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Rainbow takes a final flight in her old age, she goes home.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

LAST FLIGHTS ARE ALWAYS THE SADDEST.... oh my heart... i'm dying.

Very sad, and quite excellent.:fluttershysad:

Oh god, the feels...
This is beautiful.

so rainbow plummeted to her death. is that considered a form of suicide? I guess she just couldn't face old age. she was the last to go, by her own choice.

5739612 I'd think it likely is, she wanted to go out on her own terms.

Goddam that was butifull very Welldon i applud you great sir/madam.:raritycry::heart:

7491900 Madam, and thank you very much!

This story has been reviewed (1st glance by Spike) by Spike's First Glance review group, at author request., and it was terrible.

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