, Shape Shift, I’m not that heartless. With Celestia down there she’ll be able to stop the rafters before they hurt anypony. Now get working.” Shape Shift sighed and nodded, igniting his horn up and singeing through the rafters and ceiling supports. Cadence took this time to look down at the party, it seemed like Celestia was about to speak.

“Noble ponies of Canterlot,” The Sun Goddess began. “I’m certain that you’ve heard the rumors of my relationship with the Changeling Queen Chrysalis. They are true and while I don’t expect you to accept her right away I know that we can move pass the events of my niece’s wedding day and show the world the love and tolerance Equestria is known for has not died.”

Cadence rolled her eyes. “Bug butts don’t deserve love and tolerance… no offense Shape Shift.” The Changeling shrugged and continued his work. Cadence leaned on a chandelier that was close to her rafter. So enraged was she that she didn’t hear the ceiling decoration creak from the extra weight. “Let’s see how Aunt Celestia pulls this one off…”

Celestia turned her head to Chrysalis and smiled. “However, I believe that Chrysalis herself can explain. If you’d please dear?”

Chrysalis nodded and took Celestia’s position. The nobles took a step back and looked at the Changeling with mixed glares. “Noble ponies, I asked for forgiveness. I know such a thing cannot be obtained so easily, but I shall try. It is because of your great Princess Celestia that I see this world in a new light.” Chrysalis smiled at the thought she was currently having, but continued. “She was there for me at my darkest point and from there she has changed me and made me into something better. Do I deserve a second chance? Do I deserve your acceptance and tolerance? I believe not, and I think I can never truly repay you for the fear and panic I have caused… but, but I’ll try and I hope I can at least get close…”

The crowd stared at Chrysalis, their faces radically changed. It wasn’t acceptance per say, but it was something. Standing in the middle of the crowd was the chaotic god Discord, who was bawling rather hard. He grabbed the nearest noble stallion he could get at and hugged him. “That… That was so beautiful… and it caused so much internal chaos. Oh Maker, my heart can’t take it…” The Draconequus sniffed and tried to pry the tears from his eyes.

The noble looked at the mishmash creature with a confused look, he was sure he had not seen the Draconequus until now. “When… When did you get here?”

“I’m always here.” Discord replied plainly through the tears.

Up in the rafters Cadence was gagging as she applied yet more pressure on the chandelier. “Ugh, how can they buy that bull? Maker, I’m doing them a favor by making them see how evil Chrysalis is.”

BY CAUSING EVIL YOURSELF… Thought Shape Shift as singed through the last support structure (the Changeling was well versed in irony). Finished with his task the Changeling nodded to Cadence to inform her. Cadence took the hint.

“Alright, let’s get out of here.” Cadence steadied herself on the rafter again pushing off the chandelier, the final straw for the old decoration. The support of the chandelier cracked and broke, only seconds from falling. Cadence didn’t notice this when she released her wings and scooped up Shape Shift and carried the Changeling to an inside balcony. “Ok, so the way that we disabled them they should fall in the next minute so we should get out of here right now before…”


The Alicorn looked at Shape Shift’s board and turned to see the chandelier she had been leaning on, right as its old supports gave way and sent the decoration falling to the ground. Instinctively, Cadence grabbed at the falling object with her magic but was unable to catch it in time. Cadence and Shape Shift watched as the chandelier fell to the floor… and right on top of Celestia.

Every noble in the room screamed as Celestia, who had walked next to Chrysalis to speak, was crushed by one of the ballroom’s large chandeliers. Chrysalis turned, a look of pure terror on her face, and rushed to Celestia’s side. “Celli? Celli? Celestia?!” The Changeling nudged the Solar Princess. Chrysalis exhaled as she saw Celestia’s chest rise and fall steadily. The Princess was still alive if not worse for the wear, if her numerous cuts and bleeding had anything to say about it. “We need doctors now-!” Chrysalis widened her eyes as she heard more cracking and creaking above them.

Despite what some might think, Changeling Queens are actually very good mothers. They care for every single one of their colony’s drones. In the tunneled hives of the Changelings, cave-ins were no rarity. As such, Chrysalis was quite familiar with the sounds of collapsing ceilings. Instincts taking hold, Chrysalis shot up and charged all her magic into her horn. The ceiling collapsed. All the ponies in the room screamed and instinctively closed their eyes as more than several tons of ceiling came down on them. Much to their surprise, they didn’t feel death's embrace nor did they hear squishing noises that accompanied getting crushed. Opening their eyes one by one, the nobles gasped in shock, as the debris was held above their heads in a green magical aura.

Chrysalis felt beads of sweat (maybe? It’s unknown if Changelings sweat) run down her face. Her horn was alight with magic, holding the rubble in place only half a foot from crushing the partygoers. Chrysalis grunted in pain, the exertion hard to bear. Usually, when a magic being lifts an object with a spell, half the weight of the object is exerted on their body. This can be lessened with practice and skill and Chrysalis only felt about an eighth of the weight but it was still over a ton (nobles liked heavy, secure building materials for whatever reason). Chrysalis tried to push the debris away but it was just too much. The Changeling felt herself shifting and even felt as weaker parts of her carapace contorted and snapped. She didn’t know how long she could hold this for.

“Well, this is a problem isn’t it?”

Chrysalis looked up to see Discord next to her, the Draconequus sipping some tea. He smiled at her. “Having fun?” Chrysalis shot a look at the mishmash creature. “Alright, alright, calm down… By the way, great reaction time.” Discord snapped his claw and all the heavy rubble shrunk to the size of a small pebble, falling harmlessly on the guests (except for one stallion, who had a chunk of rafter fall into his eye).

Chrysalis collapsed as the strain was released from her body. The Changeling looked at Discord, who was still smiling. “See,” He said. “I can be helpful…”

“Did you enchant the rubble?” Chrysalis asked, glaring at the Draconequus.

“Yeah, they’ll get a magical rash in a week or two.” Discord replied happily, unable to wait for the chaos that will be caused by his ‘little’ gag.

Cadence and Shape Shift were hanging over the balcony, watching the whole thing. “Shape Shift,” Cadence began, turning to the Changeling. “Time to leave… now!” Cadence grabbed the Changeling and teleported them out of the party in a flash of light blue.

Author's Note:

Sorry about this chapter being so late, it was pretty long comparatively and I didn't write anything over the weekend.

Next chapter will not take as long as this one.

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