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*Concerned muttering*


[Checking data....]
[Opening memory.....]

[Personal memory file corrupted.]
[Opening back-up memory...]
[Back-up memory opened.]

Designation: Cobalt
Species: Carbonalt
Biological designation: Synthetic
Intelligence level: Self-Aware
Loyalty designation: ISA Majority
Military status: Active
Combat class: Reconnaissance
Location: Unknown
Military rank: CORRUPT
Originality: CORRUPT

Corruption too major. Requires input for continued function.

[Request confirmed. Objective set as: [SURVIVE]_]

[Vessel startup activated.]

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This seems interesting....

Go on...:moustache:

I'm I'm not sure what to think, really. The spelling and grammar are good the story is enticing enuf but then there's the humanoid equines part of it that throws me off... I'm not really against it, it just feels out of place I guess..... I don't know it might just be me, good work though.

I like how you're referring to his body as a vessel cause in a since it is. I too find this to be interesting, definitely keeping my eye on this.:trixieshiftright:

I am unsure of my feelings in this.


is this a sequel? :trixieshiftright: because I feel like i am missing something

please continue but whats with the robot organic racism in thURRR :ajbemused:

hmmm this interests my brain greatly...proceed :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

you should mention it having anthroponies.....................

This story seems promising. please continue.

This story his piqued my interest, do continue:moustache:


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