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A tribute to Final Fantasy 7 crisis core owned by Square Enix. There are spoilers in this so if you haven't play the game or got to the end don't read. If you beat the game, saw the end, or don't care at all enjoy.

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you were.. okay.. but it would have been better if you took the FF7 universe and wrote the mane 6 into it rather than charicter replacements.
but luckly for you the CC ending opens up for more possibilitys.

I was thinking about it but, I don't think I could go far in doing a story like that I've play FF7 god knows how many times but, to add the mane 6 thats going to be difficult so I just went with this. Thanks anyway.

165207 NO that would ruin it if they used the mane six i mean seriously isn't there enough stories that do that and none of the mane six will ever be cool as anyone from final fantasy 7 or crisis core EVER

Rainbow dash is just as cool as zack, fluttershy is just as kind as areth.
pinkie is just as ninja as yuffie (if not moreso)

Rainbow dash is as cool as Zack Fair yeah but FUCK NO DO YOU EVEN NO WHAT YOUR SAYING THAT WAS PROBABLY THE DUMBEST THING IVE HEARD ON THE INTERNET FOR AWHILE . No one and i mean no one ever comes close to zack not even kamina rainbow dash is arrogant while zack is understanding and i doubt she would ever take on a fucking army but zack did he fought the army and almost one that is a fucking achievement right there a sonic rainboom will not do shit against the shinra army nor did she develop in biological experiments and get infused with mako energy she wouldn't even make it into shinra itself because of that arrogance zack killed his own mentor angeal because he was told to i would like to see rainbow dash kill one of her closest friends.

She's not even half as cool as anyone from final fantasy 7 or crisis core if i had to compare her to anyone the closest she would get is to yuffies coolness and she's still cooler than rainbow dash. barret is manlier than big macintosh he fought his insane best friend dyne and than dyne committed suicide have you even played ff7 or crisis core or are you just assuming shit

1139810>>1139196 I noticed this spicy FF and MLP War here. I shall settle it with this.

Rainbow Dash had more of a Cloud matching personal if she was to lose Applejack who in which had a Zack Fair personal.

Weird ain't it?

Now I really felt bore at the time and started playing Crisis Core again, all the way to the end on Hard. At the end, I just thought of a crossover. What would happen if My Little Pony followed the same concept storyline as FF7. I began to think of characters that will nicely fit each other. I seen Applejack more suited to be Zack due her stubborness, heart of honesty, and strong skills. And she will do whatever it takes to get the mission done properly.

Angeal was replaced by me with Big Mac, because, come on, look at them. Lay back and badass and they both care for their student.

Aerith and Fluttershy fitted together perfectly and I mean perfectly. Though I had to take away that completly Surroundophobia of Fluttershy. (She is afraid of everything.) I perfectly and properly fitted those two together.

Now the hardest part to this, was Cloud, I was debating on who will take Cloud's role. Twilight or Rainbow Dash. So I decided and I picked Rainbow Dash. Funniest thing about this is that if you played FF7 for the Ps1, a little girl is complete fan over Cloud in a certain town. I replaced that girl to be Scootaloo after she is saved from drowning. Now I had to get rid of somethings from Rainbow Dash, mostly her Awesome attitude. I needed to rip it away from her and match her attitribute with Cloud's. It was hard, I had to make sure that I kept her in character and out of character. I believe that is the most hardest things to ever do in fanfics.

Well, that is all, I hope this stopped your debate. I actually am happy you both read this and are fans of FF7. :pinkiehappy: Thank you!:ajsmug:

it was not a debate. just an observation of mine.
and the little girl was barrets "daughter" and marlene was her name.
and i agree. i was just pointing out how book was wrong and how they are indeed cool to the same level
and yes book, i have played FF7, and crisis core. i also have advent children and plan on playing DoC sometime soon.
so yes, i know what i am talking about.
as for dash killing one of her friends? Rocket to insanity, she kills pinkie before "pinkamina gets her"
also Dash could take on the entire Shinra army, because of one minor thing.
it is easy to dodge bullets at mach 5 or even mach 10.
also lastly, zack is far from cool. he is silly, with a slight cool-ness that comes from being honest with himself.
i mean when areth offered to take him where he needed to go and he said "you just want to spend more time with me" and she replied "yes" (paraphrasing here) but he was shocked that she did.
but the best thing that discribes zack is what angeal said about him "zero attention span, restless like a little puppy"
even when he enherited the buster blade he was still the happy go lucky puppy.
dont assume i dont know what i am talking about just because i dont go into a ALL CAPS RAGE!!!!
it just makes you look silly :rainbowwild:

1143227Hmm, I am now thinking of doing a straight up story of the entire game. It is gonna be hard and long, the chapters will be on delays since I will of course get into distracting obstacles. Hmm? Maybe, just maybe I can start it up.

more power to you.

1143227 Now rocket to insanity wasn't cannon why you would even bring that up is pointless and your math is wrong rainbow dash did a sonic rain boom which is the equivalent of a sonic boom not mach 10 and no as a matter of fact she couldn't even hurt the shinra army sure she could dodge most bullets but for rainbow dash all they need is one shot on her and she goes down. Also zack is cool silly is awesome I'm pretty much mirror zack in personality and looks exempt for that damn hair. oh yes and she can break the sound barrier that is all she can't go past the speed of sound if she did she would get ripped apart unless she was made of steel. As another addition how would she even be able to hurt the shinra army by doing what kicking them yeah that would do much against a helicopter made of reinforced steel Where did you even get the idea that she could go mach 10 wherever you got that info from it was false if she went mach 10 her skin would rip off and she would turn into a bloody mess. 1143133 No he doesn't mirror applejack at all and rainbow dash doesn't mirror cloud at all where do you people get these comparisons there are so many differences between zack and applejack that i could make a list. Rainbow dash and cloud have almost nothing in common so i honestly don't know where you got that

just before she does the sonic rainboom you can see the cone of air pressure in front of her,
by mesuring certain parts and putting them into a formula (which one guy did for his physics presentation) you will see that pre SRB she is going roughly mach five. and afterwords she doubles her speed causing the air to diffuse enough to show all visible spectrums clear from cloudsdale to canterlot and possibly even to manehattan.
and you are not the personality of zack. i can tell just from those few sentences you wrote. if you were like anyone i would suggest rufus.

1150223 now i do actually have the personality of zack when I'm in a good mood but you caught me in a particularly bad day so yes on bad days i do have the personality of rufus and plus if she broke mach ten she would break physics if she wasn't ripped apart or turned into a bloody pulp then again it is a cartoon just like sonic where he can go mach ten backwards. that broke physics

1150223 oh yes and did you also feel kind of sad when rufus was killed by diamond weapon

1150815Rufus was never kill, he is still alive. It was revealed by Advent Children, he was suffering from Geostigma.
You two and your lovely conversation remind me of Luffy and Pop Pie.

Good thing i had me spinach! ugugugugug.
funny. for a dead guy he seemed awefully alive when he talked to cloud and kept kadaj from jenovas friggen head.

1152191Rufus is such a cute badass. When I first saw him in Final Fantasy 7 on my Psp, I said, "That Rufus sure looks cute in polygons! I hope Deus Ex doesn't take him!"Lol He seem to have survive a lot of things, by pure luck.

rufis is the cute tyrant... funny how that never happens in real life.

1152211He is smart, keen, and a relax guy in any kind of situation. Kadaj fired a Firaga at him, this guy move to the side and jump off the building while shooting at him with no fear of his decent.

thats because he knew tsung and elena were still alive. and prepared.
i mean both reno AND RUDE were freaking the hell out.

Well i never got around to watching advent children fully oh well but if it came down to luffa or popeye probably luffa if it wasn't the 4 kids version

1165650You should watch the rest of the episodes. They are still showing it, not on 4kids of course, but on this site All the episodes are still going.


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