• Published 30th Jan 2013
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Top Of The Charts - GeodesicDragon

When DJ Anon is signed to an Equestrian record label, he reckons that he's finally hit the big time. Unfortunately, Fate has other ideas.

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The Vinyl Equation - Part Two

A/N: Vinyl thinks in this colour, while her brain thinks in this colour.


The Vinyl Equation - Part Two


You awaken to a warm feeling on your face, most likely sunlight. With a groan you try to sit up, only to fall flat on your back again. The sound of tutting reaches your ears, followed by hoofsteps.

"I told you she was trouble," a voice says, "but did you listen to me? No, of course you didn't. Now she's bucked things up for you in more ways than once. Not only has she broken your leg, she's also ruined your one and only chance to play at the Equestria Games."

You open your eyes and manage to make out Tech Beat standing next to the bed with an 'I told you so' look on his face. You let out a sigh and try to sit up, summoning whatever strength you could from your pasty arms. You finally manage it and snort triumphantly before finally addressing Tech Beat.

"How long have I been out," you ask, "what the hell happened, and where's Vinyl?"

"Four days," Tech Beat replies, "and I can answer your other two questions at once. Vinyl Scratch got drunk and jumped on you just as you were about to start your gig. She has been arrested and is now being held at the guard station. But she's not important. What is important, Anon, is the fact that your career is over. I told you that Vinyl was an obstacle, but you refused to believe me."

"Vinyl would never hurt me intentionally," you snap, "because I know her. Something must be wrong if she's acting like this."

"Could you forget about her for one bucking second?!" Tech Beat snarls, "Don't you get it? She's ruined you, Anon! As long as you continue to associate yourself with her nopony will hire you!"

"I could just pretend to push her away." you suggest, "That way we can still be friends, and everypony will be will—"

"They'll find out," Tech Beat says flatly, "and when they do that'll be it. You'll be blackballed, and then I'll be forced to sue your flank off for breach of contract. After all, you signed a two-year deal, and it's not even been one year yet. Being blackballed means that you violated our agreement. So I would be well within my rights to take you for every bit you've got, and then some. And if you can't afford to pay me then I get to decide what to do. Chances are I'll just have you thrown in prison."

"So basically," you growl, "I've got no choice but to ditch Vinyl as my friend? It's either that or get sued and jailed?"

"Pretty much," Tech Beat grins, "but that's just how this business works. It's nothing personal, I'm just protecting my interests."

"You're a bastard." you spit, "A cold, calculating bastard."

Tech Beat rolls his eyes and turns to leave.

"I'll have Miss Scratch brought in to see you later." he says, "You might want to practice what you're going to say. But do me a favour, and make it sound like it's your idea?"

He leaves the room, leaving you to your thoughts.

That guy... is a complete and total prick.

My sentiments exactly.

So... what the hell are you going to do? You can't just abandon Vinyl after everything that she's done for you!

You heard Tech Beat, I've got no choice but to ditch her.

You always have a choice, Anon.

Okay, how about I let Vinyl explain herself and then decide what to do? Does that sound fair?

Yes, it does. It would make sense to get her side of the story before you do anything you'll regret.

You nod to yourself and, with nothing else to do, fall asleep.


"A-anon?" a voice pulls you from the world of blissful sleep, "Tech Beat said you wanted to talk to me, so here I am."

You open your eyes and see Vinyl sitting on a chair, next to which stands a stone-faced Crystal Guard. Vinyl perks up as you open your eyes and stare at her.

"Don't mind him," she points at the guard, "he's just here to keep an eye on me since I'm still under arrest."

She drops her head and removes her goggles before wiping her eyes with a forehoof.

"I'm sorry Anon," she says meekly, "I really am. I didn't plan any of this. It just... happened."

"Why, Vinyl?" you ask bluntly, "Why did it happen?"

She stutters for a moment, unable to find the right words. You sigh and roll your eyes.

"You do know," you say, "that Tech Beat wants me to ditch you as a friend because of this? He reckons you're just using me to make yourself look better."

Vinyl's mouth hangs open as she stares at you in shock.

"T-that's not true!" she splutters, "I'm not 'using' you! Where does that plothead get off spouting that crap about me?! Why I ought—"

"If you're not using me," you interrupt, "then why did you crash my set the other day? Something isn't right with you, Vinyl, and I'm worried. Help me to help you, and just tell me already."

Vinyl flattens her ears against her head and gulps. She looks at you with worry written all over her face.

"You can't help me," she whispers, "not this time. Because the thing is..."

She trails off and you motion for her to continue. She furrows her brow and looks you right in the eyes, the same way she did on the day the two of you met. Once again you get the feeling that she's gazing deep into your soul.

"The thing is..." Vinyl continues, "I love you, Anon. And not in the same way as those drunken mares who always hit on you. I mean in the sense of wanting to be with you for the rest of my life."

You stare back at her completely dumbfounded while you process what she just said. And then, with all the speed of a coked-up blue hedgehog, you go from feeling dumbfounded... to furious.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Vinyl?!" you explode, "You know how I feel about being in a relationship with a pony, and you've got the nerve to spring this on me? Your actions ruined my career and you decide to blame them on feelings of love?!"

Vinyl is stunned by your outburst. She struggles to reply but you're having none of it. You look at the guard.

"Get her out of here this instant," you say to him, "before I do something I might regret."

You turn to Vinyl.

"Some friend you are, Vinyl," you snarl, "toying with my emotions like this. Maybe if you had talked to me sooner none of this would have happened and I could have talked you out of loving me. But no, you had to royally fuck things up. Just... just get lost."

Sniffling, Vinyl puts her goggles back on and allows the guard to escort her from the room. As they leave, Tech Beat comes back in with a neutral expression on his face. You see him enter and sigh.

"I heard everything." he says, "I take it this means you and Miss Scratch are no longer friends?"

"Yes," you reply, "we're through. I can't believe she ruined everything simply because she has misguided feelings for me."

Tech Beat walks over to the bed and pats you on the shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"Don't worry about that." he says, "For now, just wonder about how you're going to get your career back on track. With Vinyl out of the way the Equestria Games committee might be willing to give you another chance. There's still a chance you can play this gig, Anon."

"Good," you reply, "I need something to take my mind off Vinyl and the crap she's just pulled."

"Glad to hear it." Tech Beat says with a smile, "Now you just get some rest while I sort out your discharge papers."

As he leaves the room you glare angrily at the ceiling.

Looks like Vinyl made your decision for you, eh Anon?

Yeah she did... but was it worth it?


I'm such an idiot.

That's all you can think of right now as you follow the guard back to the station and into your cell. As you sit on the bed you lament. You poured your heart out to Anon, only for him to throw it back in your face and denounce you as his friend.

You should have realised he wouldn't exactly be happy with the sudden declaration. You know how he feels about this sort of thing.

Well pardon me for thinking that he might change his attitude if I told him how I felt. We're friends, for Celestia's sake!

Correction, you were friends.

You sigh. Your brain was right, and you knew it. You had just thrown away a perfectly good friendship, and possibly ruined Anon's career, with your actions. So to say you were feeling shitty would be the biggest understatement of the millennium.

You lie on the makeshift bed and stare blankly at the ceiling. You soon find yourself falling asleep and gladly welcome it.

Today was a bad day.