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well this is just a silly little fic were twilight finally gets her computer to work, and what does she find on the internet :3
warning mild language
this is not a clop fic
if you want to consider it as a troll fic, fine by me

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...No, I can't say anything other than that.


Let the Butt-hurts begin.

You missed out on a nice little pun in that chapter title. You'd only have to change a few letters. I'll see if you can figure it out.

All can get is he Tpain

What. The. Fuck.

Comment posted by GetJinxed deleted Jan 25th, 2013

In Equestria, computers hate Twilight Sparkle

dont do it twlight run run for your life :pinkiecrazy:


ok i think i can help youout some to make you a little more liked on the site... can i help you?:pinkiesad2: i never get asked for help:raritydespair:

also i am mental in a way.:twilightsmile:

so can i help you better your self:scootangel:?

2319362 okay, i will start making it later. now i have to work some:twilightsheepish:

on fics that is.:raritywink:

Wat's your youtube channel name

well i loved this. i just loved it, spike and looking at porn,, wow that is just funny. you can make that into a fic its self.:twilightoops::pinkiehappy:

i like how this ended, i was pissed about the plushies and the funny thing was fluttershy killed her animals and drinks monster:twilightblush:

keep up the good work ill make the file for you to better yourself:twilightsmile:

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