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Party Pooper 2: No Friend Left Behind - NYQUTIE

The sequel to Party Pooper. Enjoy!

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The Return of an Old Friend's Senses

I'd like to thank LuckyBlitz for thinking of this chapter title for me!

A purple aura seeped around the hinges of the library's front door and opened automatically on Twilight's command. With her unicorn and Pegasus friend guarding her side, Pinkie practically felt like a five star celebrity—such as Photo Finish or Sapphire Shores. The celebrity feeling increased when the three were a block or so away from the sturdy library, and a relieved yet earsplitting scream echoed in the air. After the sound of a thousand hooves stomping the innocent earth passed, Pinkie was suddenly clobbered by tons of ponies blurting out millions of questions; and they all sounded unintelligible to Pinkie's ears.

"Sweet Celestia Pinkie, when'd you get back?"

"You poor thing! I bet you were scared to death! Not to mention lonely!"

"This might sound like a compliment, but believe me when I say you've lost a lot of weight!"

The same aura that was used on the library door was suddenly forming around Pinkie's frozen hooves, lifting her seven inches above the soil. In a flash, her hooves reconnected with the ground, but it felt smoother. Looking down, Pinkie realized she was finally back where she belonged. Literally—Twilight had cast a spell on Pinkie in order to rescue her from being drowned in the many questions thousands of ponies seeked answers for.

A tiny pitter-patter pattern got close enough for Pinkie's ears to hear, and one of her hooves were suddenly drenched in drool. Alarmed, Pinkie kicked her left hoof as a reflex and watched Gummy whip across the air, smacking the door as a result of being kicked. Simultaneously, a lavender flash took place in front of the door, and both Twilight and Fluttershy appeared from behind it.

"That was a close call, huh?" Twilight asked, obviously trying—and failing—to lighten up the dreary mood that took place in the room. "You were almost crushed to death by all those ponies. That would've sucked, right?" It sure beats another endless adventure in that forest, Pinkie's mind replied to no one in particular.

"Well now, enough chit-chat," Fluttershy spoke up. "How about we all get something delicious inside our stomachs and do something fun afterwards? Like—ooh! We could go on a nature walk. Or we could play with my new bird friend! You'll love him, Pinkie. I named him Charlie. Isn't that sweet?"

Fluttershy continued her endless chain of fun ideas—with Twilight adding in on some of them—and soon Pinkie was left alone in her airy bedroom. For some reason, she felt as though the walls were slowly closing in on her; as if they wanted Pinkie to remember her torturous life spent in that disconcerting forest.

"Ignore it, just ignore it Pinkie," she silently coached herself, quickly putting on hoof in front of the other. She continued this pattern but stopped abruptly once she reached the staircase.

Gazing over at Gummy, who was now successfully managing to swallow one of Pinkie's pillows, Pinkie's mind began having a simple debate: apologize for owning him against the door, or just go ahead and not leave Twilight and Fluttershy waiting. She wanted to help apologize to Gummy, but a half of her brain just kept telling her that he'd be fine. Listening to that half, Pinkie trudged down the remaining flight of stairs and nearly bumped right into Fluttershy.

"Oh, there you are Pinkie," she said with enough sunniness to make Pinkie's head ache. "I'm not sure the Cakes are back from their break yet." Fluttershy extended her light yellow hoof to a sign that read Out On Break. Be Back In Ten.

"It's just like the Cakes to slack off on their work." It took Pinkie exactly two minutes to realize the one who had snapped those harsh words was indeed her—and she knew her solitude in that forest was slowly killing her happiness.

"No, I-I'm sure they'll be back soon," Twilight sputtered, clearly shocked by Pinkie's grumpiness. "But I'm sure there's something edible out here." Leisurely making her way toward one of the miniature tables by the windows, Pinkie actually let the wheels in her mind to turn thoughtfully.

Different questions seemed to be born by doing this; like, Why did I run away? Do Twilight and Fluttershy secretly still hate me? Why couldn't I have memorized that one Wednesday? Then, as if the wheels were controlled by a PAUSE button, they slowed to a halt.

"Girls," Pinkie hissed, her silky mane curtaining her face once more, "I lied to you."

"What do you mean you 'lied to us'?" Fluttershy questioned carefully, hovering over to her pink friend.

"Remember that question I asked you two earlier? Back in the library?" Pinkie continued. "I lied. I never wanted to know how you found. I wanted to know...why you found me." Silence.

"I, I know it's a silly question. But—that one Wednesday was like we all changed our personalities from happy to cold. After what you two said to me, it made me wonder why you went out of your way to find me." Twilight joined Fluttershy's side, the two producing a deafening silence.

Before the silence could damage Pinkie's ears any more, the unicorn and Pegasus did the unthinkable: they both simultaneously planted a gentle kiss on either of Pinkie's cheeks, and the pink glow that Pinkie owned before the whole runaway thing happened returned.

"Pinkie, I think only you know why we rescued you," Fluttershy crooned, pulling away from Pinkie's face. "It's like what Twilight said: what kind of friends would we be if we left one of our friends to starve in some scary forest?"

"And the fact that Fluttershy and I both overreacted about our problems made the situation worse," Twilight chimed in. "I guess we were so wrapped up in our disadvantages that we didn't realize we were hurting you."

"Plus, I think Twilight and I were pretty dumb for not doing this from the moment we found you, but—" Twilight and Fluttershy leaned closer to Pinkie once again, and even though the two weren't prone to violence, Pinkie still braced herself for whatever was about to happen.

The lavender and yellow mares both wrapped their arms around Pinkie, pulling her into a compassionate hug and uttering six little syllables:

"We're so sorry, Pinkie!" Those four simple words had a great impact on Pinkie's mane and tail. They slowly reformed back into its original poofy-ness, and the pink glow that had returned to Pinkie's face after that unexpected kiss turned to a brighter hue of pink. A greater miracle than birth—for Pinkie's sake, anyway—occurred moments later: Pinkie's five star smile stretched across her lips, a permanent treasure that Pinkie would wear for the rest of her life!

"This is great!" Fluttershy exclaimed, her wings fluttering violently. They stopped as quickly as they started vibrating. "But...just promise us that you'll never run off like that!" Pinkie's smile stretched even wider as she criss-crossed her chest with her left hoof and settled it on her left eye.

"I Pinkie Promise!"

And that was a promise Pinkie would always keep—and never break.


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Hope ya'll enjoyed that! :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

2097620 Aww, how cute! :heart::heart::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

2630527 Did you read the story THAT fast? Or did you just assume friendship would be restored? :rainbowhuh:

2630639 Well, glad you're enjoying it so far. :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

4053644 This may be late, but you just made my day! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Thank you!!

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