• Published 22nd Jan 2012
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Discord Did It - DarkMasterofCupcakes

A year after his defeat, Discord gets revenge on the girls, in an odd way.

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Chapter 1

(Regular POV)

-Sugar Cube Corner-

"Pinkie Pie? Are you feeling alright?" questioned the cinnamon-colored mare who had a cutie mark shaped like a cookie that had a bite taken out of it.

Pinkie looked over to the other female pony and smiled, nodding her head.

"Of course I'm alright, Ginger Snap. Why do you ask?" she asked with a grin, her speech slightly garbled due to something being in her mouth.

Ginger Snap's only answer was to look at the three-foot-long strand of strawberry licorice hanging from the pink pony's mouth. Her gaze then wandered to Pinkie's stomach, which was bulging slightly.

Pinkie noticed where Ginger Snap was looking and giggled slightly.

"Yeah, I know. Guess all those goodies I've been eating these past six weeks didn't like being eaten. They're making me fat". Her tone suddenly changed as she shouted, "Oh, those manure-heads, I'm gonna kill them!"

Brown eyes widened as Ginger Snap slowly backed away from the suddenly angry Pinkie Pie.

The poofy-maned mare grumbled to herself, slurping up the remaining licorice in an apparent attempt to placate herself. It seemed to work, as the moment she swallowed the last of the licorice, she gave an almost manic grin.

She then proceeded to get sick, just as Mr. and Mrs. Cake entered the shop.

Mrs. Cake looked at Pinkie, a concerned expression on her face. The only other time Pinkie had gotten sick like this was when a sleep-deprived Applejack had helped her make some muffins which ended up being "baked bads".

"Pinkie? Did you eat anything that didn't taste right to you?" Mrs. Cake asked her employee, who shook her head.

"Nope, Mrs. Cake," Pinkie said, producing a damp rag out of…somewhere (with Pinkie Pie, it was often best not to question things like this) and proceeding to wipe up the mess she had made.

Once the mess was cleaned, she waved a hoof at the Cakes and Ginger Snap before hopping out the door.

"Aunt Cup?" Ginger Snap said once Pinkie was out of earshot. Mrs. Cake glanced over at her niece. "Please tell me she's not always this crazy."

Mrs. Cake didn't say anything.


-Carousel Boutique-

Rarity groaned in annoyance, throwing the dress she had been wearing a moment ago onto the floor of the boutique. She had made the dress a little over a month ago, after being invited to a party by Rose, Lily, and Daisy.

The party was tomorrow, so the unicorn had wanted to give a final examination of how she looked in the dress, and fix any small imperfections she could find.

Fortunately, the dress was absolutely perfect. There wasn't a strand of fabric torn or a single jewel out of place.

Unfortunately, Rarity was unable to fit into the dress. Five weeks ago, the outfit had fit like a glove. Now, it squeezed her stomach in a way that was actually somewhat painful. Rarity stuck her bottom lip out slightly in a pout. She knew the behavior was childish, but she was frustrated. Besides, no-pony was around to see her. Sighing slightly, the unicorn mare walked over to the mirror she normally used for seeing how her newest fashion creations looked on live models.

"I don't see how I could have gained so much weight" she said to herself, examining the growth in the stomach.

She turned herself slightly, as though believing the bump would vanish if she looked at it from the correct angle. Her thoughts were snapped away by the sound of Opal meowing.

Rarity turned to look at her pet cat, who was glaring back at her.

For a moment, the mare wondered why the feline was so upset. Then she noticed the time and the empty cat-food bowl on the floor next to Opal.

"Oh, yes, of course." Rarity said, smiling apologetically to the white cat. "I'm sorry, Opal. I've just been so…flustered, as of late" she continued, using her magic to place two small fish filets into Opal's bowl. Yes, the fish had been expensive, but Opal refused to eat anything else.

As the cat began to eat, Rarity glanced back up at the clock.

She had agreed to meet the others at Twilight's library for lunch at noon, but she was currently being overwhelmed by the urge to fix the boutique.

It was eleven o'clock, exactly.

"An hour is plenty of time to clean up and still make it to the library in time for lunch," Rarity said to herself.

Opal paused in her meal to glance around the room.

Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, save for the dress that was on the floor. Why did her mistress need even five minutes to clean, let alone anywhere close to an hour?

Her question was answered by a couch sliding past her, six inches away from her nose.


-Twilight's Library-

Spike looked at the six ponies that were standing in the room, wondering what was wrong with all of them. They were supposed to be having lunch, but no-pony was eating except him.

The girls had all taken a couple bites of their food before claiming that it didn't taste right. They had the same reaction to the tea.

Spike had tried to tell them that the food and tea tasted fine to him, only to have Rainbow Dash point out that what tasted good to a dragon didn't necessarily taste good to ponies. After all, he ate things that were normally used as decorations in clothing for the ponies.

After that, Spike chose not to worry about them eating, figuring they would all have something later.

However, now he was more concerned about how they were acting.

Twilight was currently suffering from a migraine that seemed to come out of nowhere; Both Applejack and Fluttershy were clearly nauseous, though the pegasus was clearly not handling the feeling as well as the earth-pony; Rarity seemed unable to make herself comfortable, as she kept adjusting her position, seeming to take extreme care not to lie on her stomach; Rainbow Dash was actually struggling to keep her eyes open; And Pinkie was actually starting to eat wrapping paper decorated with candy canes that she had purchased on her way to the library. Now, even for Pinkie Pie, this was weird behavior.

Spike continued to watch his friends attempt to deal with their obvious discomfort…and desire to eat paper, which Pinkie was expressing. Finally, he'd decided that enough was enough and spoke up.

"What is the matter with all of you?" he asked loudly, flushing when the girls all turned to stare at him. He mumbled an apology.

"It's fine, Spike" Twilight told him as she used her magic to gather up the still full teacups onto the platter that had been used to serve the tea and food.

The room was silent for several moments before Fluttershy spoke up, though her voice was even softer than it normally was.

"I..haven't been feeling very well lately…" she said.

This confession seemed to cause a chain reaction, as the rest of the girls suddenly began listing off symptoms they had been experiencing. At first, they didn't seem to think anything of it. Then they realized that they shared certain symptoms: near constant nausea, increased appetite, and, most obviously, weight gain.

Once again, the room was silent.

"We need to see some-pony for help" Applejack said, though it was clear she didn't like the idea of needing help at all.

The others nodded in agreement.


-Everfree Forest-

"No offense to Zecora, but why aren't we just going to an actual doctor?" Rainbow Dash asked as the group walked through the Everfree Forest on their way to visit the zebra that lived within it.

Twilight was the one to answer the cyan pegasus's question. She sighed slightly, as if she were a bit out of breath despite the fact that they hadn't walked very far or very fast.

"Because this isn't something normal for Ponyville. I've looked through all my medical books and none of the illnesses had all the symptoms that we have" she explained, glancing over her shoulder to look at Rainbow Dash.

She then continued to speak, finishing her thought.

"Zecora's been to a lot more places than Ponyville. Maybe she knows what's wrong with us and how to fix it."


It didn't take long for the six ponies and the baby dragon to reach the hut of the zebra.

The owner of said hut was already outside, scrapping moss off a tree with what seemed to be a knife made of carved wood.

She looked up from her work and seemed surprised, though not upset, to see her guest.

"What, may I ask, brings you here?" she asked them, seeming genuinely confused. "Most would not visit at this time of year."

As though to explain why most ponies would not visit the forest at this time of the year, she glanced at the trees surrounding her home, which all had soaked bark, and at the ground, which was close to being swamp-land with how much water had seeped into the dirt.

"Sorry to just barge in like this, Zecora, but we haven't been feeling very well for a while, and we wanted to know if you could help us." Twilight explained.

Zecora said that she would do whatever she could, then asked for the girls to say what they're symptoms were, doing both in her characteristic rhyming manner.

After the six ponies had all listed off their symptoms, from fatigue to desire to eat things like paper and string, Zecora's eyes seemed to soften slightly. She chuckled good-naturedly before telling the ponies that she had a feeling that she knew exactly what was wrong with them.

"Well, what is it?" Rainbow Dash asked, clearly having lost her patience.

Before the zebra could answer, Rarity asked how they could remedy their illness and how long it would take.

"By this time next year, you shall flourish" Zecora told them.

The six ponies looked at each other in confusion before turning back to their zebra friend.

"How do you know? What's causing it?" Applejack questioned.

The blue-eyed zebra smiled slightly before she answered the orange earth pony's inquiry.

"The cause is the foals that you nourish."