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TwiShy, AppleDash and Rarixie lover and writer. Also a gamer. Something else you need to know is that I'm strongly against Alicorn Twilight.


This story is a sequel to A Bell's Sonata Magic of Love Part 2

After two years of marriage, Twilight and Fluttershy have a daughter to take care of. Learn how the little filly came into their lives and more in this final installment of Magic of Love!
Prequels: Magic of Love A Bell's Sonata: Magic of Love Part 2

Cover made by Athene112

Chapters (17)
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as long as we don't get a sad Heart breaking story I am all for this... YAY!!! Just knowing it was a sequal to your 2 other stories got it a thumbs up and fave.

Time for part 3, it seems.

You've been getting these out much faster than I have any of my stories.

Part three already? Fuzz yea!

Can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans our favourite couple gets into this time around

Why anyone would want a refunds? :rainbowlaugh:
This is a cute start for the third part, I'm eager for the next chapter. :yay:

And... Somehow I forgot to favorite this after reading...


A new Magic of Love story? I'm in. Obligatory like and fave

Really cute wedding. Can't wait for more.

Now I'm really curious as to where the filly came from...

I can't wait to read this next part :twilightsmile:
If it is like the last two it will be an amazing story :yay:
Hopefully I can find some time to read this soon.

this my favorite TwiShy ever!! Keep it up dude :twilightsmile:

very good 3rd part to Magic of Love.... I loved the last 2 storys and i hope this one will be just as good.... im so glad you didnt forget about us and wrote a third one.... Some of us might have hunted you down if you quit Magic of Love after the last story lol.

2121610 I knew I would write a Trilogy even before writing the first part! :pinkiehappy:

2121977 yay ^^ i hope this one will be just as good as the first 2

Well I finally found a little time to read this one :yay:
After reading it I am happy say that it truly was an amazing start to the third part of the trilogy and it was nice to finally see how Applejack and Rainbowdashs' wedding went :twilightsmile:
But now I am just really curious as to how Fluttershy and Twilight got a filly?

For a while I thought one of them had given birth to the foal... Apparently not.

2128280 I read lots of fics that did that, I wanted to be different :yay:


Being different is always good, rather than doing something we've all seen before...

Well that was a bit of a surprise personally I was expecting you to have them find the little filly at an orphanage but then again that idea is a bit clichéd and really not as interesting.
Although did you have to leave us with a cliffhanger, well I guess I'll have to keep an eye for the next update to see what happens.:twilightsmile:
Oh and one last thing another amazing update.:yay:

2128299 Not to mention, how would one of them give birth in the first place? They're both mares.

2128410 Everypony else uses Princess Luna or Celestia. In "Magic Duel" Trixie mentioned that only the magic of an Alicorn could change somepony's sex. They restore them to normal after the... Child making :twilightsheepish:

Well some go the Genderchange-route(like 2128645 said), but i prefer the magical Pregnancy more(like in Two's Company, Three's a Crowd).

2129791>>2128645 If I had to come up with a theory, I would use the mind-mold that the Asari have in Mass Effect. Basically, they meld their mind with any creature of any gender through some process that I don't know, and then one of them (usually the asari) become pregnant.

I'm so glad I stuck with this story. :pinkiehappy:

The backstory was so sad :fluttercry: Regardless, well-written as always! Just one thing: Dr. Whooves is actually a parody of Dr. Who, thus leading to the spelling of his name, which I noticed you missed. Also, this means he's not actually a doctor in the medical sense.

A sad but cute chapter. I felt their decision to adopt Aurora was a bit quick, and the filly's speech felt a little too mature, but of course that's probably just me. Look forward to the next chapter. :yay:

The backstory of Aurora was very sad but well expressed and the adoption and her determination to have better future with her two new moms was heartwarming.

Great chapter and really heartwarming. :twilightsmile:

Are the first few chapter memories or will it all be memories? Not complaining though still love the story :twilightsmile:

2150329 Just the firsts, to explain what happened during the past two years :twilightsmile:

2150359 Makes sense. Can't wait to see the adventure part and I don't know why but I feel like you are going to bring back Twi's parents. Not to apologize but for Aurora to meet them

2150385 Can't tell you that, be patient like everypony else :raritywink:

“Good morning, Angel Bunny! How did you sleep?” Fluttershy asked the rabbi when she saw him, but he just yawned and fell to the floor face down. Twilight used her magic to put the bunny back to bed and returned to her wife’s side.

This made me think of Angel with a beard wearing a large coat and a Kippah. Clearly a typo, but thanks for the laugh! Also, who is Pinkie Pie with? Obviously not Rarity, who previously mentioned preferring colts.

2167586 Oops, my bad... I didn't have time to check yet :twilightsmile:

A really cute chapter. I'm curious about who Cutie's father is, especially how Fluttershy-like Cutie is, and is Feather adopted like Aurora?

Either way, look forward to the next chapter. :yay:

2167842 Flying Feather, Cutie and Aurora all adopted, yes :pinkiesmile:
Thanks! :twilightsmile:

2186521 I remember your comments, I hope you stay with me to the end! :pinkiehappy:

Ah children, they do exactly what you tell them not to. She learned the hard way, but I think Fluttershy's last sentence was a bit too mean. Then again, she is good and mad at her.

Look forward to the next! :yay:

2190782 I forgot to remove the exclamation mark, but thanks! :twilightsheepish:

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