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Apple of My Eye - musicalreader

What happens when you make a wish on a falling star? well, if you're dreaming, Princess Luna might just help you out with it. And you may find yourself transformed, and living a life of romance, adventure, and craziness befitting Pinkie Pie... m

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Arrival in Ponyville, AKA Party at Luna's Place!

It had been about two weeks since Orion was brought to Equestria, and all things considered, he had acclimated rather well. Sure he had needed a crash course in how to properly hold… well, anything really… with hooves. And yeah, he may have accidentally knocked over a priceless vase or smashed through a window in the castle one or six times while getting lessons from Aegis Shield in how to fly. But all things considered, not too bad. He still didn’t have a cutie mark, but that was expected given that his last couple weeks had been spent studying Equestrian living 101 with Luna and occasionally Celestia.

“I think you’re starting to get the hang of this.” Luna said encouragingly from the ground, as Orion tried to hover in place in the middle of the night court.

“Thanks Luna, but don’t you think it might be a bad idea to do this in the throne room?” he replied, looking around him and making sure to steer clear of anything breakable, “I mean, what if somepony needs to speak with you? It’ll look kind of goofy if you’re giving flying lessons to a grown ma- I mean, grown stallion.”

“Believe it or not Orion, I’m perfectly content to be caught looking goofy if it means that more ponies will see me as approachable.” Luna replied, rolling her eyes, “Besides, I’m rather hoping that word gets around that I have a student of my own… might give Blueblood something to moan about that isn’t related to his personal cleaning routines.”

“What was that?” Orion asked, momentarily losing his focus and dropping to the ground about ten feel below.

“Are you alright?!” Luna asked, rushing over to where he was sprawled out on the marble floor in a daze. His eyes were literally spinning around in his head.

“Ugh… I feel like I’m not improving anymore.” He confessed, shaking his head until his eyes refocused.

“Well… it is true that you seem to have hit a wall… Maybe it is time for you to go out and learn on your own…” Luna mused aloud, tapping her hoof to her lower lip in an almost diabetes inducing display of cuteness.

“I have to say, as much as I love the living space in the castle, I think I’d be better off at this point trying to live on my own and making friends who aren’t royalty… no offense Princess…”

“None taken Orion. I also get tired of the royal treatment… Now then, let’s just go over a few more things before we try and put you out in the real world.” Luna said, walking towards the door to the throne room. She was about to reach for the handle when the doors flew open and several guards spilled inside, looks of sheer terror on their normally stoic faces.

“Your Majesty, we tried to stop her, but she’s too much!” one shouted out before collapsing, his wings littered with bits of colored paper and what looked like silly string.

“Truly Princess… She’s a force of nature that we are not prepared for!” another guard exclaimed from the pile, his head poking out of the mass of armor, and a party hat dangling from his horn, “I recommend calling on Capt. Armor immediately before she…”

“WHERE IS HE?!” a voice yelled from the hall outside, simultaneously upbeat and terrifying, “I KNOW YOU’RRE HERE SOMEWHERE!”

The faces of the royal guards; usually calm and steely, had degraded into expressions of sheer terror. One of them even started sobbing, “No more cake please mommy! I’ll eat my vegetables, just no more cake!”

“Oh dear…” Luna said, her eyes growing wide, “I believe my sister told Twilight about your arrival a bit too early…”

“Why do you think that?” Orion asked, his knees only shaking a little as he steeled himself to meet whatever had incapacitated royal guards and infiltrated one of the most secure locations in all of Equestria.

“Because…” Luna began, shortly interrupted by a wad of streamers and what looked like frosting slamming into her face and forcing her to sit down in utter shock.

“HEEEERE’S PINKIE!” echoed through the hall as a blue and pink blur zoomed through the doorway, circling Orion and letting off what sounded like gunshots in every direction around him.

Orion cowered on the floor, his wings instinctively covering him as much as they could, and his forelegs draped across the back of his neck. Eventually the gunfire ceased and a scary silence fell on the throne room. After a few minutes, he worked up the nerve to look out and see the damage. When he opened his eyes though, all he could see was an inky blackness with a ring of light blue and HOLY BUCK THOSE ARE EYES! GIANT FREAKING BLUE EYES RIGHT FREAKING THERE!!!

“Hi! I’m Pinkie Pie, and I threw this party just for you! I don’t know who you are yet, but I’m Pinkie Pie and we’re gonna be best friends!” The blue eyes said energetically
As soon as his brain kicked back on, Orion’s first instinct was to jump in the air, scream in such a way that was completely masculine, regardless of any shattered glass that resulted from said scream, and tear off towards the exit at the back of the room.

If the Wonderbolts had been in the room to see how quickly he flew for that door, they may have made him an honorary member on the spot. If anypony else were in the room to see Pinkie Pie however, they would have wondered how an earth pony learned to teleport. Needless to say, his escape attempt was thwarted as Pinkie seemed to materialize in front of the door Orion was barreling towards, and crushed him in a hug that would have killed him as a human. Luckily for him, Ponies are remarkably springy when it comes to blunt force trauma and overenthusiastic hugs…

“Ohmygoshwe’regoingtohavesomuchfunIcanalreadytell,andwe’llbethebestoffriendsandhangoutandpartyandI’llintroduceyoutoeveryponyinPonyvilleandthisisthebestdayever!Imeanreally,Inormallydon’tgetdoozy’sfrommyPinkiesense,butI’vebeenhavingthisdoozyforlike,twoweeks,andthenwhenTwilightsaidthatPrincessCelestiawantedustomeetsomeponyIjustknewthedoozyhadtobeyousoIsnuckmypartycannonintoCanterlot,whicheverponysaidwasabadideabutItotallybroughtitanyway,andthenIfoundyouandnowwecanPARTY!” (Translation for this is provided in the Authors Notes section below)

Orion’s brain tried to process everything that had just spewed forth from this pink party abomination’s mouth, eventually gave up trying, took a nice holiday in Manehattan, and left Orion instructions to simply nod his head and continue breathing.

“So are you excited or what?!” Pinkie asked, grinning so wide that her teeth actually went beyond her face.

Orion nodded and breathed.

“Alrighty then!” Pinkie shouted, pulling the still stunned Princess Luna from across the room… while still sitting in one place… seriously, how stretchy was she?! “You hear that Princess? Let’s get this party started!”

He nodded and breathed.

Pinkie scraped some of the frosting from Luna’s face before pronking (It’s a real word, look it up) over to a DJ booth that had appeared out of nowhere.

Luna chose the absence of the pink party pony as an excellent time to snap out of the shock at being shot in the face by a party cannon.

“Orion, don’t panic, just calmly get up and go through the door behind you… I’ll try and mount an offensive to take out that party cannon…” Luna said numbly, not even bothering to wipe the rest of the frosting from her face.

He nodded and breathed.

“Orion? Hello?” Luna said, waving her hoof in front of his muzzle.

He nodded and breathed.

“Great……” Luna groaned, turning to find Pinkie Pie in the main hall. It wasn’t that hard actually, she was busy sitting the passed out guards at various tables around the hall. The lights had already been dimmed and a white unicorn was starting up the music at a DJ booth. Just as she was about to storm over to the pink menace, Luna noticed that a small group had just entered through the main doorway, Celestia among them.

“SISTER!” Luna yelled in her best Canterlock (the royal caps lock for those of you reading that aren’t noble born) “HELP US STOP HER! WE BELIEVE SHE HAS BROKEN ORION!”

He nodded and breathed.

“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight yelled, teleporting herself next to the party pony, “Will you settle down for a second and stop this party?!”

“No can do Twilight!” Pinkie responded over the growing volume of the music, “You can’t stop a party prematurely, Party
Planner Rule Number 3!”

“But you might have hurt the pony you’re throwing this party for!” Twilight argued, trying to get her to see sense as the two royal pony sisters closed in on the Element of Laughter.

“No I didn’t silly.” Pinkie answered, looking at Orion still sitting in a daze by the back door, “You’re fine aren’t you?!” she called out across the room.

He nodded and breathed.

“See silly? He’s fine!” Pinkie said, focusing her attention once again on straightening the party hat on one of the unicorn guards and mumbling to herself, “I swear you unicorns are always so hard to get the hats on.”

“ENOUGH!” Luna said, having finally closed the distance between Pinkie and herself, her horn flared to life and the party decorations vanished, the guards were teleported to the infirmary, which rather startled the nurse on duty, and the DJ set was turned off by removing the power cables. This of course prompted the DJ to yell out Oh come on! “THOU HAST INTRUDED ON THE SANCTITY OF THE NIGHT COURT, ASSAULTED THE ROYAL GUARDS, AND HAVE BROKEN OUR NEW FRIEND ORION! WHAT SAY YOU TO THESE CHARGES, BEARER OF THE ELEMENT OF LAUGHTER?!”

Pinkie Pie sat on her haunches and put a hoof to her lip, as if in deep concentration, finally standing back up and cocking her head to the side as she prepared her undoubtedly iron clad defense, “Well DUH!”

…or not…

“I mean, yeah, I broke into the castle, but who can’t do that these days? And yeah, I threw a party with your guards, but I mean, are they really good guards if they can’t handle something like a little party? And I still say that I totally didn’t break the new guy. HEY NEW GUY! ARE YOU BROKEN?!”

Orion nodded and breathed.

“Huh… well okay, so maybe I went a little overboard…” Pinkie admitted bashfully, “But I mean come on! How was I supposed to know a little party would shock him that badly? He’ll be fine in a minute or so, just let Auntie Pinkie at him for a moment.”

“Besides the fact that we are at least a millennia older than thou, we believe that letting you at him is EXACTLY what broke him in the first place!” Luna replied angrily, wrapping a wing protectively around Orion.

He nodded and breathed.

“Just let me see him for a couple seconds Princess Prissy.” Pinkie continued, somehow materializing in between Luna and Orion, startling the ruler of the night.

“Princess Prissy?!” Luna shouted incredulously, “How DARE you!”

She would have most likely gone off on a tirade of medieval insults, but a white wing placed around her shoulder stopped the Moonbearer cold.

“Give her a chance little sister.” Celestia said calmly, trusting her student’s friend to do the right thing, “After all, she hasn’t
done anything malicious yet. I believe this is rather standard procedure for her actually…”

“Well, normally she doesn’t shoot goddesses in the face with her party cannon, but yeah, Pinkie Pie usually goes overboard with new ponies.” Rainbow Dash interjected, hovering off to the side and trying not to laugh at what had just taken place in the usually dull throne room.

“Yeah yeah Dashie, now everypony shush… This stallion is suffering from acute party sensory overload. Princess Celestia, I’ll need a metal bucket, a glass of water, and a ball peen hammer.” Pinkie said, switching from her usually goofy self to what could almost have been mistaken for a professional… a professional of WHAT exactly still remained to be seen though…

“Alright then my little pony…” Celestia said, summoning the required tools in a moment with her magic and watching the whole scene with an amused smile.

“Why do you need all this again?” Luna asked skeptically, giving Pinkie Pie some space to work on Orion.

“The hammer and the bucket is for this…” Pinkie said, slamming the bucket over Orion’s head and banging on the side of the bucket with the ball peen hammer. Orion responded by jumping a full ten feet into the air, his wings flaring out and carrying him blindly forward at full speed. Rainbow Dash whistled, impressed at the gray, black, and purple streak as it passed by, then winced as he hit one of the marble columns full force.

“…and what was the water for?” Luna asked, shock and horror at Orion’s response second only to her curiosity.

“Well banging buckets on somepony else’s head is thirsty work.” Pinkie answered nonchalantly, taking a long sip from the glass and beaming at the princesses shocked faces and her friends doing their best not to hurt themselves as they simultaneously smacked their foreheads with their hooves.

As Orion peeled off the column… and I’m quite serious when I say he peeled off the column, you could have rolled him
up and hidden him in a roll of wrapping paper, he was that flat at the moment… His eyes noticed a few things about the room. One being that he was now in the middle of what looked like a meeting between the Elements of Harmony and the rulers of the land, and the second thing he noticed was that the floor was getting much closer than he liked at a rather fast pace… and then things got dark.


Orion bolted up in bed, a huge ache manifesting in every part of him that wasn’t his wings. He squinted his eyes open, not wanting another shock like the one he got in the throne room. He thought he had been prepared to meet Pinkie Pie, but he wasn’t prepared enough it seemed…

Much to his surprise, Luna, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash were all sitting and chatting off to the side of his bed.

“Hey champ, good to see you’re awake.” Rainbow said, smiling, “I gotta say, I’ve had my share of wipeouts, but that was a hay of a way to go down.”

Ah yes, of course the daredevil would only be here to comment on his flying skills…

“Rainbow Dash, you should know better than to say something like that to an injured flyer.” Fluttershy scolded, “Now let me take a look at you, you poor thing…” and just like that, Fluttershy had, well, fluttered over to your bedside and pulled the covers off to check for anything that might warrant extra care.

Orion fought the urge to yank the covers back on, reminding himself that he had gotten used to walking around without clothes, and that there was nothing wrong with having somepony like Fluttershy check him for injuries. Speaking of which, he probably needed to check himself for anything that wasn’t visible. He stretched out his wings as far as he could, happy that there didn’t seem to be anything broken or bruised about them. Though he did notice that Fluttershy seemed to blush slightly when his wings were extended, and so he folded them back, moving his legs as much as he could without looking ridiculous. Finally, he rolled out of the bed and walked around the room. He was aware of Rainbow Dash and Luna’s eyes on him the whole time, but he didn’t care about that. Finally content that nothing was out of sorts aside from a residual ache that was completely understandable given that he had apparently slammed into rock at full speed.

“So, to what do I owe the honor of having two Elements of Harmony in my room?” Orion asked wryly, Luna giggling a bit at his remark, “And please don’t tell me that if I open my door, Pinkie Pie will have an, I’m sorry for sending you into shock party waiting.”

“Well, uh… It’s not that we particularly had to be here exactly…” Fluttershy said, “It’s just that you hit that pillar so hard, that I wanted to make sure you were okay… and I couldn’t really tell because you were unconscious… so I just kind of stayed here… If that’s alright with you… but I couldn’t really ask before so, please don’t be angry…”

“I’m just here because I remember all the times I wiped out and didn’t like waking up to nopony being there to explain stuff, and Luna is pretty cool to hang out with.” Rainbow Dash explained, “Anyway, no guarantees about Pinkie not having another party set up… it’s kind of her thing you know?”

“I suppose that’s as good as I can get. Where are there others?” He asked Luna, not caring about manners given the fact that he still had a bit of a headache.

“Ask me nicely, and I may just answer you.” Luna replied, sticking her tongue out and smirking at Orion.

He sighed, putting his hoof on top of his muzzle, as if he were pinching the bridge of his nose, “Please oh mighty Princess Luna, won’t you grant mercy on this broken young stallion and see fit to bestow upon him the gift of knowledge about the other Elements of Harmony and your beloved sister?”

Luna sniffed, seemingly satisfied with Orion’s act of groveling… Act being the operative word in this case… “ If you must know, Celestia and the other elements went to grab some food down in the kitchens. I reminded them that we could have ordered something up, but my sister reminded me that you may not react well to seeing Pinkie again so soon after waking up.”

“Well that makes sense I suppose…” Orion conceded, “But I’m pretty sure I could handle her now that I’m ready.”

“Nopony is ever ready for Pinkie, you just learn to cope…” Fluttershy added, her voice barely audible.

Silence reigned in the room until Rainbow Dash broke it.

“……… any ideas about what we can do until they get back?” Rainbow asked, boredom clearly written on her face.

Everypony in the room looked around, trying to come up with something fun… suddenly, something caught Orion’s eye in the corner of the room.

“Is that what I think it is?” he said, pointing at the metallic tube.

Luna looked at where he was pointing and smiled deviously, “Mares and Stallion, I think I know what we can do for fun…”


Down in the royal kitchen, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, and Celestia were happily digging into a large cake. Or rather, Celestia was digging in… Seriously, she was muzzle deep in the cake, with bits of icing flying to the sides as she dug in. Rarity was politely nibbling on a small slice and dabbing her cheeks for crumbs after every bite. Twilight was reading the recipe card for the cake while idly sucking on a fork that once held a piece of cake, but had fallen off in transit to her mouth. Pinkie Pie was drawing a diagram of the cake and trying to figure out how to modify her party cannon to fit larger cakes like the one Celestia was devouring… The problem was apparently in the edging at the bottom. And lastly, Applejack was slicing a couple of apples to wedge into her piece of cake, which would probably ruin the flavor given the fact that it was a carrot cake.

Without any warning, save for Pinkie Pie suddenly reaching for an umbrella with a surprised look on her face, there was a pop of magic as Luna, Orion, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash materialized on the table dressed like pirates.

“YAAARR!” they screamed, pulling the string on what was undoubtedly Pinkie Pie’s own party cannon, and blasted the cake devouring troupe in front of them with frosting, streamers, and a mixture of confetti and glitter.

“That’s for shooting me in the face!” Luna shouted, her horn glowing as the random batch of buckaneers disappeared in a flash of dark blue colored magic.

There was a scary sort of calm that fell across the group in the kitchen, with everypony present covered head to hoof in some kind of party related paraphernalia, except for Celestia, who had already been fairly covered in icing before the surprise pirate raid. Pinkie Pie was also an exception, because she had managed to get her umbrella open in time for the
shots that were fired, she was only half covered in glitter and cake batter.

“I suppose I should have seen that one coming…” Pinkie said, everypony else in the room glaring at her for having brought the offending firearm with her in the first place.


Meanwhile, back in Orion’s room, the four vengeful vandals were busy laughing their flanks off.

“Oh man! That was the best ever! Did you guys see Rarity’s face?!” Rainbow Dash howled.

“Or the way that Twilight jumped when we popped in and yelled!?” Orion replied, his wings spread out beneath him as he rolled on the floor, “And Pinkie Pie! She’ll have a tan line made out of glitter because of that stupid umbrella!”

“This was the best prank I’ve pulled on Tia in YEARS!” Luna cried, tears streaming down her face as she recalled the look her older sister had on her face when her head popped out of the cake and there was a ring of icing around her muzzle.

“Oh my… That was really something else.” Fluttershy admitted, having been the reluctant one of the group, even she had to see the humor in what they had done. “Do you think any of them will be upset with us?”

“Oh hay yeah!” Orion said, having to calm down a bit because of the pain in his sides. “But it’ll be SOOOO worth it… And I got to blast the premier party pony of Ponyville! How many others can say that?”

“Not a whole lot dude!” Rainbow Dash said, wrapping a wing around Orion, “Man, if it’s true that you’re moving to Ponyville, we’re gonna have sooooo much fun it won’t be funny!”

Orion grinned like a loon and turned to Luna, “So when am I moving down to Ponyville anyway Princess of the Pirates?” he asked, shrugging off the brown vest and the hat Luna had conjured up for his outfit after coming up with the plan.

“Well if you must know, I was going to suggest that you move down there as soon as Tia and I were able to find a vacant place for you to inhabit. If you wish to move sooner though, I’m sure that you can find someone to put up with you for the time being.” She replied jokingly, her own pirate outfit dissolving as she magic’d it back to her closet in the Silly Costumes drawer.

“I’d offer you a place at my home… but Angel bunny doesn’t take kindly to visitors lately…” Fluttershy said quietly.

“And I’d love to hang out with you more dude, but I don’t let anyone stay at my place after Scootaloo stayed over the night that one time. Nice kid, but dang, she nearly collapsed a cloud house!” Rainbow Dash said, “You might be able to stay with Twi or AJ though, they usually have space for visitors, and I know that Applejack’s family is big on hospitality.”

“Well that seems like it’s fine with me.” Orion admitted, “What do you think Luna? Should I stay or should I go?”

“Truthfully Orion, there is not much more you can learn about Equestria without experiencing life in it on your own… I think we should talk to the others once they are cleaned up and we can see where to go from there.” Luna advised, once again wearing the mask of a ruling Diarch.

“Works for me… but maybe we should go apologize first?” Orion suggested.

“That would be a very smart idea…” a calm voice said from behind the grey pegasus, chilling him to the core as he slowly turned to see Princess Celestia and the other four members of the group glaring at Luna, Rainbow Dash, and himself.

After profusely apologizing to the Princess of the sun, as well as the rest of the victims of the Party Pirate’s little raid, everypony settled down while Luna used her magic to remove every trace of the cannon’s spent ordinance from the newest arrivals to Orion’s room.

“Ah Ain’t gonna lie,” Applejack began, her accent oddly calming, and motioning to Orion and Luna, “If I hadn’t seen what Pinkie did with that cannon of hers to you two, I’d be fightin’ the urge to buck ya both in the head.”

“What about me?” Fluttershy asked meekly, hiding under her hair.

“Shoot sugarcube, I can’t be upset with you. Ah know that you only got roped into it by these three idiot’s.” Applejack answered.

“And what about me huh?” Rainbow Dash asked, hovering over Applejack and looking down at her upside down.

“A’ll deal with you when we get back to Ponyville…” Applejack growled, “That ain’t no way to behave and you know it.”

“Uhhh…. Can I ask a question and not mean to be offensive?” Orion said, raising his hoof while sitting on the floor.

“What is it sugarcube?” Applejack responded, still glaring at Rainbow Dash.

“Are you two dating or something?” he asked, deciding not to beat around the bush with the question. (HA! Did you see what I did there? Oh come on, that’s funny…)

Applejack’s face turned about three shades of orange lighter, and Rainbow Dash’s wings stopped moving for a second, sending her crashing to the ground on top of her friend.

“WHAT!?” they both shouted back, untangling themselves and standing up.

“Why would you ask something like that Orion?” Twilight interjected, “I’m not sure if you know this, but that’s very rude… Asking anypony if they’re dating is rude in fact… Where are you from where that’s acceptable?”

“Uhhh… I’m from……” he fumbled, trying to come up with something other than Earth. Luckily, Luna came to his aid.

“He’s from another land. He’s lived a nomadic life out beyond Saddle Arabia, and because of this he is still learning the more minute details of decorum in Equestria. I brought him to Canterlot to learn, and wish for him to return with you six to Ponyville to learn more and make friends.” She said, trying to give Twilight Sparkle as many details as were safe without causing undue attention.

Twilight pondered this for a moment or two, and then smiled at Orion, “I guess that makes sense.”

Luna breathed a sigh of relief.

“That actually sounds a bit like what Princess Celestia sent me to Ponyville for. It’s a good place, you’ll like it.” Twilight continued.

“And darling, if you’re going to be moving to Ponyville, you’ll need some nice clothes. While not a lot of ponies appreciate fashion these days, I believe it my duty to ensure that every handsome stallion is looking their best. Besides, it’s so rare that I get to make clothes for male clients!” Rarity said, also smiling at Orion.

“Well thank you Miss Rarity, I truly appreciate it.” He responded, “Believe it or not, I used to wear clothes on a fairly regular basis before coming to Canterlot. And I’d be happy to help you work on any clothes for males if you need any help.”

“Oh my, he really is a rather charming stallion isn’t he?” Rarity tittered, turning to Fluttershy, who simply nodded and smiled softly.

“Now that we have established that he’s a nice stallion, can we focus on where he’ll live and how he can earn some money?” Luna suggested, cutting the rest of the group off as they giggled and chatted amongst themselves in hushed tones, all the while Orion looked at the group with confusion.

“I might could see if he can stay at the farm with my family.” Applejack suggested, “It’s kind of out of the way, but that just means he can ease into life in Ponyville right?”

The group nodded their assent while the Princesses looked on calmly. Orion was getting a bit embarrassed though. He had so far been told he was handsome not once, but a few times, and apparently being a stallion in Ponyville was a big deal.

“OOOOH! I know what he can do for a job!” Pinkie exclaimed, “He can help me and the cakes at the shop!”

“Uhhh… will you be shooting me with the party cannon if I work at the shop?” Orion asked, concern in his voice at the thought of being a test dummy for some of Pinkie Pie’s inventions.

“Of course not, silly!” Pinkie said, giggling at his question, “I use Gummy for testing the party cannon!”

“You shoot gummy with that thing?!” Fluttershy asked, gasping in shock.

“Oh nonono Flutters… HE fires the cannon at ME!” Pinkie answered, as if this were the most sensible thing in the world.

Throughout the room, the sound of hooves smacking faces could be heard.

“Well, I think I can handle working in a bakery.” Orion said, “I mean, I used to work in a food shop, so it can’t be that much different.”

“WHEE!” Pinkie said, jumping up and down in place, “NEW FRIEND! NEW FRIEND! NEW FRIEND!”

With that, everypony in the room was grabbed by a pair of bright pink forelegs and pulled into a spine snapping hug of affection. Orion looked at Luna, who was struggling to escape the hug for all she was worth, and chuckled to himself.
If this is what it’s like with these ponies, I think I can manage. He thought to himself. Before the thought had even a moment to settle in his mind though, Rainbow Dash somehow managed to wriggle her way closer to Orion and whispered in his ear.

"Just so you know, i'm single..." She then winked at him and turned away like nothing had happened at all.

Or maybe I'm already in over my head...

Author's Note:

Pinkie's Monologue Translation:
“Oh my gosh we’re going to have so much fun I can already tell, and we’ll be the best of friends and hang out and party and I’ll introduce you to everypony in Ponyville and this is the best day ever! I mean really, I normally don’t get doozy’s from my Pinkie sense, but I’ve been having this doozy for like, two weeks, and then when Twilight said that Princess Celestia wanted us to meet somepony I just knew the doozy had to be you so I snuck my party cannon into Canterlot, which everypony said was a bad idea but I totally brought it any way, and then I found you and now we can PARTY!”

Sorry about being late with this one. I know i sad i'd have it up by today, but here it is about quarter after midnight. Anyway, enjoy, like, favorite, comment, PM me, just let me know how you feel about the story. night ya'll, i'll be working on the next chapter tomorrow, and i may have it up in time :D