• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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Party Pooper 2: No Friend Left Behind - NYQUTIE

The sequel to Party Pooper. Enjoy!

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Persuasion's the Charm

"T-Twilight? Fl-Fluttershy? Wh...what am I doing here? Where am I? How did I—?"

"Oh, poor thing!" Fluttershy interrupted, her sobs coming to an abrupt stop. "She's so scared she can hardly speak!"

"Well I'd be scared too if I were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by darkness and the only person to communicate with was myself," Twilight spoke all in a rush. "But enough with that. Pinkie, what in Equestria were you thinking, are you insane? You've been gone for a year!"

"It's been that long?" Pinkie responded flatly, not eying either of her friends. "Gosh, it seems like it's been longer than that. What's longer than a year?"

"Forever!" Fluttershy blurted out, breaking out into sobs again. This time she squeezed Twilight in a death hug. "You've...been gone f-forever! And we've missed you so much!" A look of shock washed over Pinkie's face.

"You...you two missed me?" she asked in a voice barely above a whisper. "But I thought you girls hated me." Silence enveloped around the room as Pinkie's last sentenced echoed in her own ears. The word hate really punched her in the gut. Twilight finally broke the silence first by saying:

"Pinkie, why would we ever have such nerve to hate somepony like you?" Pinkie didn't take long to come up with a response.

"Because I missed Princess Celestia's birthday after I'd Pinkie Promised to help set up, and I said it was no big deal before I knew she was listening to what I was saying. And one of Fluttershy's birds died when I Pinkie Promised I'd help take care of him during his last few minutes of life! Why else would I have left?" Twilight and Fluttershy sure didn't have an answer stored in their brains after Pinkie's sentence was said.

Pinkie lowered her head toward her chest, letting her mane curtain her face completely.

"You girls don't understand," she muttered, her voice cracking from the depression seeping through her bones. "Pinkie Promises are like contracts to me; someone signs it, then I approve it, and it's set. Breaking two in a row, and losing two of my best friends in one day...how could anypony live like that?" More silence seemed to spread for about three minutes before getting interrupted by Fluttershy this time.

"Pinkie, I never told you this...but, after you left, I—I found out my little bird friend was actually napping. I was so relieved I could hardly breathe." Fluttershy's yellow cheeks quickly turned to a hue of raspberry. It vaporized when the Pegasus added:

"Unfortunately, after a week, he did pass away. But I found another baby bird that was like an exact replica of him, and he turned out to be almost better than my late bird friend."

"Yeah, and when Princess Celestia took off, she sent me a letter saying she was called to a meeting, and it turned out to be a surprise party. And it was way better than her first party!" Twilight chimed in hurriedly, as if she were afraid Pinkie would object Fluttershy's bird story.

"I was going to apologize for yelling at you the next day, but when I couldn't find you anywhere, I got really nervous," Fluttershy explained, her wings sagging toward the library floor. "I told Twilight about this, and when three days passed, everypony was putting up flyers from Manehattan to Saddle Arabia! Trust us Pinkie, it was that bad."

Geez, my disappearance was that nerve wrecking! Pinkie thought in astonishment. She hadn't realized how terrible the effect would be from running away from Ponyville, but apparently getting asked "Have You Seen This Pony?" in Manehattan and Saddle Arabia was pretty extreme.

"How, how did you guys even find me?" The one burning question dancing around in Pinkie's mind had finally been asked, and it seemed to have thrown her two friends off track for a few mere seconds.

"How did we find you?" Fluttershy repeated. "Well...it took a lot of work and a lot of Twilight's magic to keep her horn glowing for enough light. But when we found you, we thought you were dead! Then we saw you breathing, so Twilight used her magic to bring you to the library. We just couldn't bear to see you all alone in that forest!" To prove her point, Fluttershy gave Pinkie another tight squeeze.

"Plus, what kind of friends would we be if we let somepony—especially one of our friends—starve to death in some abandoned forest?" At the word starve, Pinkie's belly proudly expressed it's emptiness with a subtle growl. Twilight let out a slight giggle.

"Maybe we ought to fetch some breakfast from Sugarcube Corner, huh?"

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