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This is the tale of the horrifying days Princess Cadence spent in the depths of the Canterlot caves. Just before what was supposed to be her wedding, Princess Cadence is kidnapped, trapped and replaced. She spends what feels to her like eternity in these caves, unable to escape with no hope of being rescued.
Will her day ever be as perfect as she imagined?

This is essentially "A Canterlot Wedding" told from Princess Cadence's (the real one) perspective.
Cover art: http://panda-iz-me.deviantart.com/art/Trapped-by-a-fake-299716815

Chapters (5)
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were did you get the cover art from?

(Joke) Alt. Title: Cadence, Live At The Cavern!
I hope she plays "There's A Place".

This is a very well done story, it had to be so painful for her to see what Chrysalis was doing. I can't tell what is worse, knowing nothing and guessing, or knowing everything. Yet she stayed strong.

"It wasn't until I released we weren't headed to Luna's chambers at all that I released something was wrong..." I think you meant realized. Even then, try not to use the same word twice in such rapid succession.

Other than that I can only say it has caught my interest and I'll be reading on.

That's a beautiful story you have there.
I wouldn't be surprised if it got featured.
10/10. :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I don't know why but for some reason I've been mixing up those two words lately.

Chrysalis strikes me as the type that would torture somepony just for the fun of it, she does it a little bit to Twilight.

So remind me why I am supposed to feel sorry for her, and why I should just let her take over Equestria?
It does make me wonder how Chrysalis could catch my Cadence, oops I mean First Sergeant Mi Amora Cadenza

I think it's partly because Cadence has gradually become my favorite pony, but I just can't stand Chrysalis. Worse is the fandom's reaction to her.
"Oh she was just trying to feed her people!"

But she didn't have to be horrible to everyone to do that while she was disguised. And all she really seems to care about is the level of power she's achieved.

"But she beat Celestia so she must be stronger"

She even says herself that it's Shining Armor's love that makes her strong, she has no power of her own. And if she's such a loving ruler, why is she focused on bragging about being queen, calling her people minions, and on the power?
And then there's her voice, but that's just a personal irritation. >.<

The fandom conveniently forgets that she was planing on enslaving an entire nation, and they have the nerve to call Celestia a tyrant. I do feel somewhat sorry for Chrysalis, but not enough to forgive slavery.

The one thing that is forgotten about that fight is Celestia still made her work for the victory And I think there are some good reasons why Celestia lost. 1) She was overconfident, 2) She didn't tap into her connection to the Sun in order to avoid frying everything and everypony around her, 3) She didn't connect to the love and friendship shared by over 50 million souls. Imangine the amount of power she could have used.

I think Celestia underestimated the power Chrysalis had gained from Shining Armor. And it's likely been a long time since Celestia's ever fought anyone, she's a mentor and a protector, not a warrior, though she'd likely go to battle if all of Equestria was that threatened.

I don't really have any sympathy for Chrysalis. The episodes don't really give enough of a reason to feel sorry for her, and her unnecessary cruelty, coupled with her plans to essentially enslave all of Equestria, then added on to forcibly separating two ponies who love each other more than life, is just not really sympathy inducing. I do feel a little sorry for the changeling minions, because they really have no character, no reason to live other than serve Chrysalis and feed off love.

I'm sorry, all I could think of was THERE'S A RAPIST IN THE GRASS due to the cover pic.

Great story, only hope more people come and read it! Cadence is most underrated princess given she actually saved the day, unlike :trollestia:

Are you going to do Crystal Empire as well, although it'll be a bit boring from Cadences PoV given she just sits there creating the biggest forcefield ever. A post saving the day story would be cool, as the ponies welcome back the Crystal Princess

Well it has been a 1000 years since she did fight directly. But you are correct, Epona help you when she goes all out.

I have plans to write a story about Cadence on her honeymoon getting called back to head to the Crystal Empire.

And I think I could create an interesting story of her shielding the Empire, perhaps from a dual perspective of both her and Shining Armor.
Also, Cadence is best princess. And most boss princess.

Oh so it is from my little sister DA page lol small world I guess

You know, there was something I had noticed about Chrysalis's mind control spell. When we first see it, it only seems to last a few seconds, just enough to distract Shining Armor. But during the first ceremony and the invasion, he's pretty much under the spell the entire time (with those eyes that are somehow simultaneously silly and creepy), at least until the real Cadance breaks the queen's hold on him.

What do you think prompted Chrysalis to strengthen the mind control? I'd like to see someone look at the events from Shining Armor's perspective, though one would have to make up a lot of details for that to work.

I don't think she had the power to sustain it. She's slowly building power and by the time we hit the ceremony she's so overpowered she can sustain it.

Simply extraordinary. I favor the way you wrote this from Princess Cadence's perspevtive. 10/10

This story was very nicely done. I liked how you added little bits and pieces of conversation that weren't in the episode but they sense. Great story!:twilightsmile:

2044788 Thank you. Princess Cadence is my favorite pony, so I'd hope I would be good at writing her.

2143865 Thank you. :) I'm glad this story gets a lot of positive feedback. :trollestia:

Um, this is a good story, however there is one thing that doesn't make any sense. How did the changelings get into the castle in Canterlot? At this point, Shining Armor's spell is still protecting Canterlot and Chrysalis has not cast any spells on him at all. Therefore, for Cadence to be captured she would have to have left for whatever reason. She couldn't have been captured inside the castle or anywhere inside of Canterlot for that matter.

Comment posted by Eclipsestorm4 deleted Mar 25th, 2013

Oops I meant to have that explained.
My thought was that there were already Changelings inside Canterlot before Shining Armor started protecting it.

This story was wonderfully done! I truly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing it!

Comment posted by Cryosite deleted Apr 5th, 2018

I just so happened to be reading this when this day aria came up on my playlist. Great coincidence

Great read. Enjoyed looking in her inner turmoil throughout the events before during and after the episode.

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