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{The sequel to Party Pooper}
When all hope is nowhere to be found, and the world seems to be disintegrating before your eyes, you can guarantee that good friends will never leave your side. Ever.

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mother of Celestia......(pull my glasses down, if I owned a pair)

2062716 1. Congrats on bein' the first commenter
2. I know right? Hopefully you'll be happy by Ch. 3

2062942 why thank you, and that luck came in handy.
cant wait for ch.3:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::yay::yay::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::heart::heart:

Goodness gracious! Survival tactic #357: Use hair as pillow.:pinkiehappy:

Face off! Get it? No... Ok then. Well, amazing story so far, just keep it up, dude!:twilightsmile:

YES! IT'S A SEQUEL!!! Dang I best Fav the first one since I got so happy at seeing the sequel on this list...

2075976 Why thank you! Sorry Ch. 3's taking so long. REALLY gotta work on it...:fluttershysad:

2630527 Did you read the story THAT fast? Or did you just assume friendship would be restored? :rainbowhuh:

2630639 Well, glad you're enjoying it so far. :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

"Unfortunately, after a week, he did pass away. But I found another baby bird that was like an exact replica of him, and he turned out to be almost better than my late bird friend."

"My friend died, but it's fine, because I found a better one!"

"Yeah, and when Princess Celestia took off, she sent me a letter saying she was called to a meeting, and it turned out to be a surprise party. And it was way better than her first party!" Twilight chimed in hurriedly, as if she were afraid Pinkie would object...

"No offense, but your party would have sucked. Good thing you missed it!"


4053644 This may be late, but you just made my day! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Thank you!!

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