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How does this not have any comments? It's a great clopfic! :twilightblush:

2079995 Not really dude. This thing SUCKS. Check out Fimbulvinter, Demon Eyes Laharl, darf or Hewlett Packard Hacker. They write great clopfics.

I wouldn' take the extreme position of "it sucks" but it certainly is lacking.

2080603 It sucks. Big time.

I like it but it needs more pomegranates:pinkiecrazy:

2080612 it doesn't suck. Beleave me, i've seen FAR worse. This is actully quite good.

2080612 have faith in yourself man:ajbemused:. this was a good story, especially when DeVille changed a little for the better. that made it excellent:pinkiehappy:. fave and thumbs up from me:twilightsmile:

That pony's name isn't colgate, It's acctually Minuette. Look it up :facehoof:

The story was good though :pinkiesmile:

I like the name Colgate... it's her fanon name and that's what we call her.

2082561 It sucked.

2082721 I only did that because of Fimbulvinter liked it.

2083388 Thanks. And we call her Colgate. It's just because she looks like toothpaste. (Permanent costume!)

2083383 Colgate was the name given to her by the fandom after the first few episodes, well before Hasbro got in on the naming act.
When they did, Hasbro called her Minuette, and released a toy that looked nothing like her at all - a quick Twilight recolour. In that same batch of toys was the one where Trixie - A fully confirmed canon named pony, was called Lulamoon.

Given that Hasbro couldn't get even the canon names right in that batch, the fandom chose to ignore most of them and go with the fandom names instead, or add the Hasbro name on as a lastname where appropriate - Trixie Lulamoon or Lyra Heartstrings.

The same happened here, with Colgate technically known as Dr. Minuette 'Colgate' Pamolive, but is known to almost everyone on this site just as colgate.

Also, her character tag states Colgate, so we use the name that is listed on this site.

2085056 lol Fimbulvinter. You're only my editor and yet, you beat the shit out of anybody that fucks with me. Thanks. Brohof. (\^^/)

Have a Rainbow Squee


2085079 They have something even better on the emoticons - :yay:

Anyway, have you been killing anybody lately? I heard about one murder you did a couple months ago but...that was then. What about this month?

No one who didn't deserve it. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

2085090 Meaning? I want names! I killed Richard, Johnathan, Teddy, Lou, Jake, Jack, Tammy, Brittany, Tiffany, Jazmine and Diane.

I have none to give you. They were all just numbers to me.

2085110 I did numbers, but they got too high to keep track of. Since you still use numbers, you have either bigger paper, or are less experienced. *cough* virgin *cough* *cough*

2085125 Its called a spreadsheed. It keeps track of them for me.
Be careful or you might just become the next one. I know where you live.

2085056 I know that, And I go with it. I was just stating the facts, Just as you are. I already knew what you just stated. I do my reserch before I say anything. It's good to see someone that knows what they are talking about.

2085190 And I you. I know somebody else who lives in Australia. I don't like spreadhseets because they get too long.

You know, I feel like a gorefic but I can't seem to be able to type it. GRRR :flutterrage:

2086315 We know that already though.

I gotta say, this was not to shabby. Hell, my cousin liked it (We always read fanfics together) and she has rather high standards. It won't win clopfic of the year, but damn if it wasn't good.:eeyup:

2243009 Well thank you very much. I wouldn't declare this worthy of anything but the "Piece of Shit Clopfic" award.

it could have been made a bit better, but it was good either way. there is some grammar and spelling issues (sorry, inner editor and grammar Nazi coming out. HAIL GRAMMAR!:flutterrage: sorry...:fluttershysad:)

if you ever need help, im your brony of aura and crap like that.

may you find your inner aura

2366129 The second half wasn't edited...Fimbulvinter...asshole sometimes....

2368668 I'll edit it. I've got some free time on my hands right now. I'll send you a PM of it.

2368682 Not really needing it. I've got too many other stories I'm working on. Literally, I have seven unfinished...or is it eight?

2368749 wow... I have one that I am working on that is on the site, one that I am working on that isn't yet, and another that is yet to begin. That plus I am editing for a friend of mine and Rated PonyStar. so yeah. I still have a lot of free time. oh and I also have school

2370165 Me too. On break right now, but will in a few days.

2374246 okay. just let me know if you need any help with anything:twilightsmile:

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