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Scourge from warrior cats comes to Equestria with Brick and Bone, his two.....let's just say assistants. they THOUGHT they had all died in the battle of Bloodclan. and, many others from their side were killed, why are they the only ones here? and what's with the creepy pony thingies?(i got my best pic of all 3 of them, it's pretty much correct excep that Bone doesn't have a rainbow collar, it's orange and Scourge is actually all black with a white paw)

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I'll balence out you're Like bar. Just this once

Tis Alright, I suppose. :coolphoto:
But you do need to work on your grammar. :applejackunsure:

Hmm, I don't think warriors know the term jerk, only because us two legs use it.:facehoof:
Other than this, it's doing well so far.:rainbowkiss: Following this for now.

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