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18 year old brony. When I have a story to tell, I tell it.


I appeared in Equestria one day, somehow transforming into my OC as well. Not wanting to risk the mane six discovering they're fictional characters in a fictional world, I've been avoiding Ponyville and spent my time trying to find a way home. Now that I accidentally ended up in Ponyville, I'll have to work harder than ever to keep my secret under wraps. But you can't keep secrets forever, and it's a lot harder to deal with when you're being plagued with nightmarish visions...

Self-insert, swearing, eventually crosses over with Doom 3, mild gore in later chapters.

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There is finally a story with an OC that isn't completely Mary sue, is actually trying to avoid the mane six, instead of actively heading there in the first place.

You good sir, have created a comedic story (even if you didn't intend it) that doesn't follow every HiE cliché ever.

2055271 moar twapters are coming :yay:

2055660 Just trying to be different. Most HiE fics follow the same formula, but eventually you get some good ones in the mix.

Darkstar, you shouldn't have thought about not needing a ticket on a train.... that just leaves it open for fate to ruin your day.

2056960 I'm not close friends with fate, so he usually tends to screw with me often.

2057719 He should do what every good hitchhiker does.... either quickly hop off the transport, or.... pull the ol' point in some random direction and hope they look that way so you can flee.

2057719 well I know how that feels. And sometimes I have no clue how it helps me in some bizarre way. And great story. Keep it up.

LOL, love the last line there.

This was pretty funny, and pretty good. Update soon again please

Mmmm. Dat teasing.

Hey, piece of grammar advice for you.

"I accept your apology." Applejack replied.

"I accept it too." said Twilight.

Technically, that would be

"I accept your apology," Applejack replied.

"I accept it too," said Twilight.

Note the commas at the end of the quotes, not periods. If you have a sentence like, "Twilight said" or "Applejack replied" right after speech, you use a comma to end the sentence, not a period. Exclamation points and question marks still work.

Dude, Adrian Carkmarck drew that picture for ... oh god.

Bum bum bummmmmmmmmm. So, glad to see you took my grammar advice. (sarcasm) Remember, when ending a quote don't use a period. Look at the differences in this.

"Gosh, I love books." said Twilight


"Gosh I love books," said Twilight.

Note the comma. Sorry, just drives me crazy.

This didn't feel that rushed. I'm assuming the Doom stuff is starting now, with that vision and all.

2071078 says right in the story description, "Eventually crosses over with Doom 3."

2071373 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TAKE THEM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TAKE THEM ALL! But I can relate to that, there are some authors that do things that drive me crazy as well. Starting next chapter, Ill attempt to use commas instead, but im not changing them in previous chapters.

2071404 yup.

Rainbow is probably gonna ask him where he heard Rainbow Crash from.:facehoof:

I now about the Doom, but I wonder about Darky´special talent. Detect Evil?

Well obviously the bald crazed scientist dude from the Doom 3 series found somewhere else to invade.

(You see that Perception Filter, you see that? See what I did there? You're welcome. Okay, moving on. Read the comments if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Why, thank you! It's about damn time!

Man, Darkstar is flipping his shit.

Apologies to Perception Filter since I added periods instead of commas in some places. Im too lazy to fix them.

Question: If Luna can see and visit his unconscious, couldn´t she figure out Darkstar isn´t truly a pony?

2107278 Only his dreams or in this case, visions. It never stated in the show that she can manipulate the subconscious. Also, she has no power in the dreams once he awakes. Unless Darkstar dreams of Earth, which he hasn't, Luna wouldn't know.

work faster, this is just getting good

oh you mean bastardo you!!! this was just getting goood but you just had to use the dreaded cliffhanger technique!:trixieshiftleft:

Soo...Dr Malcolm possessed Starswirl? This is going to be interesting.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWSOME PLOT TWIST. now alls you need to do is give him the chainsaw and shotgun and let the badassery comence.

Well, at least with Dark the mane six have an advantage... somewhat :twilightoops:


2394355 How is a hooved animal going to grip a weapon like that and pull the trigger? But don't worry, there will be certain items from Doom making an appearance in the next chapter

2394901 lol yeah i know. thought id try anyway

ah, betruger. I loved killing him. My favorite line of his was: "Death will not be the end for you! Your soul will burn in hell forever!"

I look forward to seeing him.:rainbowdetermined2:

I've never read any of the books, but if your talking about the ones with Flynn Mctaggard(I think thats his name) in a comic, i might've read it.
anyways, you did a good job of representing a soulsphere, since I've only ever seen it in doom 1 or 2. In 2d. I was thinking you were going to use grenades or something. and if you've used a soulsphere, then you'll also probably use the megasphere. which is something I look forward to.

anyways, MOAR.:trollestia:

Dammit. I was hoping someone would die. And right when I thought Flutters would die, she was saved by the Soulsphere... Dammit...


I know right?

My exterior was literally smiling a sadistic smile sadistically, also applied to 50% of my interior thoughts.

If the BFG made an appearance, despite no other weapon being in this Hell, I'd go :yay:.

make him get a BOOM STICK so he can stop runnin besides the berserker packs

Ten Bits says that Celestia is crucified, but is positioned upside down.

Is this story deadd because id really like to see it update

Please tell me our little hero is going find a gun of some kind. I WANNA SEE HIM RAIN DOWN A RECKONING OF LEAD!


Please... I will be here forever if I have to.


took the word right out of my mouth

You should know the main joy of doom is doomguy right? I hope you know this. At least the armor.

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