• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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Party Pooper 2: No Friend Left Behind - NYQUTIE

The sequel to Party Pooper. Enjoy!

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Lost & Found

One year. Only seven letters could describe how long Pinkie Pie had been away from her original hometown. The disconcerting theme of the forest seemed to match the earth pony's mood to a T; depressed, hopeless, and lost. And even though she kept walking in a straight angle, her hooves never leaving the direction they were headed, Pinkie knew she could change her fate and head back to Ponyville just like that. Yet even if she stopped, rotated at a 360 degrees angle, and retraced her steps, her way-too-cheerful destination would make her turn right back around. No amount of persuasion would ever get this mare's lips to stretch back into her infamous smile, or get her cotton-candied pink mane to replace the long and dreary mane that Pinkie now resembled.

The monstrous hairstyle had stomped it's curly rival dead just a week ago, but it felt like it had already been there in disguise once Pinkie had looked at her reflection in her bedroom mirror back at Sugarcube Corner. Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie repeated in her mind, her hooves doing something unthinkable: stopping smack dab in the middle of the black forest. Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie's mind said for the third time. The same place where this whole nightmare was born... To her surprise, her vision began blurring as stinging tears leaped out from her eyes and practically surrounded her hooves in a warm pool.

"It really wasn't just a Wednesday," Pinkie hissed in a screechy voice. "It was my last day in Ponyville." Feeling an unknown amount of drowsiness, Pinkie slowly inched her body toward the numb grass and dead leaves. Using her silky yet rough long mane as a pillow and her matching tail as a baby blanket, she immediately drifted off into a dreamless dream. Though where there's sugar-coated dreams in Pinkie's subconscious, horrid nightmares never seemed to rest as they preyed upon their enemy.

The light never seemed to end, no matter how fast or slow Pinkie trotted under its arc. It was as if it didn't want the curious pink pony to unearth whatever lied ahead. And frankly, Pinkie didn't want to know, but she had no other choice but to force herself to just roll with the punches.

"This is ridiculous," she whispered bitterly, slowing her pace. "I'm just going to keep going on forever and ever, and once I think I've reached somewhere, I'll be falling off some cliff or into a ditch or—"

"My, my, my, somepony's a talkative little one, huh?" This time Pinkie didn't stop to let her fear pour out of her; she angrily whipped around, her anti-curly mane and tail hardly moving an inch.

She swallowed the urge to dare this mysterious pony to show itself and, with an incredible burst of energy, continued her race down to the end of the light. Pinkie wasn't about to let some creepy ghost taunt her by not finishing what it had to say; she was smarter than that! And just thinking of how she could outsmart this voice by not satisfying it with her fear made her hair rise up in a little puff ball.

"Puffy, frizzy, curly, and viola! I'll be good as new!" Pinkie exclaimed with enough cheerfulness to make her old curly hair defeat its straight nemesis. It was as if the depressed part of her had now died, and her happiness had been born quadruple times better! Never before had Pinkie been this happy—and that was saying something since she used to be happy 24/7.

"Before Wednesday came and ruined your life..." Pinkie froze again, which was a mistake for both her and her mane. All at once, the straightness returned, as well had the voice and the ugly frown that had kicked Pinkie's smile out of business.

"Aww, what's the matter Pinkamena?" the voice questioned snottily, putting extra emphasis on the party pony's full first name. "I thought you liked surprises. Considering that you used to throw amazing surprise parties that nearly surprised yourself, my dear. Oh, and why so quiet? I guess your chattiness is rubbing off on me, huh?"

Silence. Dead silence. Pinkie didn't know whether she should make a run for it, challenge this thorny voice, or keep her trap shut. She couldn't do all three at the same time, so she had to narrow it down to one option: withdrawal her entire energy. Such force on her body and head caused Pinkie to see tiny squiggles of stars swim around her. Daring her to do something about this voice like anypony would. But Pinkie wasn't anypony; she was just plain Pinkie Pie. A Pinkie Pie who was now slipping into the dark realms of unconsciousness.

"I...I can't believe we found her...!"

"I, I can't either. Somepony please pinch me—OW! What was that for?"

"You told me to pinch you."

"I didn't mean literally! Oh, shhh! I think she's coming to!"

Pinkie practically popped blood vessels just to keep from slipping back into another nightmare. Prying her eyes open, she came across two blurry little figures. Once her sense of touch came back, she could identify something soft below her body and behind her head—and it wasn't just her mane.

"Oh...thank....Celestia!" One of the figures suddenly lurched its whole body toward Pinkie and wrapped its arms around her neck, shaking like an earthquake as it let out multiple sobs and little chunks of words that could hardly be made out. It sounded like gibberish to Pinkie's ears, and her head was already throbbing from using her stored energy to wake up.

Seeming to burst more blood vessels, Pinkie willed her vision to work again. The blurriness got worse for a second, but then it seemed to brighten into focus. What Pinkie saw made her lungs plunge downwards toward her stomach. She couldn't believe it!

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