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Blue Breeze


What ever happened to Blue Breeze after that fateful night in the Everfree Forest? Did he ever go back to further his studies on the forest's strange weather? Or did he give up that dream and move on to something else? Well, this story follows Blue Breeze through his life, many years after that night.

This story is a sequel to my last story, 'The Mark of Blue Breeze' and another of my stories, 'Those Awkward Teen Years'. The first story I highly recommend reading to understand what's going on. The second isn't required, but I would appreciate it.

Credit goes to Rhino for the awesome cover image.

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Hopefully you all find this fic better than my last.:twilightsheepish: I personally think it's better so far.

150010 anything to say on the story itself?


150221 Yheah it was a good read and I enjoyed I look forward to more work from you.

150534 ive already got an idea for chapter 2. i'll try to get to typing that today


Nice chapter lol chimcherrychonja.

156297 little reference i wanted to make to the newest episode. ill probably keep that going as blue's favorite food

"Well, it's not as cool as your story."
Rainbow Dash saying that? That didn't really feel right.

And, to me, both falling like that for each other in one day feels kind of rushed.
Otherwise, not bad.

158340 yeah, that line did leave me feeling weird, so i changed it. as for the relationship, there was a reason i had the waiter cut in. it wont be a real relationship for a while.

Pretty good chapter. The only problem I see is what Oryutzen already pointed out. The relationship seems rushed but other than that good chapter.

161874 and like i said, not a real relationship yet. theyve only fallen for each other and are at that awkward moment where they dont know how to express their feelings


Nice chapter(I finally had a spare two minutes) I like how your first (I don't count one chapter fics) fic is really well done I'll be it a tiny bit rushed but in comparrison to a lot of stories it's good.


I know. I just feel the need to point things out even if its already been said sometimes. Anyways, this chapter was pretty good.

162555 rushed? originally this chapter was gonna be at the forest, but i decided to put a little something in so it doesnt seem too fast paced. and at least my story makes sense compared to a certain someone's :trixieshiftright:

Another good chapter. Not much to say other than keep up the good work.

165228 if thats the case, you should at least put 'random' in the genre tags

I liked this chapter and yay Fluttershy to the rescue! :yay:

Another good chapter. And sorry about the writer's block. I would help you but I'm having a hard time at writing my own story as it is.

180007 its cool, im sure itll come to me. i might just take a few days off and try to think up some things. i know im gonna do a hearts and hooves day type chapter, so expect that down the line. only problem is trying to think up stuff for inbetween

amazing:twilightsmile: i can has moar please, but in all seriousness i find this story really good it, the chapters are quite short but they give you alot of action and funny shit happening and thats great in my book so keep it up bro :pinkiehappy:

202506 thanks. i keep chapters short because i like to leave them on a cliff-hanger and so i can write them often(though youve probably noticed ive slowed down recently)


First non unicron? I think I take that title.

214384 not in this story. and if i do use your backstory when youre in, im going to bring up that everyones memory was erased


214386.......For the mass murder part?

214397 yes. meaning no one but you and the princesses will have any knowledge of your powers


214401 Well, I think I know how to add me into the story.


Well I finally got of my lazy butt and read this. Not bad, a couple of keystroke errors here and there but otherwise fine.


"Ah, fantastic. Sure did take its sweet time to arrive." she says happily. "Wait, doesn't Derpy normally deliver the mail?" should it not be he

Well it looks like somepony is going to be getting some flank tonight :derpytongue2:

222501 and you thought i was rushing the relationship. HA!

Well...we are all wrong something I suppose.

222542 to be honest, i surprised myself with how long i went before making it an official relationship. but i was determined to wait til valentines day so that i could make this special

Well that's good. I think that it really made it seem like a more realistic relationship or something (Not that I would know about relationships. foreveralone.jpg )

222581 neither would i. i was serious about not having a special someone(and a little bit about the corner lol)

Oh well who needs a special somebody anyways? We got ponies...right :fluttercry: And wow its already midnight where I am and I've yet to work on my story. :facehoof:

222606 only 10 over here. its good to be in cali.:twilightsmile:

You Californians always living in pastland. :trixieshiftright:


I hate valentines day.

223470 you think i like being reminded about how lonely i am?


>>I got dumped around 3 weeks before vanlentines day.


Yes it is.


Wait a second *Thinks it through* why didn't I impale the ******

233141 because i dont want there to be too much violence. im already giving your backstory, and thats pretty dark. i also have another reason, but thatd be spoilers for those who arent in the know


233177......Fair enough and I can see why that would ruin the story.

233182 yeah. this fic's main purpose is the comedy. plus the fact thats its rated everyone. i dont even use human swears because i want to keep this mostly light hearted


233203 Fair enough.

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