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Nopony knew that one changeling would have such a major impact on Equestria's future.

Shade is dead, leaving Chrysalis free to take over and do with Equestria as she pleases.

And these are the last memories of Princess Celestia and Fluttershy...

First book is here: Son of the Princess

Second book is here: Son of Chaos

Alternate ending to Son of Chaos: Son of Peace

Third book is here: Son of Change

Fourth book is here: Son of Eternity

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Comments ( 35 )

End of hope? I could make a "Nightwish" reference, but that would be lame.

Anywho, good going, Twow. Your writing never fails to impress me.

I cried when I read this:fluttercry: the thought of Fluttershy dieing was so painful... good story:yay:

I.....I honestly don't know if I want to keep reading this anymore :fluttershbad:


Is this an alternate story ? Please let it be so because this is just plain wrong.

Shade.... Where is he....? :fluttercry:

I don't even know what to say :fluttershysad:
All those things :fluttercry:
YOU MONSTER :raritycry::applecry::fluttercry:

2012979 He is with Fluttershy, Celestia and Null now :fluttercry:

Twow443...... what is this?
I'm sorry but this is NOT the sequel to Son of Change. This is'nt how it is supposed to end. It CAN'T.
I won't believe it is. Chrysalis is not supposed to win. :pinkiecrazy:

How? How did you turn such a beatuiful, amazing, well-written and strongly put-together story into a rubbish, half-assed, unwelcome and unneeded endng? How? This cannot be done by accident. :rainbowderp:
GIVE ME THE REAL STORY! :twilightangry2: Please :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Baron Von Weirdo deleted Jan 24th, 2013

Ohohoh. Wait, What?.

Wait wait wait a sec.... :unsuresweetie:


That would mean... the story has not finished yet.... and if the story is not finished...then that would mean.... only one thing...........SHADE IS NOT FINISHED!!!! :pinkiegasp:
It's a nightmare!! It never happened!!! Shade is not dead!!!!!

It's the only answer :ajsmug:

2013980 Yes! That must be it! it must be.. :fluttershysad:

It has to be, otherwise, well, there cannot be anything else.

My thoughts (and hopes) on what is on the next chapter:

Shade wakes up; screaming at the realistic nightmare he has just seen. But he is no longer in the field where he was just killed. Nor in Fluttershy's home, or his bed in Canterlot. No, he is nowhere.

He is in limbo, his body has died, but not his soul. The love of everyone who cares about him is keeping his soul alive. Now, in Limbo, he must find a way to get back to his body and end Chrysalis's rain of terror before it is too late for everyone.

What do you think? Good scenario, no? :twistnerd:

2014370 Yes! This cannot be! :flutterrage:

2013980 Oops. Fixed that.

2014813 That'd be great, if Fluttershy, Null, his mother and aunt weren't dead and if I hadn't marked the story as Complete.

2012552 This is gonna make me sound like an ass, but I've done my job then.

2012979 Well... Chrysalis stabbed him, and burned his body.

Twow443, how could you end such a epic series with such a...ending?
Ok, I accept your ending. and when I found out is complete I felt really really sad :fluttercry:
Can you please to a 'what if' type of thing. like if shade had somehow survived Chrysalis (Flutters love healing him, or Chrysalis just missing his heart or something like that). You have to write a version where the ponies win, even if it involves Shade dieing :fluttercry:

Why? Just why? :ajbemused:
Why did you make such an EPIC and engaging story have a crappy and terrible end. :twilightangry2:
You have two weeks.

I think I speak for most of the fans when I say this.

This ending is bullshit.

I laughed hard xD

But you srsly you ended all that story, if yest hen quite big dissapointment.
Oh wait now i see next story :P

2013025 This is alternative ending.

2021095 I know that *Facehoof*


Comment posted by demon51423 deleted Jul 23rd, 2013

2919504 Holy damn. Something wrong?

2920081 :facehoof: sorry that was the biggest dick move I have ever read about in a long time but this was a good book man :twilightsmile:

2920081also :twilightblush: sorry only ment to put one rage moment

The whole time I read this was stone faced , it wasn't even crying!
I am disappointed with this horableending!

3710043 Good thing this isn't the official ending then.

twow443 I must say this is quite the bad dark ending you wrote as an alt. ending. Nearing grimdark levels with Chrysalis' little revenge there. I'm really enjoying the Son Of series and Son of Eternity is the next one on my to read list. :twilightsmile:

If only there was someone who could light the darkness at the burning scene and save everyone....

Do you happen to RP any? Cause I could think of an interesting way an alt. ending to this one could go.

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