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Princess Celestia has returned from a diplomacy mission with the Changelings, and she has a big surprise. She and Queen Chrysalis have fallen for each other and are now a couple. Cadence, more than a little distraught over what has transpired, plans to separate the two and prove that Chrysalis is still the evil enemy she was at the Royal Wedding.

Sequel: To Cast the Doubt Away

Chapters (37)
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“Was that a spot of racism I heard Cadence?”
"If Aunt Celestia found a special somepony I’d give all the support I can give.”
"When my sister picks a lover, she always picks those of unparalleled character and…”

Oh how I love epic irony when you know something the characters don't.:pinkiehappy:
I am going to be waiting on how the pairing happened. Until then, take this mustache:moustache: and this upvote.

7 favorites but only 5 likes? Makes sense to me...

Tactical ordinance incoming! Cadence is gonna go bonkers when she finds out just how "special" Chrysalis is.:pinkiehappy:

Well, I just saw a story with this plot and while this isn't as good as that one, it's still a decent read and not repetitive, like I had feared. Now that Chrysalis has shown up it will probably kick into higher gear.

Can I assume "that one mare in accounting" is going to play a large role in this, from the way she kept getting brought up?

2050775 Really? What's it called? I'd hate to write the same story as someone else.

2051871 Don't worry, that one had inter-dimensional travel and Twilight in place of Celestia. I think it was called, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Changeling.

I'll be watching this story, hasn't quite reached favorite territory yet, but it has promise.

[Edit] I got the name of the other fic right.

A Twilight Sparkle/Chrysalis story with dimensional travel isn't anything like this. No, I mean I just saw another Celestia/Chrysalis story about their engagement freaking people out. But don't worry, yours is different enough to stand on it's own. For one thing, Luna and Cadence haven't really shown up yet in the other one, despite it being five chapters in (which is one of it's flaws). Like I said, I was worried that this would turn out to be too similar but it didn't. It's not like this site can only stand one story per pairing-- it'd sure be a lot emptier if that were so. It'd be a shame to see this stop just because someone else had a similar idea.

2053105 Alright, thanks. I hadn't planned on stopping this if someone had the same idea, I just wanted to read it and make sure I didn't write a similar story. This story is more about Cadence trying to break the two of them up than actually about how the kingdom reacts to the two's relationship anyway, so it should be quite different in that regard.

Good enough. If you still really want to know, it's called White on Black. It's quite funny but there are some things like not having seen Luna yet that make you go "wait, there's a problem here" after you stop reading.

I can't, just can't stop laughing. This is so funny. Probably the funniest thing I read in a while.

Wow, I think Luna switches emotions a bit to quickly, but hey adds to the comedy, and apparently Equestria does know the F-word, who knew.

This made my night. I like the appearance of Discord (a f-bomb of such a high quality must of alerted him). I also like the Luna parts, even though she was nearly bi-polar. But Luna is still probably socially awkward. Continue onward my good author.

P.S. There needs to be a Luna and Discord emoticons. Photo Finish has one and she is either background or just around in that one episode.

2055451 It's rare, but even the peaceful ponies can lose themselves to a good old F-bomb

2056253 I've always thought of Luna being bi-polar ever since the whole Nightmare Moon ordeal, switching between mad and crazy to calm and nice.

Secondly: Yes! Yes, we need those kinds of emoticons! We need those right now!

I found this chapter a lot more amusing than the first.

Portrayals of Luna as a bit of a bipolar ham always seemed canon to me, between the Nightmare Moon thing and her appearance in Luna Eclipsed (going from 'The fun has been doubled' straight to 'Nightmare Night is cancelled forever!') and you made good use of it here.

I can see why Celestia would be upset at Cadence, but she comes off as a either completely insensitive or stupid right here:
“Cadence?” She started, placing a hoof on the mare’s shoulder. “What was that about? Are you ok?”
I know you're going for comedy but not being able to figure out she's upset because you brought in someone who kidnapped her is pushing it. Trying to reassure her Chrysalis has changed and having Luna scan for mind magic makes sense but being confused that she's upset is bad even for a parody copy.

2061715 Normally, I would agree with you about Celestia's confusion being bad, but you have to remember: Canon Equestria is a forgive and forget society. The ponies don't hold grudges and they probably have friendship classes in school about how not to hate. After all, Twilight's alternate dialogue after 'The Magic Duel' episode could have been: "Hey Trixie, despite the fact you humiliated me, kicked me out of my home, turned the town into dictatorial prison, tortured my friends, and went all crazy power mad, I forgive you for it." (Seriously, if Pinkie Pie didn't warp reality as she does she'd probably would have suffocated from Trixie removing her snout)

Taking from that, I also think that Celestia probably believes immortal Alicorns like her and Cadence (though personally I'm stuck on whether Cadence is full or half Alicorn and will live forever or just have a really long life) are above such things as grudges and that Cadence, who remember is also the Alicorn of Love, would forgive her kidnapper.

Lastly, Celestia can be pretty oblivious sometimes. She didn't see the change in Cadence's personality when Chrysalis took her place and didn't see how bad it was when Luna started going crazy a thousand years ago.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Royal Change: At Least It's Not Revenge!
I'd love to see more fictions like this. And I mean plots with Chrysalis that don't involve her wanting revenge. But, if it had to be romance, imagine Cadence's reaction when Fluttershy gets the queen!

I love this chapter! Shape Shift is hilarious, Candence is a great villain, even though I don't accept the fact that she is a racist... Or is it speciest... Or is it Insectist... What ever, and I want a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Stallions!!!!!

And there was much LOLing. Love that Shape Shift can't talk.

2062791 I suppose. Though to be fair, Magic Duel Trixie was under the influence of evil personality altering magic, which makes it harder to justify holding a grudge.

Discord, on the other hand, would be a pretty good example and the ponies were quite leery of giving him a second chance. Although, I suppose that was when he hadn't been reformed yet and Chrysalis is supposedly already reformed.

How Not to Cope With Being Ponynapped

Sometimes, a how not to book would be better than a how to. Like how not to respond to a troll.
I also love the 4th wall breaking by Discord. He and Pinkie Pie:pinkiehappy: reserve the right to break the 4th wall only.
Continue onward with the story my good author.

>"Besides, as a sister, I have to be supportive of anypony my sister decides to~…” Luna held onto the ‘to’ until she got a good look of the bits at the other end of Chrysalis’s undercarriage. Her head shot back up instantly. “To connect the lower caverns with!”
That feeling when you realize that you're basically as socially skilled as Luna. :pinkiecrazy:

I would track this story, but I get an error every time I try. :fluttershysad:

2064404 Her reaction would be glorious...

2064451 I think it's safe to say everybody wants a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube stallion.
Also, Cadence isn't racist/speciest/insectist. She just hates them for no really reasonable reason and wants them all to be wiped off the face of the earth for not being the same type of creature she is... ok... she might be a teeny bit racist. But it's ok, she can only become less racist from here... probably.

2069831 That's not good, might wanna get that checked out.

2064824 All very true points to make. Personally, I blame Celestia's behavior on love. Stupid love, always causing ponies to make irrational decisions and not think straight.

I will continue to LOL at this story. Shape Shift must have a cunning plan.

maybe Cadence should just make Chrissy fall in love with the mare from accounting (whom i'm just going to call 'Chadey') that would be much more simpler than an overly complicated plan... after the treaty is signed so they can't retaliate out of rage and imprison them AGAIN

Hm. As a general rule of thumb, I try to avoid stories where Pinkie Pie has random meta-powers, as they are usually not well-executed. This is... right on the border, if you don't mind me being blunt. I'll read on for a bit and see how it goes. The idea is quite interesting, and your execution of it is satisfactory, aside from a few parts, which were mainly the meta parts in my opinion.

All of the Shining Armor moments made me laugh. His voice in the show goes through my head as a stereotypical older brother, so it fits.
1 question: are we going to see more Celesalis? Evil plans thought up by Cadence are all good, but I do loves me some shipping.
Also, continue onward my good author.

Pinkie Pie may be a bit over the top, but I haven't stopped smiling throughout the whole story so I guess I am ok with this.


not gonna lie this came to mind... Made me lol


"I don’t even think Chrysalis has flesh or blood, probably has mucus and toxic acid under that shell of hers.”

Silly Cadence. Chrysalis is not a Xenomorph.

2081730 I don't mind at all, most of the time the best way to get something across is to be very blunt. Anyway, don't worry about Pinkie Pie, she won't even show up a lot in this story and even when she does she won't have reality warping meta powers to the extreme. This was chapter probably the most meta she'll get.

2081757 We certainly will see a lot more Celesalis... or, wait, is it Chyrstia? Whatever, just know there will be more of the loving couple coming up.

Ok...This...all I have to say is please continue...so I may laugh more ^^

Celestia’s glare of disapproval did not leave her as she looked at her lunar sister, sprawled out on the dining table like a person waiting for massage, or sex… whichever mental image assists you more dear reader.

Yes, I like...assistance. :rainbowkiss:

Crazily funny Luna, more Celesis, and an evil genius Cadence. I like this chapter.
I shall eagerly await more my good author.

Wow, if I was a pony, Luna would be my dream mare, she and I have so much in common, other than the modern sex talk.

“Yup.” The Nighttime Princess replied. Luna waited for the three to leave the room, then became very excited. “CAPTAIN!” She called. Instantly Lunar Guard Captain Fading Moonlight jumped from the shadows and saluted his Princess. Luna turned to him. “Go find Captain Valor’s Shield and tell him to gather his guards. While Celestia is away the guards will play. I’m thinking paintball this time.”

Fading Moonlight nodded and rushed off to find his solar counterpart, Valor’s Shield, whose name was mistaken for an actual shield more than you’d think. Luna sat back in her dining chair and smiled deviously. “Oh yeah, this is gonna be a good game day, I can feel it!”

Yep. That one's going in my awesome quotes list.

:rainbowlaugh: discord walked in "i'm always here" :rainbowlaugh:

wow Cadence totally shocked me there


Curse you M. Night Shyamalan!

2094725 Everybody loves a little assistance :raritywink:

2094812 Luna is everybody's dream mare. Everypony is gay (or straight) for Luna.

As cunning as a fox that used to be head of cunning at oxford but has since retired and now works as a consultant to the U.N.'s division of cunning?


No, a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Whew, there we go, Chapter 6. I'm really sorry this one took as long as it did to get done, it was a bigger than usual chapter and I have been very busy this week. Regardless, enjoy Shape Shift's inability to effectively spy on ponies.

That cover picture made me think that you were going to write Chrysalis and Celestia having babies that grew up to be Twilight and Cadance. :pinkiesick:

In the words of everyone on TF2 "That Pony a Changeing!!!!"

Well it's official. Shape Shift is now my favorite character. Runner up: Crazy Luna.

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