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John Tracker is a vigilante who has reached the end of his rope and just wants it to end. Before he can do that though he has a few things he needs to take care of. However a demi-goddess he has the misfortune of knowing isn't going to just let him end it like that so she sends to where else but Equestria where he is told to make friends and find a reason to keep going. This is the story of his trials and tribulations during that time.

Special thanks to Hollyhock for editing, proofreading and the cover art!

The gore tag is there for the presence of blood in later chapters though not excessive amounts.

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Oh, hey, I kinda forgot I was supposed to be editing this, sorry :twilightsheepish:


Its alright :pinkiesmile: It was still edited and has made it here so all is good.

hmm, i will favourite this so i may look at the next chapter and pass my judgement then, though i may say that this looks rather good and well written.

waddaya think of my simply STUNNING writing?:rainbowlaugh:

2031962 i usually write like this -> shut yer trap


Mind letting me know what specifically you like about it?


noo but seriously: i liked that it was well written and the ''plot'', i like john (because he seems awesome).
also never search for 'dat plot' on google, you'll see some very funny stuff and some very scary stuff

*I grant* I haven’t lived as long as you

*Granted,* would suit better there.
Also, will follow.

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Just in case anyone is wondering I am nearly done with chapter 2, it is mostly down to editing then adding it to the story. Thanks for being patient with me!

I would totally post "first" here, but apparently that is a very terrible thing to do that hurts hungry children in Africa and has become a ban-able offence. So w/e enjoy the chapter.

Good to see this story get an update, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more. Good work :moustache:


Thank you :pinkiehappy: With any luck I can get updates out quicker so long as the quality remains good enough to keep people happy.

Yay! I found another good story! Hope to see more when it's available. Keep it up, cause its reall good.


Glad you like it :pinkiehappy: Chapter 4 is almost done so expect an update sometime soon,

Woohoo! Love this story! Nice balance of his unhappiness and some comedy. Good pace for emotional recover as well. Glad to see you don't rush it like some people do. Keep it up man!
and who is this sheva? She sounds like a fun little being.
Dammit discord......... Get the hell out of my comment!
make me human*spans a hint fireball in his hand*
Umm......... Nevermind...... I'll just...... Go over there
thats what I thought...

Correction *spawns a giant fireball in his hand*


Glad your enjoying it :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

You know, I've never thought of Sheeva as somebody Discord might enjoy knowing but I have to admit I kinda like the idea though not sure it they would really get along.

3119639 I just like adding discord to my posts to be funny. would be cool to see though.
I'll say
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are we friends?
not really. its more like you just exist and i use you for my amusement.
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pretty much


:applejackconfused: strange, why do i like this story so much !
Whatever, faved. :pinkiehappy:


A good question, what do you like about it? What don't you like about it? Why is you liking it strange?



what do you like about it?

I like its NOT a brony, but an "ordinary guy" and there's a reason he going to Equestria.

What don't you like about it?

:applejackunsure: Errr... no update ? maybe a side story of when he was on Earth, and what happened. (maybe telling it in 2'nd person to Luna?)

Ponies that are too trusting when they meet the human for the first time/s. (and this is for all writers & stories)

Applejack looked over at Rainbow, “So is he dangerous then or what?”
Putting a hoof to her mouth Rainbow looked backwards in though, “Hmmm. I don’t think so. He didn’t try to hurt me or anything; of course if he had I would have put him in his place.” Suddenly I was very tempted to tell her to bring it on, but decided against it, for now anyway. Still, Rainbow’s testimony did seem to make them feel less threatened by me though not entirely trusting either but they did approach me at least.

WTF 2'nd meeting and she think's he isn't dangerous!

“Please accept our apologies on behalf of our subjects. Our ponies are naturally afraid of things they do not know or understand.”

Thats looking more realistic for ponies. The story misunderstandings by The Rogue Wolf is pretty good showing what could happen.

Unfortunately, the locals are skittish, distrustful of anything not their own, and outright terrified of whatever might be threatening to them.


Why is you liking it strange?

other stories i like as much a yours, its almost always a bit more action in them. (and clop)
On second thought, (and looking on my fav's) only ½ is clop :twilightsheepish:
and going like this when reading this story for the first time (stop at 3m48s)
And no, i don't know why i think you're that good. Only that the story really is that outstanding !?.:yay:
my top fav HiE writers (and thats human and not transformed human)
Demon Eyes Laharl

PS. heh.. abit longer than i thought it be, hope this answer all of you questions.

maybe a side story of when he was on Earth, and what happened. (maybe telling it in 2'nd person to Luna?)

Oh don't worry, his back story will be revealed as the story progresses, I promise you that.

Ponies that are too trusting when they meet the human for the first time/s. (and this is for all writers & stories)

Yeah, I'm trying to balance how I think they would react in canon to how afraid they might be of him and trying not to make the fear go on for too long. I had hoped the reasons they might not be afraid of him for too long would make sense; guess that didn't quite work out. :twilightblush: Also a lot of inspiration was taken from the first Zecora episode so that may also be part of it.

WTF 2'nd meeting and she think's he isn't dangerous!

I get what you mean but to be honest, he didn't do anything to show how dangerous he is and she certainly doesn't know what he's done. The only thing she knows so far other than what she can see is that he helped Windfall with her injuries.

my top fav HiE writers (and thats human and not transformed human)
Demon Eyes Laharl

Good choices! I know of three of those authors and really like two of them, that being Demon and Jaydex. I've read AnonponyDASHIE's Xenophilia story and I liked that. I think I have something by Swiper but I'm not sure to be honest.

PS. heh.. abit longer than i thought it be, hope this answer all of you questions.

That's ok. I'm glad it was actually. I would like to see more comments with that kind of depth to it. Thanks for answering my questions and I hope I was able to provide reasons as to why I did what I did.

Something that's always bugged me about stories involving reactions of the main 6 to HiE mentioning they eat meat. Three characters right out should NOT have negative reactions. Flutteryshy because she takes care of animals. Some animals are carnivores and require meat. Therefore she understands the circle of life, etc. That doesn't mean she can't be sad at the loss of life, potentially, but it does mean that she can't be outright hostile or think "eating meat=evil" or some other ridiculous nonsense.

Rainbow Dash because she's friends with a griffon. A griffon is half eagle and half lion, neither of those are herbivores, therefore diet is obvious as pointed out by most fics, including yours. :)

Twilight Sparkle because she was being groomed by Celestia to be a princess and Celestia has to have dealings with the other races, like the griffons, who eat meat. Celestia is a poor teacher if Twilight was not exposed to the point where she could hold in any negative reaction. You also have the addition of my weaker arguments against the other three that also applies to Twilight: her pet is an owl. Owls eat mice. Twilight you should be aware of this and it's not like the pets in the show haven't demonstrated sapient level intellect, therefore the "it's just an animal" argument is either invalid or holds very little real weight.

Moving on to Rarity. Rarity has a cat. Cats are known to be avid hunters who hunt for pleasure, which can have a detrimental effect on local bird populations. The concept of something or someone eating meat should not be a foreign concept and bother her or the idea of hunting for food in general.

Applejack is probably the one with the best reason to possibly have a problem, although she does have a dog. Applejack can possibly get away if she somehow doesn't think about the fact that the dog has carnivorous teeth and does't feed it anything but some type of supplement, like dog food, that has the necessary nutrition without it being obvious.

Pinkie Pie has a get alligator or crocodile (I can't remember which). That thing is a meat eater. Then again, it's Pinkie Pie. So she could probably get away with feeding the damn thing nothing but cupcakes and it would somehow survive. Somehow I think the statement: "It's Pinkie Pie, your argument is invalid" applies.

Write faster. XD
Nah just kidding. Thanks for the story. I am completley hocked.


I get where you are coming from and I do try, at least with the pegasi since they would have the most interactions with griffons. However even if you know something you still can have an instinctive reaction to it and they are a prey species so a fear of being eaten is rather ingrained and natural to them, just look at Pinkie Apple Pie leading up the cave scene. Thanks for commenting though.


Thanks :twilightsmile: That means a lot.

Well I just found this, and its good so far!

Keep em coming

No big gripes about it so far either!


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Any particular gripes I should try to avoid?


No not really. The only thing that makes ME role my eyes in HiE fics, is when the human characters start using the pony terms for things so fast. I would rather think that if I ever found myself in a place like that I wouldn't be saying somepony instead of the someone. Someone to me would still refer to all the parties involved anyways.

Again VERY minor and it doesn't detract really.

I forgot about this story! Glad it still is being worked on. Good chapter too! The action scene was done well! I like the style and how you do it. Sometimes to the realistic combats can get a little boring. After all we are reading fiction!



Glad you like it :twilightsmile: I have no intention of abandoning it or anything, its just takes me a while to write each chapter even without an editor. Real life kinda has a way of getting well, in the way especially now that I have a job that requires me to get up at 3am to get to on time. Anyways, glad you liked the combat :pinkiehappy:

Ever had people come up to you and ask if you were ok because you looked pissed when you weren’t?  

You have no idea...
I've had to deal with that all my life


I used to have to deal with it a lot myself, especially during my high school years. Glad someone knows what I mean though.

Only thing that came to mind during the dream


I think I could see why that would come to mind.

Been a while.
A bit too much focus on flashback, but otherwise a good chapter!

Comment posted by MercHunter deleted Jul 29th, 2014


Sorry about that, perhaps trying to fit too much of one topic into the chapter. :twilightblush:

Yay its fun to see this back!


Glad to hear it :twilightsmile: Trying to get chapters out quickly but...not going as quick as I had hoped.

I like the flashbacks and getting to know more about him.

Gee, I wonder where that random jump will take Wilhelm.


Glad to hear it. Also, I have no idea where... <.< >.>

Anyone else ship him and Iron Hoof?

Great to see an update :pinkiehappy:
Good chapter, and we got that annoying court out of the way.


No problems with the flashback this time I hope


Tough Hoof? I don't but now I'm curious as to whether or not such a thing is brewing here on FIMFiction.

5567787 Wasn't too long, and we got sweet sweet mass murder included in it.

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