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Locky #1 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 15 ·

Not into incest but going to read and enjoy nonetheless.

darf #2 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 29 ·

your upvote keeps starving kittens alive.

thank you and god bless.

This is one really well written collab, I like how you portrayed Shining Armor, wow, great jobs on making him seem like such a disgusting living individual, and Twilight herself being as in character as possible throughout the fic right down to her methodical counting interspersed throughout. Good show chum!

Aburi #4 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 2 ·

I did not "enjoy" this story, but I would recommend it to everyone I know. I have never seen such an honest look date rape. (although in this case it's incest-date rape). I truly wish more people understood that arousal does not equal enjoyment.

Hmmm... This would work well continued, I think.

darf #6 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 3 ·

thanks for being considerate about the message we tried to convey. i'm glad you appreciated the intent rather than downvoting for the content. wish more people thought about writing on this site that way.


Maybe not for you, but for some.... other people...

Zyrian #8 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 2 ·

I have very conflicting feelings about this.

Yes, it's well written, and yes, it's in character, but I can't shake the inherent 'wrongness' of it. I know you're trying to paint Shining in a certain light, but there's still this part of me that wishes, that hopes, that he feels guilty for what he did, and seeks repentance sometime in the future. It's the same part of me that looks for the happy ending in every story, the same part of me that has hope for people...or in this case, ponies. This story, even though I mostly glazed over while reading it, is like a knife to that part of my consciousness, and it pains me to think that one can be so cruel, and so uncaring for another being, especially family.

Does he have malicious intent behind his actions, or is he honestly oblivious to the effect he is having on the mental well-being of his sister?

To give me some semblance of closure, humor me; let's say it's years in the future, does SA ever feel bad for what he did, and apologize and try to right his wrongs, or does he continue his abuse, and leave Twilight a broken husk of her former self?

1983571 This.

That's exactly what I meant by 'it could use continuation'.

darf #11 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 5 ·

too perfect

dunno what to tell you brochacho
the story and its resolution only have as much weight as you give them
if you want it straight from (one of) the author's mouth
just like the real thing, shining continues his awful actions far into the future, and twilight forgives him every time... you saw the bbbff episode. you know how it goes.

Read it.

Downvoted for content only. That isnt to say it wasn't brilliantly written ,or how bluntly honest it was. It was... it was rape. Honest to goodness rape, and it was captured here. You just got the same sense of helplessness that Twilight had. Well written, powerful, but...

I can't upvote this. Its nothing personal its just... this matter of stuff is too dark... too much for me to like or approve of.

Good job though.


:pinkiesick: *Sigh...*

I know I shouldn't be looking so deeply into this...or maybe I should, but it just makes me ill knowing that there are people like that. It makes me ill and angry to the point that I'd want him to experience the mental degradation and abuse tenfold. I want karma to lash back at him with a vengeance. I can't believe I'm getting so worked up over a goddamn fictional character, but whatever, I guess it's the thought that people like this really exist.

If your plan was to ruin people's moods, congratulations! you sure killed mine for the night, and possibly the weekend.

...And I didn't even read this thoroughly.

Please, for the love of all that is sacred, tell me you don't condone this type of behavior.

darf #14 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 7 ·

>downvoted for content
>i can't upvote this
then just don't upvote it. what service are you doing to the world by negatively impacting things you don't like?
i mean, sure, it's just a vote, but at least look at the logic (or lack thereof) of what you're saying

Aburi #15 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 2 ·

I proudly up-voted this. It is incredibly well written and immersive, and I am very grateful that it was written.
I did not enjoy it because it's rape, and I find rape to be the most offensive thing I can imagine. But this is not written in such a way that it encourages that action. I absolutely HATE those stories that have a girl raped and suddenly she's somehow ok with it.

For a healthy, sane human (or pony I suppose) it's a well established and accepted fact that physical pleasure does not equal enjoyment. This is one of the reasons rape is so damaging, there usually IS an element of pleasure involved. And this conflicts with the feelings of pain and violation to confuse and further damage the one who was assaulted. It's pretty common for people to drive themselves to suicide over this. There are similar instances with guilt and drugs, or even drinking or eating for some people.

1983607 *shrugs* Look, if it makes you feel any better, I removed the downnvote after posting that for the same reasons you just listed. Its just...

well... the story dude.

Dark. I liked how it was written and how masterfully it was done and hated it for the content it had.

darf #17 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 4 ·

that's fine, but i don't understand the mentality of saying "this contains subject matter i find unpleasant, so i will bismirch the value of the person who wrote it". if it was poorly written simply for the sake of reader titillation i could see that (though i'm sure that applies for some people), or if it was imparting the idea of a real world instigation of this sort of thing... but bringing attention to unpleasant stuff is part of making people aware of it. i don't take issue with people downvoting my shit - they do that all the time anyway - but specifically saying 'hey this is a good execution on this idea and it communicated it themes well BUT DOWNVOTED BECAUSE NOPE RAPE' doesn't make any sense to me

not to harsh your buzz, or make a big deal out of it or anything.
i just... don't get it.

I have to admit, this piece of litterature was well written.
It was compelling, it kept my attention, and gave me a sensation of guilt that would grow by each paragraph I started reading. I feel like a monster for having read this. I kept hoping things would geT innocent, things would get lighter, but to no avail. It was very realistic. Can't say I 'enjoyed' it, it felt wrong reading this, but it was well written none the less.


Definitely going to read this :rainbowlaugh:

Not even going to bother with this one. Read it, and I don't think I'll bother.

Rape?! Hmmmm interesting.... :pinkiegasp: Well at least there will be no sequel for Twilight getting pregnant :pinkiecrazy: i think

Good job anyway :pinkiehappy:

Whelp, someone's downvoting every comment here for some reason.
Anyway, good story... Well, not a happy story, but a good story nonetheless.

Liked and Fav'd. This was a great collab. between you and AP, you two writing a story together is like a dream come true.

I'm becoming rather frustrated with your followers lately. A story about Rarity with some large, unkempt stallion gets all this negative attention and hate, but soon later, a story about some guy brainwashing a few foals and fucking them is totally alright. And now this is getting that same negative attention for some rape? Don't get me wrong at the phrasing there, I understand rape is totally wrong in many, many ways. But in comparison to foal/pedophilia THIS is what people are shitting their pants over? THIS and some chunky stallion gettin' some Rarity ass?

The hell? Is it because the incest? Because it's Twilight? The wonderful detail of her feelings? I don't understand what's been happening lately with your fanbase but they're becoming fucking psycho. Anyway, I enjoyed this as well as the train of others you've posted recently.

Take care, pal. Hope you and AP get together again sometime!

thanks guys
that makes me feel a bit better
as long as someone gets it, i'll keep on keeping on


Good for you, pal. You certainly don't deserve this ridiculous outcry. I'm sorry and angry for you, seriously.

I'll defend this up, down, left and right.

Yup not reading the whole thing, hated the story but it is well written

I rather like dark stuff like this. Makes me feel good...don't judge me...

Oh fuck.
Incest is a thing, but rape is another.
Don't even know how to take this...
I can't believe I even read the whole thing. Good thing you're writing so well.
Go write something more Female-Alpha for me to forget this.
Or even the same story with Twilight on top :ajsmug:

"It only lasted a few seconds; but that was no comfort."

(Favorite line of the whole thing.)

Darf delivers once again! Kudos to you! Excellent read!

well... i dont know no up vote....but no down vote. sorry:fluttershyouch:

Void #33 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · 3 ·

Ehh. A bit disturbing. Though this kinda shit is that last thing I need.

Stupid sexy darf :raritydespair:
upvote for the brilliant execution as usual.

this type of story makes me cry inside. but the fact that you where able to make me feel absolute hate towards shining and immense amounts of concern and sympathy for twilight means it is very well written.

BCS #36 · Jan 19th, 2013 · · ·

People don't know how to deal with feelings caused by fiction. Hint: FICTION. There's a reason a lot of classical lit is upsetting. You went into this expecting something arousing or to appeal to you and you got the Yellow Wallpaper or true psychological horror in very brief in a familiar setting. That cognitive dissonance you feel? That's good writing.

Got turned on by the hornjob part but it faded as the paragraphs barreled on. Very dark, I liked it.


Here's a way to try to calm your mind out of the troubles. Think that's just another branch of the infinite multiverses. In this one we have a rapist S.A. that abuses poor Twi and she just forgives him everytime. But there's another where they are just your avarage day Brother and Sister who love and care for each other, hence, the canon.

For both authors, I bow down for your genius, amazing execution, and for being so brave to try and write a fic with such a sensible subject. This is my profissional view.

As for my personal two cents, not going to upvote it but not going to downvote either, because there's three ponies that I'm overly super-protective towards and can't seem to like stories where they suffer. They are Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle and above all else Twilight Sparkle.

Still have my humble congratulations. :ajsleepy:

Commence read.

Wonder what or how Cadance would have to deal with this.

Darf, this was a good piece, but could you lay off the dark and disgusting for just a bit? You could write 2-3 happy sex stories and still be fine. I liked and fav'd this, because it was well written, and I liked the conflict in twi's mind, but with even a touchy less rapey vibe this would have been more enjoyable.

i just did 10,000 words of generic, happy, girly flutterdash, man
cut me some slack

1984200 and you did a great little shy x human fic too. I give credit for that, it was great. I'm just asking for a little more. Maybe... i dunno, pick 1 fetish at a time? I mean rarity with colts. okay, fine, but colts and a dirt fetish... and here, incest, k, but rapey incest?

don't try to control me, man :rainbowdetermined2:

1984235 hey, do what you gotta do bro. just saying if you don't mix the fetishes so much you might have a better like ratio. I enjoyed this, I just wish it had been less about twilight being raped nightly and more about her feeling guilty about liking incest.

i'd probably also get a better like ratio if i wrote more generic second person sex stories - hell, why not throw some anthro in there. gotta get those likes!

that sounded hostile
i just
AP and i wrote this story with a very specific purpose in mind
and maybe the mixing of 'themes' (though there's one very specific theme that is key to understanding the story that is the blending of both the ones you're highlighting) isn't your cup of tea, but asking or suggesting i write something differently in the future is disingenuous. i mean, even if it's advice, it does essentially boil down to 'well more people would like what you wrote if you didn't write things that were contentious'. it's like, no duh? i chose to tread that ground in the first place, and i'm fully aware of the consequences

i mean, again, not trying to sound irate
i just don't get where people are coming from when they say stuff like that
didn't mean to take it out on you

1984251 /shrug I get it, you like the controversial stuff. I would remind you I liked and favd this. Clearly I like the controvertial stuff too. I'd just like to see more from you that doesn't involve that every now and again. Your depiction of rarity was insanely good.... then you pair her up with a short dicked little boy who doesn't shower. On the one hoof sexy Rarity, on the other hoof holy fuck Truffles why are you even here? I am not saying change this story, or your others, but I have seen what it looks like when you write happy sex and I'd like to see more of that. It's not advice. I know you can write. You know you can write. It's a request from one of your followers. Take it for what it is.

This is a very good story. It does what you wanted it to.

Wanna know what the fucked up thing is? This is happening to someone, somewhere on this planet.

incestuous seed into his siter

i think you mean sister

You are the reason why I got into clop in the first place, man. You're the reason I started writing it, too.

Unnecessarily creepy first two lines, I know.

Wow, where to begin...

A great English teacher once told me that literature has Los it's artistic value- that it has lost it's meaning. He says that literature, at least as an art form, is not supposed to simply tell a story, but rather is to teach, and to tackle tough problems. Why do writers write, and readers read? To learn, and to question.

The best literature is written by those who are confused by something, and want to understand it, and so, I believe that the best literature is often the darkest, not because the author is a bad person, but because he or she is a brilliant thinker.

Reading your story made me feel really uncomfortable, and I thank you for that... In our modern world where sex, and rape is glorified for the purpose of pornography a lot o the time signals get mixed, and people start looking at terrible things as a way to be off! Thank God someone finally challenged that.

Now don't get me wrong- I didn't like your story- hell, I hated it, but that is what I loved about it. You've captured the escence of rape in a way that it shouldn't be captured, and a way that, really, kind of makes me want to cry when I think of how terrible a thing rape is. But that's just it- It should make me want to cry! Thank you so much, for this was a blast of fresh air right in the face. Good God, what a wake up call.

Pardon my language, but this was fucking brilliant. A++. You are a word smith, and in my opinion one of the very few members o this site who hasn't lost sight of what I means to be a try literary artist.

God, I just want to rant forever... But after reading this I've realized there are a lo of things I have to consider about the world around me. Thank you, and I really hope to hear from you, and if you share similar opinions or, he'll, I this was just for fun?

Either way, ou have a new follower, eagerl awaiting future pieces.

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