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Quite frankly, I'm afraid to read this, but I'll do it anyway because I'm a horrible person. :rainbowwild:

I give you my infinite upvotes.

What is this? Proper and funny use of quotes? Imposibruuu... I think everyone should read this before making human in Equestria story. :eeyup:

I wanted to prove that a troll fic could be well written. I went through every terrible Human in Equestria trope:

Unlikeable miserable protagonist
Meeting God
Out of Character, Characters
Becoming a pony
Becoming an alicorn
Horrible OC name and color scheme
Dies and ends up in Equestria
The protagonist loves dubstep
Random gore
Random swearing
Blatant sex
Blatant misogyny
Unexplained powers
The protagonist complains all the time
Weird disgusting sexual fetishes
Random character death
noun repetition

A masterpiece that should be forever recorded in history books.:twilightsmile:

Opinions may vary, but personally I would rather fuck fire than listen to dubstep. :pinkiehappy:

I went through the tropes, not just the Gary/Mary Sues and I wanted there to be a kinda coherent plot, if I singled out specific authors then I would come off as just plain bitchy. There are good HiE fics out there, but I wanted show the worse possible way :raritydespair: that bad fics can and have been written. I'm not picking on the community, I'm picking on the type of poorly written protagonist you see in some stories along with the list of terrible tropes as seen in one of the earlier comments. :twilightsmile:

Well this was brilliant.


Jesus, what the hell is this? Made me laugh, and cringe!

I now know how not to make a HiE fanfic thanks :twilightsmile:
I also dont know if i should up vote this or down vote this.

I remember what my uncle Frank used to say, 'It burns when I pee...' No, not that. 'With great power, use force and use bombs wisely.'
Just as the Timberland wolves were about to make a meal out of the children, I jumped in to save the day. I used my lazer vision, that's right I have lazer vision because my grandfather was a demon from Ceti Alpha Five.
The wolves just imploded.
The CMC came up to me.
"Thank y'all for savin' us!"
"Thank you, mister!
at this point im like oktime to skim

I snatched the letter out of the overgrown lizard's claw. To my shock it read:

To My Faithful Student Twilght,
Canterlot is being taken over my an evil robotic Discord, Chysalis, Diamond Dogs, Molten Rock creatures and a hive of killer bees. We need the elements of harmony to stop them.


This should be taught as "How to Avoid Making a Generic, Trite HiE Fic 101." At any rate, you have my respect at the comedy of it, let alone the satire put into the subtext. Bravo. And... Upvoted. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, just.......... thank you.

That was really, really, REALLY over the top . . . and yet I was amused.

Oh, and one other thing: <Deanna Troi voice> "I'm sensing some anger..."

A little bit of anger, but most of it was directed at troll fics that were poorly written garbage and I wanted to prove that a troll can be classy.


Why does it hurt when I pee? :rainbowderp::applejackconfused:


Excellent job being super funny while also seamlessly mocking all the cliches.

What?! I don't even...no...just no...
Defying the laws of physics is something that is reserved for Discord, Pinkie, and I, EXCLUSIVELY!
Funny, but get your facts straight...
The three of us...only us...nobody else! Got it?
Okay, done with my rant.

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